Pontiac Grand Prix 2006 Questions


Pontiac Grand Prix 2006
Fri, 01 Mar 2013

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I have a Pontiac Grand Prix, 2006 model. I recently ...

I have a Pontiac Grand Prix, 2006 model. I recently hit a deer that was dead in the road. My car just quit. It turns over but won't start. It seems as if it isn't getting any gas. Someone told me it might have a safety feature that keeps the gas from going to the engine, because I had hit something. Does anyone know about this or what I need to do.

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i know this answer might be old and you have already fixed the issue but have them check your ignition coils i had a similar problem and that what it was, also have them look at the intake gasket on the manifold.if its not seated right it can aff

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