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Gmc Suspension Front Reports

22 Mar

GMC SUBURBAN 1993 When Driving 40 Miles And up truck shakes, when openning the window it stops. please describe . *ak
GMC PICK UP 1995 Had Three Front End Alignments, vehicle still pulls to the extreme right. *ak

GMC SONOMA 1994 During Acceleration Noticable Vibration Causing other accessories to fall off. tt
GMC K1500 1995 Excessive Wear Due To Front end alignment. please describe other problems. tt
GMC SAFARI 1993 Experiencing Excessive Tire Wear And play in steering. tt
GMC C2500 1988 While Driving On Hwy, at approx. 25mph, right front failed. tt
GMC JIMMY 1995 Left Side Of The Inner wheel hit the frame when turning left, right side inner wheel hit the torsion bar when turning left,
GMC JIMMY 1995 When Turning, Wheels Rub side of frames. hadocy gmc dealers say performs under normal condition. please describe details. tt
GMC JIMMY 1995 Vibration In The Front End and rear dealer says there is no fix. tt
GMC SIERRA 1999 At Take Off And At 45-55 mph front of vehicle vibrates. dealer kept vehicle once for 3 weeks, could not find a
GMC ENVOY 2002 Vehicle Is Squealing On front passenger side. also, tranfer case is defective. *ak
GMC YUKON 1997 While Traveling At 45 Mph or more and passing other vehicles vehicle will jump erratically to right when pulling back into right lane.
GMC ENVOY 2002 While Driving At Highway Speed of 65 mph vehicle commenced to sway across the road, lost control, and ran off road,
GMC SAFARI 1995 While Parked Front Suspension collapsed. dealer has been notified.*ak the torsion bars broke while the vehicle was parked causing
GMC SAFARI 1996 While Turning Or Backing Out of a parking space or making a turn steering wheel would make a loud noise. *ak
GMC SUBURBAN 2000 While Driving At Any Rate of speed vehicle pulls to right, cause unknown. please give any further details.*ak
GMC K1500 2000 Consumer Could Feel A Very bad vibration coming from front of car. consumer stated it got worse when slowing down.
GMC SUBURBAN 1999 Consumer's Car Was Pulling To right and braking to left. took to dealer, and and they aligned front end,
GMC SONOMA 2000 Vehicle Had Been Taken Twice for alignment to repair problem, but had not been corrected. *ak
GMC SIERRA 2000 Power Steering Pump Shaft Broke, causing loss of steering and inability to control vehicle. *ak the faulty circuit cluster in
GMC YUKON 1999 Basically Consumer Was Having a problem with abs braking system. when applying brake pedal, pedal stuck and
GMC JIMMY 1996 Right Front Wheel Separated From vehicle. dealer has repaired the vehicle.*ak
GMC SIERRA 1997 Consumer Has Multiple Problems with vehicle. bearings in the drivetrain are defective/ alignment/brakes repaired/rear end replaced, and other problems developed due
GMC YUKON 1999 When Driving Vehicle Severely pulls to the right, also a continual problem with the tires prematurely wearing. please give any further
GMC SIERRA 1997 Steering Wheel Jerks To The right intermittently at any given speed. dealer / manufacturer were not contacted at this time. *ak
GMC SONOMA 1996 While Driving Engine Check Light flashes. then vehicle cuts off, and vehicle drifts to the side of the road.
GMC K1500 2000 Vehicle Would Be Pulling Excessively to the right while being driven. speed did not play a factor. took vehicle to dealership & was
GMC SIERRA 2000 Vehicle Experiencing Ongoing Problem With front end and drivetrain vibration. first incident commenced at 15-35 mph, and second incident started at 50 mph
GMC SUBURBAN 1999 Vehicle Has Defective Transmission/ Engine, transaxle,ring and pinion,gear/engine bearing/brake booster/ front brake pads and calipers,and suspension.consumer feels vehicle was poorly
GMC SAVANNAH 1997 While Slowing Down Vehicle Driver felt a pulsation in front steering wheel. took to dealer, and he changed brake rotors,
GMC SIERRA 1997 When Turning Corners Either Left or right, steering wheel will jerk, possibly causing a loss of control. *ak
GMC SIERRA 1997 While Driving And Making A left or right turn vehicle severely pulls to the right. cause unknown. please give any
GMC SIERRA 1996 When Driving At Any Speed there is some type of noise coming from the right front of the vehicle and the right front tire keeps
GMC YUKON 1997 Whenever Turning Steering Wheel To the right, it would jerk violently. would almost lose control. had happened numerous times. will be
GMC SONOMA 1993 The Front End Suspension Frame pulls to right while driving. speed not a factor. will be taking to dealer to check. *ak
GMC SUBURBAN 1995 Was Going 60mph After Leaving ramp and vehicle drifted to the right. started to correct. had no steering control. hit concrete
GMC YUKON 1998 While Driving And Making A right turn vehicle severley pulls to the right, cause unknown. please give any further details.
GMC YUKON 1994 Front Tire Turned At An angle, making it impossible to control vehicle. the brace from the a-frame broke. dealer said that
GMC SIERRA 1998 Dealer Has Had To Work on front suspension several times. manufacturer has been notified. *ak
GMC SAFARI 1998 Tires Are Worn On Outer edges to where there is no tread. dealer/manufacturer claims no responsibility for the tires, but insists that
GMC K1500 1997 While Driving 40 Mph Or above vehicle severely and unexpectedly pulls to the left which could result in loss of vehicle control.
GMC YUKON 1999 Front Suspension Is Extremely Loose, causing steering wheel to vibrate when the smallest bump is hit. dealer contacted and is aware of the
GMC SIERRA 1998 While Driving At 55 Mph on the highway the vehicle will start to virbrate and bounce. also, there is a problem within the
GMC SAFARI 1997 Idler Arms Are Faulty Due to an alignment problem, causing tire wear. dealer has been contacted. *ak
GMC PICKUP 1997 While Driving At 60 Mph front pulls to the right. problem is intermittent. dealers cannot fix it. *ak
GMC SAFARI 1991 The Front End Constantly goes out of alignment, causing the tire to go flat. the dealer has been notified. *ak
GMC VANDURA G2500 1989 Driving At Approx 20 Mph stopped at a sign, went to check gas pedal which was stuck. 2 blocks down van began pull
GMC SAFARI 1996 Vehicle Pulls Hard To Right, excessive effort to maintain control, all speeds, dealer has made several attempts to correct problem, still
GMC SAFARI 1996 When Driving The Car It pulls to the right hand side. *ak
GMC SAFARI 1996 While Driving Low To High speeds experienced intermittent front suspension failures, vehicle wanders all over road, right to left, dlr's replaced steering
GMC SAFARI 1997 Consumer States When Driving The vehicle it shakes and vibrates, may lose control. *ak
GMC SAFARI 1997 When Driving The Van Vibrates, took to dealer, can't find anything . *ak
GMC SUBURBAN 1995 After Driving Vehicle, had complete loss of power and had to pull off highway and restart vehicle. *ak
GMC JIMMY 1994 Consumer States That She Was involved in an accident, slowed down to make a turn, going maybe (2) or (3) mph when
GMC SIERRA 1997 The Vehicle Veered To The right while driving, consumer also stated when he made a right turn, it felt as though all
GMC JIMMY 1993 When Getting Into Vehicle Front end drops to the ground.*ak
GMC SAFARI 2002 Front End Of The Vehicle has become unstable over the past few months. consumer cannot control vehicle at times. contacted dealer,
GMC SIERRA 1999 Hen Driving At 30 Mph or over the vehicle will start to pull to the left, and when making a left turn vehicle will
GMC SAFARI 1995 Fornt End Vibrates At 70mph, causing steering to shake and hard to control. dealer replaced both ball joints and balance
GMC ENVOY 2000 When Dealership Changed Oil, an oil pressure hose was found to be leaking oil from engine. problem was repaired by the dealership.
GMC JIMMY 1998 Front Suspension Constantly Pulls To the right, dealer adjusted caster which improved but did not correct the pulling. nlm
GMC JIMMY 1997 The Dealer Knew About The defects to this vehicle and refused to fix them after receiving 3 separate estimates. 2 days after i repeatedly
GMC JIMMY 2000 I Have Had To Replace both the right and left wheel bearings in less than six months at a cost of $200 in warranty deductibles,
GMC JIMMY 2000 This Car Has Continually Had transmission problems. i have also stopped in the dealer on 2 separate times about the transmission. the mechanic
GMC SAFARI 1994 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
GMC YUKON 1999 When Driving The Vehicle Pulls strongly to the right. this has become very noticeable over the last three months. the front right tire
GMC SIERRA 2001 Automatic Transmission Makes Gear Noise in 1st and 4th gears. at purchase, vehicle had bad vibration problem. dealer balanced wheels,
GMC JIMMY 2001 Spiratic Popping In Front End of vehicle while breaking, turning, and accelerating. vehicle in service dept for 5th time right now.
GMC JIMMY 2001 Sporadic Popping Sound In Front end of vehicle when breaking, turning, and at take off. 5 times to dealer problem still not
GMC SUBURBAN 2000 We Purchased This Suburban New. out of the dealer's lot the vehicle pulled right, and vibrated at a magnitude that interfered with
GMC JIMMY 1998 Auto Transmission In Twice Before failed,battery leak damaged elec sys, rear defog stopped working (glass had to be replaced), dealer unable to
GMC SONOMA 2000 Truck Shakes Continuously From 53 to 65 mph. drivers door creaks and pops over almost any bumps, and when stopping and starting.
GMC SONOMA 1998 I Bought This Truck Off wally armour in alliance ohio.after getting it home we found out there was front end trouble,it shook real
GMC SIERRA 2000 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
GMC SUBURBAN 1999 Gmc Produces A Repair Kit for vehicles that are defective at delivery at customer expense - extreme drift and instability in this vehicle.
GMC SIERRA 1999 Vibration Of Entire Vehicle At highway speeds from day one. *ak
GMC JIMMY 1998 Steering Pulls To The Right all the time, have had checked many times, no answers. can someone help with this problem.
GMC SAFARI 1993 We Feel That This Van has had more than it's share of repairs. it has been towed home from cambridge md twice.
GMC SIERRA 1999 After Service Department Replaced Several components in the front end of my 1999 gmc sierra sle xcab 2wd short box it now pulls to the
GMC SIERRA 1999 To Those That Could Help me get gmc or randy reed gmc pontiac in kansas city, mo to fix this vibration.i have had
GMC SIERRA 1999 Major Vibration At Speeds Over 60, also antilock brake failure or jumping --dealer was very receptive and still is but gm seems to be
GMC K2500 1999 This Vehicle Has Been In the repair shop at the dealer listed 7 different times for a continual problem with the truck pulling to the
GMC SAFARI 1995 No Summary Listed For Abov evehicle. *ak
GMC SIERRA 1999 Abs Brakes Fail When You apply brakes when there is a bump in the road. i have had 14 failures in 2095 miles.
GMC SAFARI 1998 Tire Wear, Outside Edge right front. idler arms worn out at 18,000 miles, pulling wheel out of alignment, causing
GMC SIERRA 2000 Tires Could Not Be Balanced, determined to be defective by dealer, agreed to replace tires within 8 weeks, now into fifth month
GMC SUBURBAN 1999 Although This Cannot Be Considered a failure, it should be considered a safety issue based on the fact the vehicle had a severe pull
GMC SIERRA 1999 Vehicle Vibrates At Highway Speeds, goodyear replaced all tires, still vibrates,. twice, dealer said "operating as designed" *ak
GMC SIERRA 1999 Vehicle Has Had Vibration At highway speeds since day 1. have taken it to the dealer twice. have also had all
GMC SIERRA 1999 When The Truck Is In motion there is a flutter from the front near the windshild and make lots of noise. *ak
GMC SIERRA 1999 Vehicle Vibrates Severely At Speeds above 55. vehicle shakes when brakes are applied. dealer has advised potential problems with front
GMC SAFARI 1994 Driver's Side Torsion Bar Broke at the rear portion of the bar. suspect the bar had been cracked for some time because it
GMC SIERRA 1999 Bad Vibration At Highway Speeds. bad vibration when hitting bumps. entire vehicle vibrates at highway speeds. had front-end alignment and tires
GMC JIMMY 1998 Vehicle Pulls To The Right and after three attempts to correct the problem the vehicle now exhibits uneven tire wear and a popping noise from
GMC VANDURA 1998 Front Suspension.
GMC SUBURBAN 1998 Front Suspension Failed, Due to missing component which was replaced by dearler. *yc
GMC SONOMA 1998 Suspension Vibration Causing Steering Wheel to vibrate. mjs
GMC PICK UP 1996 Front End Misaligned.
GMC 3500 2000 The Front End Of The vehicle vibrated. the transmission, brakes, bucket seats, and differential unit malfunctioned. *ak *jb
GMC SIERRA 2001 The Vehicle Has Front End problems which makes truck veer to the right. dealer was not willing to do the second alignment because of
GMC SIERRA 1996 Front End Out Of Alignment . nlm
GMC JIMMY 1997 Front End Components Were Worn causing front end vibration, these include the upper and lower ball joints, idler arm and pitman arm,
GMC SUBURBAN 1999 The Vehicle Pulls To The left while braking causing the consumer to constantly have to correct the vehicle to the right, the dealer has
GMC SIERRA 1999 Front Suspension Failed. nlm
GMC PICKUP 2000 The Vehicle Vibrates At Speeds at or over 38mph, the dealer has attempted to fix it 4 times, however but is unable to
GMC SIERRA 1999 Since Purchased Vehicle Experience Vibration and recovers very slow from a bump in the road which is causing the anti-lock brake system to fail due
GMC JIMMY 9999 Vehicle Wanders From Side To side while driving. nlm
GMC JIMMY 1995 Vehicle Slid Out Of Control when passed by a truck, resulted in an accident, no deployment of air bag and failure of seat
GMC SUBURBAN 1997 Alignment And Suspension Malfunction Causes vehicle to pull to the right.
GMC K2500 1996 Front Axle Actuator Failed, causing delayed engagement.
GMC JIMMY 1994 Front End Makes A Popping noise.
GMC SAFARI 1992 Replaced Front End Suspension. also idler armsand attachments replaced. *ak
GMC JIMMY 1995 Front End Failed, Causing banging noise pass side worn tires.
GMC CONVENTIONAL 1996 Front End Misaligned.
GMC SUBURBAN 1997 When Brakes Are Applied Vehicle pulls to the left.
GMC 7000 1986 Vehicle Misaligned.
GMC SUBURBAN 1994 Front End Aligned.
GMC JIMMY 1994 Front End Noise.
GMC JIMMY 1994 Vehicle Pulls To The Right.
GMC JIMMY 1996 Vehicle Wnaders Off Road/steering feels spongy/sluggish and stuck engine valve, causing engine to clatter. *ak
GMC C10 1992 Front Suspension Noise On Rough road surface.
GMC G SERIES 1995 Misalignment Of Vehicle.
GMC GMC 1994 Vehicle Misaligned. *sd
GMC SONOMA 1994 Misalignment, Causing Vehicle To pull to the right.
GMC JIMMY 1995 Vehicle Pulls To Right Upon applying brakes.
GMC JIMMY 1995 Vehicle Continuously Pulls Toward The right.
GMC C3500 1993 Front End Misaligned.
GMC SONOMA 1994 Tires Rub Against Fenders When turning.
GMC PICK UP 1994 Front End Misaligned, Causing vehicle to wander towards the right. *skd
GMC JIMMY 1993 Front End Misaligned, Causing premature wear of tires on outer edges. *ak
GMC JIMMY 1994 Front End Virbrates.
GMC JIMMY 1995 Excessive Vibration. *aw
GMC G SERIES 1993 Misalignment , Causing Vehicle to pull to the left, also replaced control arm/shock absorbers.
GMC SONOMA 1994 Vehicle Pulls To The Right due to misalignment.
GMC SAFARI 1987 Front End Misaligned, Also replaced tires. *ak
GMC SIERRA 1500 2008 Took 2008 Gmc Sierra 1500 4x4 to tire store to rotate tires. they indicated that the lower front ball joints were loose. this
GMC SONOMA 2001 In The Last 6 Years i have had to replace the ball joints; both upper and lower and shocks all around for the second
GMC TERRAIN 2010 Issue - 5/20/2011 Vehicle Brought in for rattling heard from front right wheel. diagnosis noise was found to be coming from front
GMC YUKON DENALI 2001 Front End Squeaks Real Bad when turned sharp. *tr
GMC JIMMY 2001 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2001 gmc jimmy. while driving approximately 50 mph, the contact heard a loud, abnormal bang. the
GMC SIERRA 3500 2011 While Driving A Gmc 3500 denali hd 4x4 equipped with the diesel engine and automatic transmission, with less than 90 miles on it,
GMC SIERRA 1500 2005 The Right Front Axle Started rotating in the hub assembly, abs light can on and it started to make grinding sound in my 2005
GMC SIERRA 2500 HD 2005 Noticed A Noise In The front suspension/drive train. an alignment shop checked the front end and they found that the front sealed wheel
GMC G1500 1994 I Have A 1994 Gmc sierra truck and having problems with a arms and trouble with the front end and i have had a wheel
GMC YUKON 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 gmc yukon. the contact stated that while driving 50 mph the contact heard a grinding noise near the front
GMC SIERRA 1500 2006 Driving Interstate 95 Left Front wheel bearing failure causing loud noise and steering shake. *tr
GMC SIERRA 1500 2007 This Is A Constant And ongoing issue with the vehicle. when driving the vehicle on the highway or road at speeds above 15
GMC ENVOY 2002 #1 Right Lower Control Arm rotted out and failed #2 upon inspection left lower control arm to frame rotted and large separation has formed.
GMC SIERRA 1500 2004 7-11-2005 Replaced Intermediate Shaft At 13620 miles, 9-26-2007 52271 replaced intermediate shaft, 59639 replaced right inner tie rod and rack-rack gear leaking,
GMC JIMMY 1995 Torque Bar Split And Fell out of vechicle while driving it. *tr
GMC YUKON XL 2005 Clunking Noise In Steering Column, feels and sounds like the front end is falling apart. *tr
GMC SIERRA 1500 2006 My Son Was Driving His 2006 gmc sierra pickup, when the abs warning light illuminated,followed by the truck wanting to steer to the
GMC JIMMY 1997 1997 Gmc Jimmy Battery Drain. after vehicle sits for a couple hours it will not start. has new (not rebuilt) alternator, starter,
GMC ENVOY 2008 Gm Usa Is Permitting Dealers to explore cars to canada that have been damaged, and are not reporting the accidents. my vehicle
GMC SIERRA 2500 2006 I Attempted To Previously Make several repairs to the vehicle. the first of the problems occurred when driving. the suspension made loud grinding
GMC SAFARI (GMC) 1995 Right Side Torsion Bar Breakage while parked in driveway. only 66,000 miles on van. called gmc customer service.
GMC JIMMY S15 1991 Gmc Inspected The Vehicle During a service repair (fuse) year ago (prox) which the steering column was loose and gradually becoming looser. main nut
GMC SIERRA 2005 Returned To Dealer 4 Times for: brakes going out (4 new sets installed) abnormal wear on tires (f) valves chattering at 10-65
GMC CANYON 2005 Front End Alignment Out Wore out front tires. *nm
GMC ENVOY 2002 I Have Had A Intermittent rumbling sound in the drivers compartment like the doors are not closed properly. i have checked doors closed but
GMC JIMMY 1999 I Was Just Getting Ready to leave the car wash. i pressed the brake padal to put the truck in gear, a second
GMC JIMMY 2000 First The Transmission Went Out and i had to have it rebuilt...then, i had to replace a ball joint...
GMC YUKON XL 2004 Vehicle Has Pulled Strongly To the left and right almost causing one serious accident with 4 children inside. vehicle has had chronic front
GMC SAFARI 1992 Dt*: The Contact Stated The vehicle's front suspension dropped onto the front tires while the vehicle was parked and not in use. the
GMC JIMMY 1998 Vehicle Constantly Pulls To The right. has pulled to the right since bought. according to other complaints, alignment will not fix problem
GMC JIMMY 1999 There Are Several Recalls Out on my model of vehicle in which my vehicle has the same symptoms but when i run a check on
GMC ENVOY 2004 Dt: The Consumer Complained About a power steering problems. there was a constant squeak in the steering even while the vehicle was
GMC YUKON XL 2003 2003 Gmc Yukon Xl Has been experiencing multiple problems with front suspension and steering column since it was new. at approx. 4,
GMC CANYON 2004 My 2004 Gmc Canyon Was found to have both front tires completly worn out along the inside edge at 10000 miles, gmc has several
GMC ENVOY XUV 2004 Dt: The Contact Owns A 2004 gmc envoy. the contact states that the dealership had to replace the front sway bar links. the
GMC VANDURA 1995 Normal Driving. Tie-rod Broke. vehicle jumped two lanes-lost control of vehicle. no other autos on section of highway at that time.
GMC ENVOY 2002 Dt: Contact Stated There Has been a squeaking and grinding noise in the front end since he purchased the vehicle. now, it
GMC SIERRA 2000 I Had The Dealer Do a schedule tire rotation, and on they way home i reached the speed of 40 mph the truck
GMC CANYON 2005 When Making A Sharp Turn consumer heard a clicking noise coming from the sway bar. dealership was notified, but did not resolve
GMC CANYON 2004 Vehicle Has Vibration In it. found the tires were bad. consumer had the tires replaced and balanced. however, that
GMC SUBURBAN 2004 Suspension Was Poor, The front end bounced, and one could feel the ride even when guaranteed a smooth ride.
GMC SIERRA 2002 Front Suspension/ Steering 'rattles' Excessively when in a turn and road rough to the point i must accommodate it in how i driven turns.
GMC SAFARI 2003 While Driving At Any Speed steering wheel vibrated. dealership was notified, but did not resolve the problem. *ak
GMC SAFARI 1998 Idle Links Had To Be changed at 21,000 miles. consumer went to a repair shop to have the front end aligned,
GMC SAFARI 1996 Torsion Bar Broken
GMC DENALI 2003 While Driving Consumer Heard A loud popping noise from the front. consumer drove the vehicle to the dealer for inspection, and
GMC C5500 2003 Suspension Problems, Causing Abnormal tire wear. extreme road noise and rumble at high speeds. *ak
GMC JIMMY 2000 2000 Jimmy Has Had Noise and vibration in front end since it had 4900 miles on it. repeated complaints to the dealer but they
GMC ENVOY 2002 While Turning Left At 1 mph consumer heard a loud noise. front wheel separated from suspension axle, and arm and
GMC SONOMA 1997 I Have A 1997 Gmc sonoma s.n. 1gtcs1948v8501858. i have been having a lot of things wrong with it. air conditioner
GMC SAFARI 2002 The Vehicles Front Suspension Upper ball joint failed causing the drivers tires to wear prematurely. dealer has been notified. m please provide
GMC JIMMY 1998 Consumer States That Van is giving her problems. when she drives the vehicle sometimes she hears a loud noise. then
GMC JIMMY 2000 Consumer Stated While Driving vehicle suddenly accelerated. at the same time was hit at passenger's side by another vehicle, and neither of
GMC JIMMY 2000 Front Suspension On Gmc Jimmy. wheel bearings,upper and lower ball joints,spo drive shaft all within 1 months time, and still not right
GMC YUKON 2002 Knocking Noice Is Heard Coming from the front of the vehicle and is felt as a "clunk" through the steering wheel. this is
GMC JIMMY 2000 Had To Replace Both Upper ball joints, right tie-rod & right wheel bearing with only 35,000 miles & 2 month out of warranty.
GMC SIERRA 9999 Front Driver's Side Of Vehicle sagged. tires stuck out 2 inches more on the passenger's side than on the driver's side.
GMC 3500 2002 Consumer States While Driving At highway speed the vehicle pulls violently to the right. *nlm *dt