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Thursday 22nd of October 2015 06:41:29 AM

PONTIAC GRAND AM 1994 Drivers Door On Slight Incline will not remain open on its own. door has struck owners leg several times. manufacturer says not fixable.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1994 1) Vehicle Consumes Oil W/no indicator to identify. several dealers in area can't detect consumption. 2) speed control engages w/no activation of switch.
PONTIAC FIREBIRD 1995 Instrumental Control Panel Malfunctioned, due to rap module failure. tt
PONTIAC MONTANA 2000 Rpm Needle Goes Up And down, and engine check light comes on before vehicle stalls. vehicle was checked six
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 1997 Engine Check Light Continues To turn on, and inside cab there is a smell like something is burning. also, an
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1997 Vehicle Has Been Taken To dealer 17 times for electrical problems. horn would stop working, ets and engine lights came on.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2000 Cup Holder Turned Off By top of middle finger, just by touching it. rental company was notified.
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1999 Engine Check Light Remained On and vehicle continued to run roug/hesitated when applying accelerator pedal, and while driving off. vehicle been to
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2000 Gas Fumes Were Felt inside of vehicle, it was leaking into engine all over. vehicle would start shaking, and
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1994 Engine Check Light Came on. took car to dealer, and dealer told consumer to ignore light. consumer stated a
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1995 While Driving 35mph Vehicle Started to vibrate when gas pedal was pressed. engine light would come on & then vehicle stalled out.
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 1998 Consumer Was Traveling About 25mph on a side street engine check lightcame on, brakes became stiff, and panel board light
PONTIAC FIREBIRD 1996 While Driving Car Started hesitating and engine light came on due to a defective water pump. vehicle has had 3 water pumps
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1997 Consumer Was Traveling About25mph On a highway and another vehicle had jumped in front of her. consumer went to apply brakes,
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1996 Car Runs Hot. when starting up windows would fog, could smell antifreeze. took vehicle to dealer, and they replaced
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1999 Vehicle Shuts Off Or Stalls. engine check light appeared on/off, and vehicle lost all power steering & brakes. dealer
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1999 The Consumer Will Fill In information. *ak
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1995 While Traveling Intermittently Check Engine light would flash right after engine would stall. after stalling the vehicle cannot always start up immediately.
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1995 Vehicle Experiences Excessive Current Leakage due to a damaged mounting capacitor. manufacturer has been notified. *ak
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1999 Design Of Dashboard Causes Poor visibility while driving. dealer finds no problem. area service representative will not inspect vehicle. *ak
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1997 While Driving In Stop And go traffic a van came up behind consumer's vehicle and rear ended it. consumers had to slam
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1994 Due To A Defective Egr valve, which has been to replaced 3times while driving over 55 mph, vehicle intermittently stalled. engine
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1998 The Oil Gauge: Indicator on the dash information center illuminated while checking the oil. engine suddenly ignited into flames. the fire
PONTIAC TRANS SPORT 1997 About Every 3months Vehicle Would stall out for no reason. have taken to dealer numerous times. was cleanedout 3 different times. engine
PONTIAC TRANS SPORT 1998 When Vehicle Is Driven,engine check light comes on. been in shop 6 times for problem. fuel pump had to be replaced.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1994 Whenever Stopping The Vehicle Will vibrate, and when driving the engine check light keeps coming on. the dealer has repaired the vehicle five
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1998 Consumer Complained Of Engine Check light coming on at will. engine check light had turned off at one occasion. on other occasion
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1997 Vehicle Was Involved In A frontal collision. upon impact, the dashboard fell on the passenger, breaking her right leg and left
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1996 Check Engine Light Keeps Coming on after have major tune up after the 30,000 miles. also the vehicle hesitates as if to
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 1996 While Going Around Corners, the steering wheel would lock up. the floor mat would get bound up in steering column. mat is
PONTIAC FIREBIRD 1994 When Driving In Wet Conidtions and water splashes underneath vehicle all power steering goes out, steering locks up,engine check gauges die out,causing
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1998 While Driving Vehicle About 10 mph and sometimes higher speeds, according to consumer, the vehicle just shuts off, losing power and steering
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1998 Consumer States That There Is no visible feature on the instrument panel indicating that the cruise control is activated. *ak
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1995 Failure On The Passenger Side air bag, consumer was involved in a head-on collision and the passenger's side air bag deployed, also
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1998 After Refueling Engine Light Illuminated. took vehicle to dealer, dealer stated radiator needed water. water was coming through
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1999 Engine Check Light illuminates on dashboard due to vehicle overheating. coolant was draining out the reserve into intake valve.
PONTIAC AZTEK 2001 Electrical System Has Been Replaced 3 times due to the battery light and engine check light coming on. vehicle has been taken to dealer
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1996 Nhtsa Recall 02 V 070 000/manufacturer's recall 02008 concerning ignition switch: after recall repairs were done, the vehicle stalled on three separate occasions
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1999 While Driving Under 30mph Engine check light came on as vehicle started to accelerate. engine started to sputter and misfire,
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 1997 While Driving Engine Light Illuminated. consumer serviced vehicle; however, light is still illuminating on dashboard.*ak
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1997 Oil Pressure Gauge Will Bottom out, and engine check light will come and stay on. contacted dealer, and the dealer could not
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1997 While Driving 80mph Driver Heard a grinding noise in front end. then, oil light came on ,and black smoke started coming
PONTIAC AZTEK 2001 Consumer Had To Take Vehicle to dealer ship for service on engine light that was illuminating on dashboard. mechanic stated there was
PONTIAC FIREBIRD 1995 During Operation The Check Engine light stays on at all times. when going from second gear to third the vehicle makes a loud noise.
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 2000 Exhaust System Was Replaced Due to it getting hot melting the carpet and paint inside trunk, fumes filled interior of vehicle at
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1999 The Cover Surrounding The Radio, vent controls, and lighter is loose. *slc
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1999 Consumer's Vehicle Used To Get 324 miles to a full tank of gas, now it only gets 207 miles, the driver information center
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1996 Engine Caught On Fire While driving vehicle. also, engine check light came on.
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2000 I Have Had Nothing But problems with my 2000 pontiac. the brakes have been replaced 3 times rotors have been replaced twice.
PONTIAC FIREBIRD 2002 This Vehicle Should Not Be on the road. dt
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1999 Leaking Power Steering Return Hose, low oil levels between oil changes, unable to find problem first time, car to go back
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 2000 Engine Light Always Goes On and it is replaced constantly but still each new one comes on. my car is only 2 yrs.
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1996 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 2000 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1999 Vehicle Trunk Will Open And interior instument panel will show trunk ajar while traveling highway speeds and nothing has been prompted to open trunk.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2000 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1999 On Serveral Occasions I Am having major front end problems, from the intermediate shaft poping, to the whole front end poping, the
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1997 While Under Warranty Swaybar Bushings were replaced 4 times. the rear windshield leaked water into the trunk which caused moldy carpet that the
PONTIAC TRANS SPORT 1998 Extremely Unhappy With Service From dealers, they can not find the problems
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 1995 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1998 Costly Repairs On Vehicle-very Disappointed -feel need to file complaint. no safety defec tmentione din summary. *ak
PONTIAC TRANS SPORT 1998 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 1997 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1994 No Summary
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 1999 "> 1998 Instrument Cluster Installed On 1999 model car, three (3) replacement instrument clusters not operational, car out of service 25 days as of
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 1996 Water Pump Leaking Half Gallon or more of fluid everyday, causing low coolant light to come on. local dealer wanted 7 hours and
PONTIAC FIREBIRD 1999 Brake Rotors Have Warped Several times even after replacement. seem to be defective. ses (service engine soon) light came on and went off
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1995 Two Dealers, & Two independent cannot find problem- it is intermittent every 100 miles or so. i have contacted pontiac cust asst
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1994 Exterior:paint Peeling On Hood ( only area)
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1999 No Summary
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1996 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2000 Investigation Ongoing By American Family insurance. no cause determined yet. no safety defect listed in summary. *ak
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1995 The Body Control Module That works the door locks and windows. the clutch on the air conditioner. replaced that then the
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1994 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
PONTIAC FIREBIRD 1998 Throttle Pedal Gets Caught By floor mat when slammed to floor for fast acceleration. floor mat does not have anything to prevent it
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1997 The Change Oil Light Keeps on coming on and that makes the service engine check light come on and when i got it fixed it
PONTIAC FIREBIRD 1995 The Smog Pump Blows The fuse, the cooling fans and check engine light comes on. the dealership charged nearly $500.00 to replace
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 1999 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1997 Fuel Gauge Cluster Failed Causing gauge to read full at all times
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1997 The Engine Quits Running While driving and will not restart. engine check light then comes on and the clock will not show the
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1997 Vehicle Windshield Wiper Arm (drivers) creaking noise (i believe a recall is underway). loose trim throughout. rearview mirror replaced, battery died (car
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1999 Vehicle Has Been Serviced A total of 21 times, 17 of them since 10/7/99. there is no agency that willhelp me seek
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1999 Please Contact State Farm, not owner, on report veh information. no safety defect mentioned in the summary. *ak
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1994 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1995 Vehicle Came With 2 Remotes, had 1 extra never sychromized, replaced under warranty 10-97, 5-98, plus sychronized my spare 3-99,
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1997 Card Runs Rough, Stumbles and hesitates, engine check light on. dealer replaced catalitic converter, o2 censors, egr valve,
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1999 We Bought The Car In nc. in dec. 1998, and moved to lexington ky. in sept. of 1999.
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1995 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1994 While Driving Between 12/15/99 And 12/16/99 vehicle stalled going 55 and started back up and stalled two more times. also gauges on vehicle jumped
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 1997 This Car Has Been More trouble than it is worth. i have replaced the brakes and rotors twice already and need to replace
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1999 Dealership Says It's Not Broken and we are not working them right, they can't find anything wrong
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1996 Continually Disregarded By Dealerships And corporate offices
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 1999 Noise Over Speed Bumps Is at a low speed easing over them.
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1999 1999 Oldsmobile Alero & Pontiac grand am - rear child-seat tether could fail. mine has not, but i could not find any recall
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1994 Paint On Rear Trunk Area of car has faded
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1997 When This Car Was Purchased, it had 30,000 miles on it, it now has 58,000 miles, this car has been
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1995 The Paint Is In Excellent condition except for the right rear wheel well which is very unusual! unfortunately, no one has been willing
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1999 No Summary
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1999 No Summary
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 1995 No Summary Listed For This vehicle. *ak
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1997 This Is A Very Problematic car - i don't recommend it. no safety defec tmentioned. *ak
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1998 This Vehicle Was In Rearend collision and was totaled
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1995 No Summary Listed For This vehicle. *ak
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1996 My Most Recent Problem Included transmission failure, and according to the mechanic this had been happening for a very long time. the
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1996 Nosummary Listed For This Vehicle. *ak.
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1997 No Summary Listed For This vehicle. *ak
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1996 Check Engine Light Would Come one for a day and go off did this 3 times before total failure of alternater & battery/front end/steering/brakes(abs) abd
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 1995 This Car Has A Really bad crash test rating how can you sell a car like this
PONTIAC FIREBIRD 1995 Diagnostic Trouble Code #29, air pump fuse and wiring are not adequate to prevent fuse from blowing. fuse blows after engine goes into
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1998 For "eye Que" System Which is designed to project speed onto windshield, however causes visibility destraction. *yc
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1996 Front Carpet Failed.
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1995 Lighter Inoperative.
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1994 The Consumer Purchased A Vehicle with a paint defect. the dealer knew about this defect and stated that the paint never adhered to
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 2000 The Oil Pressure Gauge Failed. the oil pressure switch was replaced. the intergrated/compass failed and was replaced three times. *scc
PONTIAC VIBE 2003 Consumer Recently Rented A Vehicle that has a glaring defect in the design of the vehicle. with sun glasses on, consumer was
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 2001 The Window Control Panel On the passengers side rattles, the switch does not rattle, but the housing that holds the switch in the
PONTIAC TRANS SPORT 1998 The Traction Control Light Is inoperative. nlm
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 1999 Rattle Noises Come From The center dash/defroster area at all times, this problem is evident at low/high speeds, while driving over bumps,
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1996 Check The Engine Light Came on. yh
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 1995 Vehicle Has Been In Repair shop 17 times. owner has filed for lemon law.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1998 The Remote Key Does Not unlock the vehicle at times and will not set the alarm. *yc
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1996 Traction Control System Failed. also, engine check light comes on.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1998 Unspecified.
PONTIAC FIREBIRD 1994 Rubberized Style Fuel Line Failed, causing vehicle to stall. also engine check light came on.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1997 Odometer Reads Incorrectly.
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1997 Visor Hangs To Low, misadjusted.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1996 No Failure Identified.
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1997 Engine Light And Abs Light stays on.
PONTIAC TRANS SPORT 1995 Crash, Unspecified.
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1996 When The Sun Is Shining one cannot read the radio or clock lights. the only way to see them is if the vehicle
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1995 Center Console Is Loose Due to misalignment.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1995 Console Is Loose, Needed to install new console.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1995 Rear Ashtray Fell Out, due to missing part.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1997 Driver's Side Dash Has A gap and is loose
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 1996 Instrument Panel Fogs Up, possibley due to moisture build up inside dash.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1997 Low Oil Light Comes On.
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1996 Driver's Side Dash Had A rattle.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1996 Dashboard Lights Inoperative.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1996 Engine Warning Light Illuminated.
PONTIAC TRANS SPORT 1995 Keyless Entry. *ak
PONTIAC SOLSTICE 2008 Driver's Side Door Handle Release is broken and no longer connected to release/open door in vehicle. now only way for driver to exit vehicle
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2008 We Purchased The Vehicle From a dealer inthe tri-cities area of eastern washington in 2010. the car may have been a lease return.
PONTIAC G6 2005 For Several Months Now My 2005 g6 hesitates and jerks significantly when i push down on the gas pedal from a stopped position. from
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2003 Normally The Anti Theft System kicks on and the security light blinks and you have to put the key in the on position for ten
PONTIAC TORRENT 2006 The Ignitioin Switch Continues To lock up.
PONTIAC G6 2009 When Putting My 2009 Pontiac g6 into park the key, sometimes, gets stuck in the cylinder lock and takes a long time to
PONTIAC TORRENT 2006 Anytime There Is Rain Or melting snow, there is a puddle in the passenger side floorboard. during colder winter months there is moisture
PONTIAC G6 2006 The Transmission Shifter Cable Broken on this car. to repair the car, it had to be towed as it was not drivable.
PONTIAC G6 2007 Radio Was Not Working Pushed the radio button now the radio comes on and off the speedometer is not working check engine light is on
PONTIAC PURSUIT 2005 I Am Actually From Ottawa, ontario canada. i could not enter that below. this is a
PONTIAC SOLSTICE 2007 I Recently Took My 2007 pontiac solstice into a local gm dealership to have the ignition switch replaced. within less of a month my
PONTIAC TORRENT 2006 The Heater Is Not Blowing any hot air at all. the knobs/switches all work and it forces air out but its very cold air,
PONTIAC G5 2007 My Vehicle Was One In the ignition switch recall. however, since i bought the vehicle ever so often and more and more the
PONTIAC G6 2009 I Have Wanted One Of these cars since they first come out before i bought it, but now i hate it!! i have replaced
PONTIAC G6 2006 Exiting The Highway, Engine light comes on, traction control off light comes on, car displays engine power reduced, then engine disabled.
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2001 We Have Received The Recall letter dated october 2014. we had complained about the safety of the vehicle as it shut off as
PONTIAC G6 2014 The Key Would Not Turn and the car would not start as if it were just dead. the steering wheel locked. the
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2008 I Purchased A 2008 Pontiac grand prix in march 2014 and shortly after when i tried to start it it didn't want to start.
PONTIAC VIBE 2003 My Husband Was Cut Off on an exit ramp on 62east. when he crashed he hit a tree head on causing the airbags to
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2003 I Have Been Having Issues with the electrical systems in my car for the last 1-1/2 years. when i turn on the car the
PONTIAC G5 2008 Purchased Above Vehicle Used 2 weeks ago has the following recalls campaign number: 12v459000 campaign number: 14v047000 campaign number:
PONTIAC AZTEK 2004 Seems Like The Van Has been leaking fuel for sometime now as an odor of gas could be smelled when driving but never realized it
PONTIAC VIBE 2004 The Recall Is On The bolts of the window and so as i was trying to get the window to close it just shattered..
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2004 After Turning Car Off For 3 minutes, key would not turn in the ignition. on june 11th i took it to a mechanic.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2006 On More Than One Occasion, my car hesitated after stopping at an red light. upon take off while other cars are behind me
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2005 The Car Always Had Starting problems i replaced the ignition sensor, and the starter. sometimes it take 3 or 4 times to
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1999 I Left My House For the first time that day went three blocks stop for the stop sign it went in flames from the beginning
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2003 I Have Brought My Car september 2013. i started having problems in july 2014. my car wouldnt start with the first turn.
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 2004 Driving On Highway, We (wide and i) noticed a smell of something burning. since we were in a farming area we didn't think
PONTIAC AZTEK 2003 Since October 31st. My car has shut off about 15 while driving, i lose power of my steering and cannot move my car.
PONTIAC VIBE 2003 I Donated This Car To kera public radio in dallastexas in about march, 2011. since then i have received notices of the recall
PONTIAC TORRENT 2006 Blend Door For Heat Broke allowing only cold air. was unable to defrost the windshield and warm interior. condition limits visibility. other
PONTIAC G6 2006 On Or About June 2nd, i was driving my 2006 pontiac g-6, when a rotwiller dog jumped in front of me so i
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2002 I Recently Received A Recall in the mail for my vehicle for the ignition switch recommending that i take it in to get it fixed
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2001 I Was Driving My Car to the store in the rain and it was pouring outside when all of a sudden my service engine soon,
PONTIAC G6 2006 Took My Car To Dealer for recall 141152--after i waited along time for parts. recall-13036--completed they claim recall--14116---claims at first--parts
PONTIAC G6 2006 My 2006 Pontiac G6 Has several safety recalls. i contacted my local gm dealership (carr cadillac buick gmc new and used car dealership serving
PONTIAC G6 2009 Blinker Switch Won't Turn Off after you turn corner.
PONTIAC G6 2005 Both Sides Of The Panoramic sun roof has come unattached nd leaked in my floor on multiple occassions and is very distracting getting dripped on
PONTIAC AZTEK 2003 I Had A Flat Tire, rear driver side tire. i was unaware of the actual mileage that was on my car at that
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 2003 Pontiac Bonneville 2003, Car would just turn off while we were driving. wedidn't realize it was turning off at first, we just
PONTIAC G6 2007 Engine Began Running Rough. car does not start easy. a few weeks later a timing chain broke
PONTIAC G6 2006 I Was Involved In A low impact accident on 9/12/2014. the airbag in my vehicle (pontiac g6) deployed but not in the vehicle that
PONTIAC MONTANA 2003 Steering Wheel Locked Up,ignition did not disengage when key was released,incident becoming more and more frequent.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2007 Driving Down The Road Just got up to 55 everything shut off no power no steering no power brakes no motor running got
PONTIAC G6 2005 While Driving My Ignition Shut off. i lost control of the car, having no steering. i had to come to
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1996 Interior Lighting System Malfunction. light's staying on when car is running and senors chimming for doors.
PONTIAC G6 2009 On October 7, 2014, as i was waiting for the stop light to change. my car turned off and then on again.
PONTIAC TORRENT 2006 I Have No Heat From the vehicle no matter which setting is used. i have read several articles that this a common problem with
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 2003 The Fuel Injector Started Having issues, and the car has a whistling sound when the ignition is turned on. the smell of gas
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2000 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2000 pontiac grand prix. the contact stated that while parked, the vehicle became engulfed in flames. the
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2007 I Received A Safety Recall letter (gm recall 14350) & contacted my dealer on oct. 2 to make an appointment to correct the

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