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Mazda Seat Belts Front Anchorage Reports

17 Mar

MAZDA MPV 1991 Sometimes The Driver And The passenger seat belts come a loose while driving. *ak consumer states the driver seat belt released from latch
MAZDA MX 6 1990 Seat Belts Are Not Functioning properly. *ak

MAZDA MPV 1989 Passenger Side Seat Belt Does not work. please give more details. *ak
MAZDA MX 6 1993 The Front Passenger Seatbelt Bolts that bolt it to the floorboard of the car just came out and the seatbelt no longer useful. please
MAZDA MX 6 1990 The Consumer Was In An accident and the driver side door open and the driver side seat belt did not hold the consumer.
MAZDA PROTEGE 1994 Seat Belt Warning System Will illuminate while seat belt is worn. please describe details. tt
MAZDA PROTEGE 1991 Lap/shoulder Belt Passenger And Driver plastic broke, can not fasten seat belt. tt both the passenger and driver side
MAZDA MILLENIA 1991 Consumers Son Was In An accident, was hit from the passenger side, the driver side seat belt didn't restrain; her son died.
MAZDA B SERIES TRUCK 1994 Seat Belts Have Poor Design, preventing occupants from moving once seat belts are fastened *ak
MAZDA 626 1994 The Two Front And Back seatbelts did not restrain occupants during a collision. please describe. tt
MAZDA PROTEGE 1995 The Front Seat Belts Failed in a collision, resulting in an injury. *ak
MAZDA MAZDA TRUCK 1986 Had An Accident And Upon impact,seat belts broke, resulting in fatality/injury. *ak
MAZDA MX6 1989 Drivers Side , Back, and passenger seatbelts do not work. please describe. tt
MAZDA MX6 1989 Seat Belt Failure. tt
MAZDA NAVAJO 1991 Seat Belt Did Not Properly restrain driver during rollover accident at 40 mph, resulting in injuries. tt
MAZDA RX7 1987 Seat Belt Warning Light Illuminates intermittently. cause of failure is still unknown. owner has (2) vehicle with same failure. 2) also having
MAZDA 929 1988 Seat Belt Anchored To The floor on drivers side mechanism is inoperative. tt
MAZDA PROTEGE 1992 Front Seat Belts Are Motor driven and do not work and need to be recalled
MAZDA 626 1994 Plastic Piece That Holds Seat belt on pasenger's side broke. there was no force locking seat belt. manufaturer basically said no
MAZDA PROTEGE 1998 Consumer Had A Rear collision, and air bags did not deploy. passenger hit head on windshield. *ak
MAZDA PROTEGE 1992 While Vehicle Is In Motion seatbelt light will come on, alerting driver that seatbelts are not on correctly.consumer has replaced seatbelt assemblies twice
MAZDA 323 1988 The Seat Belt Does Not catch (hold) properly which could result in injury if and accident occured. *yc
MAZDA PROTEGE 1997 While Driving At 50 Mhp another vehicle stopped in the middle of the highway. when applying the brakes, the consumer pumped the brakes
MAZDA 626 1993 Seat Belt Anchorage On The front passenger's side seat came unbolted from the floorboard when the consumer was buckling the seat belt. the
MAZDA PROTEGE 1991 The Driver's Side Restraint Belt broke and has a beeping noise. the dealer will replace the restraint at the owner's expense.
MAZDA MIATA 1992 The Driver's Side Seat Belt gets very tight, making it very impossible to make any type of movement when driving. consumer has contacted
MAZDA PROTEGE 1995 Consumer Was Hit From Rear with great force about 45-50 mph, causing the consumer to hit the vehicle in front and pushed 3 others
MAZDA 626 1996 Consumer Friend Was Driving At approx 35 mph suddenly another vehicle jumped out, in order to avoid hitting this vehicle, consumer hit parked
MAZDA B SERIES TRUCK 1994 June Of 96 The Seat belt on the passenger's side detached from anchorage and could not be used. on jan. of
MAZDA 323 1991 Driver's Side Seat Belt Isn't working . *ak
MAZDA 929 1988 Vehicle Was In An Accident and when the vehicle was struck the seat belt did not operate like it should of had. the seat
MAZDA 626 1991 Consumer States That The Front seat belts will not retract . dealer notified repaired and replace and 4 months later they both broke again.
MAZDA PROTEGE 1997 While Driving At 40 Mph there was a direct frontal collision, and air bags did not deploy, causing injury to driver. *ak
MAZDA 626 1993 While Using Seat Belts, seat belt warning light will continually flash while driving. causes is unknown. dealer has been contacted.
MAZDA 929 1992 Leather Upholstry Is Peeling And something on the underside causes the seat to rock.
MAZDA 626 1996 Second Replacement Of The Seatbelt. is this a manufacturing defect? seatbelts shouldn't have to be replace 2x within a four-year period.
MAZDA B SERIES TRUCK 2001 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
MAZDA PROTEGE 1992 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
MAZDA MILLENIA 1995 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
MAZDA NAVAJO 1994 Pulley Was Defective And Redesigned. owners should be notified that pulley can disentegrate causing belt to break resulting in loss of power steering,
MAZDA 323 1995 Both Left And Right Side of motorized seat belt failed leaving me with out the protection of using seat belts.
MAZDA 626 1990 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
MAZDA MIATA 1991 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
MAZDA MPV 2000 The Fixed Seat Belt Anchors prevent safe installation of child and infant car seats. the point where the buckle engages the anchor is
MAZDA MPV 2000 Since We Purchased The Vehicle, we have had a problems keeping our 2-year old's car seat secured properly. the seatbelts in the
MAZDA PROTEGE 1993 Seat Belt Light Comes On, is this a safety hazard?
MAZDA 323 1992 Seat Belt Restraints Often Do not retract upon opening of door,once it retracted so tightly on my son i had a very difficult time
MAZDA 626 1998 My Problem Is With The rear center shoulder seat belt strap of the 1998 mazda 626. what i consider as a life threatening problem
MAZDA PROTEGE 1991 Automatic Shoulder Safety Belt Has locked up in the release position. it appears the operating mechanism for the safety belt has jumped off
MAZDA PROTEGE 1995 No Summary
MAZDA 626 1988 Whenever The Door Is Opened and the sunvisor has not been returned to its locked position the automatic seatbelt catches on the visor and breaks
MAZDA PROTEGE 1994 Driver Side Repaired Twice,passenger side not repaired
MAZDA 626 1991 Driver-side Motorized Seatbelt Fails To operate consistently. on occasion, the shoulder belt remains in the rearward position until the door is closed
MAZDA PROTEGE 1993 Owner Received A Recall Safety notice from mazda north american operations, which reads in relevant part: ' [t]he passive shoulder belt buckle stays at
MAZDA PROTEGE 1993 Seat Belt Light Comes On and chimes periodically while seat belt engaged. often seat belt lock in place and i am unable to
MAZDA 626 2000 Consumer Stated Intermittently The Engine roars and vehicle will lurch backward when in reverse.*ak. consumr also stated it happens when vehicle is
MAZDA B SERIES TRUCK 1994 Seat Belt Sticks When Belt is inserted down side up into buckle.
MAZDA MPV 1989 2 Point Seat Belt For middle seat failed after factory replacement. yh
MAZDA MX3 1993 No Deployment Of Airbag During accident caused injury to passengers, safety harness for the shoulder on the passenger side broke from the interior of
MAZDA MX3 1993 No Deployment Of Airbag During accident caused injury to passengers. safety harness for the shoulder on the passenger side broke from the interior of
MAZDA 626 1999 Seat Belts Do Not Secure child safety seat properly causing stability problems.
MAZDA MPV 1990 During Vehicle Collision Vehicle Rolled over, roof crushed in and drivers side seat belt spooled.
MAZDA 626 1991 Driver's Motorized Seat Belt Did not restrain driver in an accident. driver struck the steering wheel and bent it causing injuries to his
MAZDA PROTEGE 1997 Middle Seat Belt Will Not hold a forward facing infant seat too long at the shortest adjustment.
MAZDA PROTEGE 1997 Rear Seat Belt Failed.
MAZDA B SERIES TRUCK 1995 Vehicle Rolled Over In An accident, seat belt in which passenger was secured in failed, causing partial ejection, resulting in paralysis.
MAZDA MX 6 1994 Radiator Malfunctioned. In Addition, driver's seat belt/door locks/ oxygen sensor and engine valves failed, causing engine to be excessively noisy.
MAZDA PROTEGE 1994 Front Seat Automatic Shoulder Belt failed.
MAZDA 323 1990 The Driver's Side Seat Belt failed and the light comes on.
MAZDA 929 9999 Seat Belts Failed.
MAZDA 929 9999 Seat Belt Failed.
MAZDA 626 1993 Seat Belt Bolt Came Out from the floor.
MAZDA MX 6 1993 Seat Belt Failed Causing Driver to be ejected from vehicle in accident.
MAZDA PROTEGE 1991 Seat Belt Failed To Restrain driver during accident, causing injury. *sd
MAZDA PROTEGE 1996 Contour Design Of Front Seats, causes occupants discomfort in lower back. *sd
MAZDA MX6 1989 Seat Belt Failed To Lock into buckle. *sd
MAZDA B SERIES 1988 Seat Belt Failed During Accident. (attorney for client) *skd
MAZDA 626 1990 Driver's 'takata' Seat Belt Does not work properly.
MAZDA 626 1990 Passenger's Seat Belt Coil Broke and shot thru emergency brake, brake light to come on and passenger to be thrown forward.
MAZDA PROTEGE 1992 Cable That Moves Shoulder Restraint back and forth came out of its track creating a noose across the window shoulder belt is now inoperable

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