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16 Mar

SATURN SL 1992 While Driving The Front Brake rotor separated from center and broke into half, also the covers that protect the motorized track run in front
SATURN SL 1991 Driver's And Passenger Automatic Shoulder belts have totally failed and needed to be replaced by dealer

SATURN SL 1992 Passive Restraints Fail To Complete cycle around driver. driver mentions striking head against buckle that hangs midway. *ak
SATURN SL 1993 Passive Restraints Will Lock In open position on passenger side. please describe details. *ak
SATURN SL 1992 The Automative Seat Will Not work the seat belts are surpose to slide by they just get stuck and you have to pull them.
SATURN SC 1991 Both Front Passive Restraints Fail to operate, w/owner notifying saturn manufacturer. please describe details. tt
SATURN SL 1992 Passive Restraint Fails To Complete cycle not wrapping around occupant. please describe details. tt
SATURN SC 1992 The Driver Side Seat Belt retractor is not working . tt consumer states motorized belt made buzziing noises and had incomplete retraction,
SATURN SW 1994 Door Mounted Seat Belts Do not release when door is open,instead they tighten. tt
SATURN SC1 1992 Vehicles Driver Side Seat Belt track is inoperative. *ak
SATURN SC 1992 The Front Driver Side Seat belt retractor is not working when opening the door. tt
SATURN SL 1992 The Automatic Seat Belt Would not function in cold weather, and now does not work at all. tt
SATURN SL 1994 Automatic Seat Belts Lock Up tightly almost crushing the person. *ak
SATURN SL 1994 Automatic Seatbelt Chokes 5'2" Occupant cutting across neck. tt
SATURN SL 1992 Passenger's Seat Belt Will Only work intermittently, it gets stuck in any position.also, since july 2001 driver's seat belt
SATURN SL 1994 Motorized Seat Belts On passenger side and driver's side have malfunctioned. while driving seat belts became disengaged, no prior warnings.
SATURN SL 1991 Front Passenger Passive Restraint Belt is locked in forward position, leaving occupant unrestrained.*ak
SATURN SL 1994 Automatic Shoulder Belt Was Designed without a safety feature to retract backwards when it hits an object. odometer was failing to register correct
SATURN S SERIES COUPE 1993 Motorized Seatbelt Is Stuck And will not slide back and forth. consumer feels unsafe because belt is not secure.*ak
SATURN SW 1993 Motor Belts Are Failing To operate; dealer / manufacturer notified, and informed that part was not covered under a recall, and any
SATURN SW 1998 Seat Belts Will Tighten While switching lanes or when increasing speed. consumer cannot move around to check traffic behind her.
SATURN SL 1992 Motorized Seat Belt Is Not working any more. just gave up on consumer where neither of the front motorized seat belts
SATURN SC 1993 Automatic Shoudler Belts On The driver's and passenger's sides are stuck in the forward position on the rail. dealer is aware of the
SATURN SC 1999 While Driving, Driver's seat belt slips out, and will not hold. *ak *ml
SATURN SL 1994 Driver's Side Motorized Shoulder Belt will not retract back into postion,it is stuck in middle of track, causing loss of protection.
SATURN SL 1993 The Shoulder Belt Retractors Are jammed on driver's and passenger's sides, leaving occupants unprotected. dealer has not seen. *ak
SATURN SL 1994 Consumer Was Driving On The highway and he came to a stop sign, and his seatbelt came a loose, and and
SATURN SL 1994 This Vehicle Has The Automatic shoulder belt and it does not work. when door is shut it is suppose to retract across
SATURN SL 1999 The Driver's/passenger's Seat Belts Would flip over when retracting. would jam in top guide. this causes the belts to get caught in the
SATURN SC1 1994 Both Driver's And Passenger's Side seats are inoperative due to sea t belt which is locked in the track. also there was
SATURN SW 1993 Stitches On The Seat Belt are coming loose, and seat belt isn't supporting the consumer that is using the seat
SATURN SC1 1992 Drivers Side Seat Belt Is inoperable due to broken track motor. the dealer has been notified. *ak
SATURN SC1 1993 Automatic Shoulder Belt On The driver's side is stuck in the middle of the rail. dealer is aware of problem, but problem
SATURN SL 1994 Automatic Shoulder Belt Doesn't Work and the seat belt won't come across the consumer's chest. also, there is a leak coming from the
SATURN SATURN 1993 The Automatic Shoulder Seat Belt and cable part broke, causing shoulder part that goes over the consumer's chest not to work when opening
SATURN SW 1993 Shoulder Belt For Driver should slide on track and it does not. dealer contacted and states the cable that should move the
SATURN SL 1994 Shoulder Belt Motor On Drivers side will open and slide forward while driving, dealer contacted, and cannot remedy the problem. also states
SATURN SL 1993 When Driving The Driver's Side seat shoulder belt became very tight, making it very impossible for the driver to make any type of
SATURN SL 1992 The Automatic Restraint Tracks Broke , causing the belts to be inoperative. the dealer and manufacturer have been notified.
SATURN SL 1994 Lighter Fell Out Of Socket, the vehicle hesitates when accelerating from a stop, the vehicle shifts hard into gear and has no reverse
SATURN SL 1994 While Driving At Speeds Of 45-50 mph vheicle was involved in an accident. passenger's side seat blet did not hold upon impact, resulting
SATURN SATURN 1992 Seat Belts: The Automatic Seat belt retractor does not work when the weather gets extremely cold. when the retractor does not move it blows
SATURN SC1 1991 The Driver's And Passenger's Side automatic shoulder belts will not retract, when opening the door. please provide details. *ak
SATURN SC 1992 The Driver's Side Automatic Seat belt doesn't retract because the automatic seat belt has burnt out. please describe details.
SATURN SC 1994 Car Seat Belts Are Torn, owner said that this is the 3rd time this has happened. he also indicated that he had to
SATURN SC1 1992 Hit Another Vehicle Sticking Out of driveway, on passenger side right front bumper and along side of vehicle; automatic shoulder belt retractor
SATURN SL 1992 Motorized Lap/shoulder Belt On Driver's side got stuck in the track. *ak
SATURN SW 1994 Owner Was Hit From Behind and the driver's side automatic seat belt released and hit driver. driver sustained injuries from accident due
SATURN SC1 1995 Driver Was Hit From The rear and the automatic seat belt didn't restrain, driver was injured . *ak
SATURN SC1 1992 Motorized Driver's Side Seat Belt only comes back half way to chest when door is closed. *ak
SATURN SC 1992 While Starting Vehicle Placed motorized shoulder belt on, but it did not work properly. dealer has been notified.*ak
SATURN SC 1997 Consumer Recently Recieved Recall Letter 99v-280 from saturn concerning seat belt failure, consumers child was a passenger and was killed in a vehicle collision
SATURN SC1 1992 Driver's Side Automatic Seatbelt Failure. *slc
SATURN SC 1992 Seatback Frame Failed.
SATURN SC1 1994 Driver's Seat Reclines Automatically Under acceleration. also passive restrain tis stuck forward, no shoulder harness.
SATURN SC1 1994 Driver's Seat Reclines Automatically Under acceleration or anytime driver leans back too hard. also passive restraint is stuck forward.
SATURN SC1 1993 I Am Curious As To whether we are the only ones who have experienced this seat belt failure. because of construction, they have
SATURN SC 1994 Seat Belt Will Lock In place but will not slide forward when door is opened.*ak
SATURN SL 1994 Motorized Retractor Fails To Retract the shoulder safety belt.*ak
SATURN SL 1994 The Electronics For The Motorized seatbelts are located in the center console directly beneath the drink holder. what i am sure happened is
SATURN SC 1991 Automatic Seatbelts Fails To Operate. *ak
SATURN SL 1991 Drivers Seatback Broken And Motorized shoulder belts bind in track and blow fuse. *ak
SATURN SL 1994 The Passive Shoulder Harness Motor has failed to operate when the doors were either opened or closed intermitanly on both sides of the vehical for
SATURN SL 1991 Restraint System Analysis Was Performed by chp-central division mait. the analysis indicated the restraint failed at the latch plate connection to the motorized
SATURN SC 1992 We Also Have A 1991 saturn sl. the dirver side automatic safety belt won't work either. is it just the type
SATURN SL 1994 Dealer Says That This System fails often, because the electoning controler is under the spot for the cup holder and is not waterproof.
SATURN SL 1992 Motorized Seatbelt Restraints Are Inoperative on both the drivers and the passengers seats. we have not been able to use them for some time
SATURN SC1 1993 Saturn Corporation Refuses To Install an airbag deactivation switch as approved by nhtsa (reference dot complaint no. 97-592).
SATURN SL 1997 Seat Belt Would Not Come out of holder. this occured while on vacation dealer at my vacation location charged for repair i felt shoud
SATURN SL 1994 Seatbelt Is No Longer Usable. the gear is stuck inthe middle of the track and inthe way of driving. also,
SATURN SC 1992 Saturn Manufactured Automatic Seatbelts In early model cars. they stopped doing that in subsequent model years. the seatbelts no longer go
SATURN SL 1996 Seat Belt Failed.
SATURN SC1 1993 The Motorized Shoulder Belt Gradually stopped moving in either direction. nlm
SATURN SL 1994 Motor Belt Failed.
SATURN SL 1993 The Driver And Passenger Side automatic shoulder restraint system has failed. both have intermittant problems, they will open and close at will
SATURN SL 1992 Motorized Shoulder Harness Failed.
SATURN SC 1997 Drivers Side Seat Belt Has been replaced four times and is now locking up.
SATURN SATURN 1994 Front Shoulder Belt Guide Track unit failed.
SATURN SC 1992 Driver Side Passive Seat Belt failed
SATURN SL 1992 Upon Turning Key In Ignition, passenger, out of habit, reache dover right shoulder to grab seat and shoulder belt like she was
SATURN SL 1991 Seat Belt Motor Failed, causing failure of shoulder harness.
SATURN SC1 1991 Driver's Front Seatback Frame Broke at weld. also, passenger's motorized seat belt fails/hesitates to release or engage. *ak
SATURN SL 1994 Automatic Seat Belts Periodically Lock up and contract. *ak
SATURN SL 1992 Passive Restraint Belt Locks Driver in place and key must be turne din ignition to release driver. *ak
SATURN SL 1994 Driver's Finger Stuck In Motorized shoulder belt hook.
SATURN SL 1992 Motorbelt Failure Caused Check Engine light to come on.
SATURN SPORTS COUPE 1992 Motorbelt Failed Due To Broken track. *dsh
SATURN SL 1992 Upon Starting Vehicle Passenger's Motorized seat belt moved automatically, resulting in an injury to passengers right hand index finger. *ak
SATURN SC 1994 Motorized Seat Belt Got Caught in sunvisor. *aw
SATURN SATURN 1994 Automatic Shoulder Harness Failed. *ak
SATURN SATURN 1993 Foam Padding Coming Out Of right/left front seat belt trim areas. *skd
SATURN ION 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 saturn ion. the contact stated that he was unable to shift out of gear. the vehicle
SATURN VUE HYBRID 2007 I Purchased A 2007 Saturn vue hybrid and i also purchased an extended warranty from boulevard cadillac in long beach, ca.
SATURN AURA 2007 Seat Belt Alert On Dash keeps telling me that the seat belt for the driver is not buckled even when driver is buckled in.
SATURN OUTLOOK 2008 10/12/13 We Had Several Inches of rain & the next morning i noticed the floor boards were wet. again, the evening of 10/15
SATURN AURA 2007 The Heated Seats Comes On its own on both driver and passenger sides. the passenger seat belt light comes on when no
SATURN SKY 2009 The Vehicles Air Bag Warning light appeared in my dash upon starting my vehicle today. the passenger seat is not registering that someone is
SATURN ION 2007 I Have Contacted Saturn About the seat belt issue and they refuse to do anything about it. the belt will not click or
SATURN VUE 2006 Upon Lowering The Seatback, the middle seatbelt became "locked" in the lowered. this is the first time i have lowered the seat..
SATURN ION 2004 I Was Driving At Night on a country road when a deer ran out in front of me and the car struck it.
SATURN VUE 2007 I Was Driving On The interstate (i90) near rockford il when all of the sudden my side curtain air bags deployed. there was
SATURN AURA 2007 As I Was Driving Over a bridge i heard a loud snap/thunk sound from under my seat.. all of a sudden my seat
SATURN OUTLOOK 2009 The Passenger-side Seat Belt In the middle row releases unexpectedly -- just pops unbuckled for no apparent reason. after this had happened repeatedly,
SATURN VUE 2006 We Rarely Have Put The rear seat in the folded down position but did so this past weekend to bring home some baby gear from
SATURN VUE HYBRID 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns a 2008 saturn vue hybrid. while driving approximately 10 mph a vehicle crashed into the rear of the contact's
SATURN SC 1995 We Have Had No Accidents as of now, but the front seatbelts will not lock when braking hard. *tr
SATURN ION 2005 The Passenger Side Seatbelt Has unattached from the floor.
SATURN SC1 1997 Drivers Seat Slides Backwards Without using the "adjustment lever". sometimes just backing up at 3-5 mph, also at hwy speeds. also slides
SATURN VUE 2008 My Saturn Vue Redline Was hit by an oncoming vehicle. the seat belt on the rear passenger seat was ripped from the seat,
SATURN VUE 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 saturn vue. the contact was driving 45 mph when he crashed into another vehicle that abruptly stopped.
SATURN VUE 2008 Tl* The Contact Owned A 2008 saturn vue xe. the contact stated that she was rear ended while driving 55 mph. as a
SATURN ION 2007 My 2007 Saturn Ion 2 passenger seat belt keeps malfunctioning. when my passengers buckle up, the seat belt will no release when
SATURN SATURN 1996 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1996 saturn sc2(na). the contact was driving 55 mph when the vehicle was hit from behind at a slight angle.
SATURN ION 2005 My Girlfriend And I Were in an automile accident by hitting a deer head on then losing control of the vehicle and hitting and embankment
SATURN VUE 2004 2004 Saturn Vue, Rear seat, middle, seatbelt doesn't stay latched. i was carpooling some kids and it appeared that the seat
SATURN OUTLOOK 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 saturn outlook. the contact stated that the front driver and passenger seat belts would not stay securely latched.
SATURN VUE 2006 N 2006 Saturn Vue, the rear seat is a 2/3 split bench upon lowering the seatback down, the middle seatbelt became "locked" in
SATURN VUE 2006 Had Vehicle Less Than Three years. driver's seatbelt clip has a plastic piece that breaks off inside the housing of the floor harness.
SATURN SC 2000 I'm Buying This Car From a car dealer j b byrider. on 3/26/10 i took the saturn sc1 out for a test drive during
SATURN VUE 2004 My Steering Column Is Gone out took it in to get it looked at. then the shop called saturn and they where told
SATURN VUE 2006 In 2006 Saturn Vue, the rear seat is a 2/3 split bench (the rear passenger- and middle-seatback fold down together to accommodate for large
SATURN SC1 1998 During The Smog Test, my car overheated but the temp. gauge did not indicate it was hot. the temp gauge was
SATURN L200 2003 Rearended And Shoulder Strap From seatbelt didn't lock, i bumped my head on the steering wheel, and sprained my left shoulder; heating
SATURN ION 2003 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2003 saturn ion. when the contact arrived home and parked the vehicle, the seat belt failed to unlock.
SATURN SL 1994 I Own A 1994 Saturn sl1 . this model of car employs "automatic" style seat belts, that are built into the door frame.
SATURN ION 2007 Involved In A Rear-end Collision, i was the one that got hit at a red stop light the car that hit me totaled his
SATURN OUTLOOK 2008 On April 11, 2008 at approximately 8:00 p.m. i stopped at costco (west homestead, pa) for fuel. my wife was
SATURN L200 2003 Dt*: The Contact Stated The bolt that held the rear left seat belt to the frame of the vehicle detached from the frame, rendering
SATURN SL 1994 Automatic Shoulder Belt On Driver and passenger side is not working. only the lap belt is operational. *jb
SATURN SL 1999 1999 Saturn Air Bags Failed to deploy upon frontal impact. the seat belt also failed to restrain the consumer. *ts
SATURN VUE 2005 The Vehicle Has Major Wind can not even hear the radio or conversations in the vehicle due to this noise.
SATURN VUE 2004 I Was Stopped At A stop sign behind another vehicle in my 2004 saturn vue when a suburban rear-ended me at approximately 40+ miles per
SATURN SL 1997 The Consumer Complained About The front seat belt problem. the driver's side seat belt will not retract after use. the passenger's
SATURN SL 1998 I Was In An Accident that totaled my car. i was only traveling 15-20 mph when i hit a car with no lights on.
SATURN LS 2002 While Sitting At A Stop light, the consumer's vehicle was rear ended by a suv. all passengers in the vehicle were wearing
SATURN S SERIES 2001 Hit In The Right Rear, no aribag engaged but on impact the seatbelt released and the seat collapsed. *ak
SATURN SL 1991 The Passenger And Driver passive restrain seat belt locks down. the vehicle was taken to the dealer for inspection, and
SATURN LS 2002 The Windshield Wipers Would Skip around on the windshield when in use. the dealer has serviced the wipers several times but can't correct the
SATURN ION 2003 Subject: Loose Saturn Seatbelt Bolt i wanted to share with you what has occurred with my 2003 saturn ion 3:
SATURN SL 1999 My Wife Was Involved In an auto accident where she was wearing her seat belt that ended up breaking. in my conversations with
SATURN SL 1995 The Vehicle Has Caused Me nothing but problems, it eats oil without any sign of where it is going. the auto belt
SATURN S SERIES 2001 While Traveling About 55mph On the highway without prior warning the front driver side seat collapsed. please fill in additional information dealer
SATURN SL 1999 The Driver Side Seat Belt don't stay fasten. this results in driver not being secured in the seat if vehicle is in an

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