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Pontiac Bonneville 1992
Fri, 01 Feb 2013

Pontiac Bonneville 1992 Reviewed by BellaTrix07 on .

My 1992 Pontiac Bonneville had (the week before Xmas) the Battery stolen ...

My 1992 Pontiac Bonneville had (the week before Xmas) the Battery stolen the thieves cut all the cables to it.

I have since re-installed the needed cable terminals new Battery.

When turning the key in the ignition, all lights turn on (incl radio);
but since it does not engage the Starter it fails to start vehicle.

During my research I have come to understand that my vehicle might be
equipped with a VATS ... and thus be the reason in my vehicle not

In which case I would need help figuring out what I need to do, to get the vehicle back on the road again...

However there might be one other issue I have yet to address which is the following:

I have not owned this vehicle for long prior to the theft occurring. As
such I had no knowledge which cable was attached where. I am certain I
have correctly installed all of the cables, (Positive terminal:
Alternator, Fuse Box, Starter. Negative: 2 ground wires one attached to
the block one to the vehicle body)

This leaves 1 wire...


This wire comes out off the cable cluster, close to the Battery location
(which is on the passenger side under the hood NOT under the rear
seat) and has a longish plastic clip attached, from the plastic clip
extends once more the wire, which then was cut. I am not certain if this
wire was attached prior to the theft, or where it would attach to
(Battery, and if so, which terminal:

+ OR - ?)

Any searches on my behalf (Internet, Chilton etc) have yield no results
as to what this wire does, where it belongs to OR where it is supposed
to attach to?!

Is this the reason my vehicle does not start?

Is there by chance a reset button somewhere (under the dash OR hood?)

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I am NOT car-stupid/ignorant
(far far from it), I am simply baffled frustrated, having owned
nearly any type of car available on the market, but never a GM until

I am fully disabled a single Mom to boot need my vehicle to run desperately!

Thank you so much for your help!

Hope to hear from someone soon!


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1992 Pontiac Bonneville had Battery stolen& all cables cut. Have
re-installed cable terminals & new Battery since. All lights turn on
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