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Pontiac Electrical System Wiring Interior/under Dash Reports

15 Mar

PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1993 When Starting The Vehicle, smoke appears from behind the steering wheel. please describe. *ak
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1993 Smoke Is Coming From The steering after reported problems with the instrument panel cluster. please describe. *ak

PONTIAC FIREBIRD 1995 While Driving, An Electrical short or shock caused the steering column to catch fire. please describe. *ak
PONTIAC TRANS SPORT 1990 The Van Was Parked All day in front of the house and for no reason the van was on fire. the fire was coming
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1988 The Steering Starts To Smoke when making a turn with the turning signal on and when trying to start the car. please describe.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1991 Lights On Dash Come And they say somethings wrong when there is not. dealership will not do the work. please describe.
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1993 Replaced Cluster Module. *ak
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1989 Electrical; Computer Dash Board misread shut down when consumer was driving, it cut off in traffic due to short in dashboard.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1992 Steering Column Smoke, Electrical short, when turn directional light on, console light comes on. tt
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1993 After Replacing Fuse consumer noticed smoke coming from under dash near steering column. *ak estimated property damage was $2,
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2000 While Making A Left turn vehicle will stall without any indication. dealer has been trying to repair vehicle. *ak
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1995 Had Tried To Start Vehicle, would not turn over, and there was no clicking noise. left vehicle parked. earlier had smelled
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1999 Dashboard Has Signal To Show that windshield fluid checked, but there is no a signal to show that doors are open. book
PONTIAC MONTANA 2000 Vehicle Experienced Stalling, Dealer repaired the harness located under the driver's side, there was a space that was too large for the connector
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1999 Upon Starting From A Red light car hesitates, and gauges go hay wire (fluctuate). consumer fears vehicle may stall on turnpike and
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1996 Consumer Was Inside Of vehicle . started vehicle up, and noticed smoke coming underneath the dashboard. fire department was called.
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1999 When Raining Water Would Leak through the dashboard panel to the fuse box. *ak
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 2000 While Driving The Vehicle Hit a bump the service stability system warning came on intermittently which could have caused partial loss of steering/brakes and traction
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1993 While Driving Smoke And A burning smell came from the instrument panel which caused a fire. dealer could not determine cause of the
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1994 All The Warning Lights On the dashboard came on. later, none of the lights were working on the instrument panel, even
PONTIAC TRANS SPORT 1994 A Fire Started Underneath At the right passenger's side dash. harness to the fuses rubbed up against the plastic brace which is
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1996 At Any Speed Lights On control panel would illuminate, and car would suddenly die out. incident occurred four times. dealer contacted
PONTIAC LEMANS 1991 Right After Turning Off The igntion vehicle caught on fire in the dash area. owner was able to put out the fire. the
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1998 While Driving One Of The circuit board breakers on the instrument panel started smoking and melted the wires down in the dashboard. dealer determined
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1998 When Driving Below 45mph The engine will totally die. vehicle will jerk so hard that the consumer is thrown foward. the tackometer will
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1992 The Wiring Harness Under The center console burned out, cause unknown. please give any further details. *ak
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1995 The Vehicle Caught Fire Under dash while being driven. dealer has not seen vehicle. *ak
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1988 While Driving Vehicle Tried To cross the street about 5 mph on a rainy day another vehicle turned in front and hit grand prix in
PONTIAC SUNBIRD 1992 While Vehicle Was Parked For two days there was an electrical fire which started under the dash behind the glove box. the
PONTIAC SUNBIRD 1991 While Driving At 30mph The vehicle caught on fire under the dashboard, began at wiring harness . *ak
PONTIAC FIREBIRD 1996 While Driving An Electrical Short in wiring in the dash is causing the vehicle engine to shut down, resulting in vehicle stalling.
PONTIAC LEMANS 1990 While Driving Noticed Smoke Coming from dash near steering wheel, then suddenly flames came from dash due to an electrical short in wiring harness,
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1995 While Driving An Electrical Short in the wiring, caused the vehicle to catch fire in the steering column and under the dash area.
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1997 While Drivng Vehicle Filled Up with smoke and a fire started in the dash behind the radio. mechanic stated that there was a loose
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1993 While Driving, The Vehicle caught on fire under the passenger side dash area. cause unknown. *ak
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2001 Consumer States That Computer Was throwing out different codes took to pontiac, pontiac stated that the software needed upgrading. please provide any
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1992 While Traveling On The Highway without prior warning there was smoke and flames coming from the dashboard. the dealership is aware of
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2002 While Driving 45mph Gauges/odometer, and tail lights go out.*ak
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1994 Steering Column Has Smoke Coming from underneath dashboard. dealership is aware of problem. *ak
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1992 An Electrical Short, Caused vehicle to catch an fire under the dash. *ak
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1994 Front Dashboard In Consumer'0s Car started to smoke than caught on fire due to an electrical short. *ak
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1999 While Driving 50 Mph Consumer noticed smoke coming from heater vent at left side of dash. engine was shut off, and fire
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 2000 When Driving Headlights, and everything in dashboard completely shutdown. vehicle has been to repair garage a total of seven times for
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2002 While Vehicle Was Parked In garage it caught on fire and burned garage and most of the house. fire started
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 1996 During Operation Smoke Was Noticed coming from underneath the dash board. resulting in flames under the steering column, and the vehicle burning down.
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 2000 While Driving The Consumer Noticed flames coming from vent house under the dash. drivers vehicle was totalled.*ak consumer also stated the vehicle had
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1995 Vehicle Was Turned Off When smoke came from under the steering wheel. seconds later it was ignited, but didn't spread. cause
PONTIAC FIERO 1984 Wiring Harness Under The Dash began to smoke and causing the ignition system not to work. nlm
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1998 While Attempting To Pass Another vehicle at 70 mph, the vehicle does not have the ability to down shift out of overdrive.
PONTIAC MONTANA 2001 Horn Sounds On Its Own while driving, with no input from driver. also, alarm sounds (usually only 4 times) for no
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2000 Turn Signals Failed While Taking car for service for the service engine soon light. drivers side front window also failed at this time.
PONTIAC MONTANA 2001 I Think There Must Be some electrical malfunction in my van's wiring. i would like to know if other's have reported such trouble.
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 2003 Dash Guages Are Hard To read in sunlight due to their backlight design and lack of contrast with the guage background. in sunlight
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1997 I Had A Total Failure of the cluster that operates all the gauges. speedometer, fuel,rpm, ets and temperature. i had
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1992 Smoke And Burning Smell Came from steering column. this was the second occurrence of this condition in last three years.*ak
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1991 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1993 My Car Has Many Recalls. how do i go about getting them fixed
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1991 I Have Changed The Dash and had all wiring checked and everything is fine except that i have no dash lights could someone please tell
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2002 While Driving The Vehicle, the onstar communications system activated 4 times on it's own before consumer noticed that the vehicle was on fire.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1991 Check Gauges Light Is On continuously even though now problem exists. once in awhile the light will go out but only for a
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1992 Smoke Was Discharged On 2 occasions from steering column. contacted pontiac customer information and dealer about problem and they had not heard of the
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1995 The Instrument Cluster Displays The check oil light guage as on even though the oil level is fine. i continue to check the
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1997 Wiring Harness That Provides Electricity to both the driver side and passenger side airbags within the dashboard had failed as a result of a high
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1989 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1995 Headlight Dimmer Switch Defective Causing dash board lights and tail lights not too function. in addtion, the malfunction switch caused an electrical meltdown
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1997 While Under Warranty Swaybar Bushings were replaced 4 times. the rear windshield leaked water into the trunk which caused moldy carpet that the
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1997 Under Dash Electrical Fire That destroyed the cars interior - car junked. *ak
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1996 Service Advisor Comments Lead Me to suspect that shortness of alternator wiring harness caused electrical shorts which caused three alternator failures and one instrument cluster
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1995 I Have Now Replaced The wiring harness (very hard to find!) and had 2 new switches installed for the lighting. i keep losing
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 1996 On Six Occasions I have had to replace a shorted coil 6225 miles at classic pontiac because of engine light warning at
PONTIAC TRANS SPORT 1996 A Headlight Switch Failed Causing excessive heat within the wiring harness. this failure created such heat that many of the wires within the wiring
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1994 Interior & Exterior Lights Go off upon engaging high beams. *ak
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1987 While Driving, Doors Locked down and interior lights came on. when trying to turn off inerior lights, control switch sunk/melted into
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1999 Upon Stopping, Occasionally On restart car hesitates and the dash gauges go haywire. this happens about every 3,000 miles, however
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1994 Started Car, Turned Off engine, restarted car, noticed smoke coming from under steering wheel. in matter of seconds full blown
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 1998 My Radio's Lcd Lighting Is blurred and not properly lit with full digits. it blinks as though there is a short. it
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1987 My Digital Odometer Stopped Working at 199,999 miles. i was told by pontiac that it was defective, and that normally it
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1997 There Are More Problems Then listed. every time i have spoken with the dealer it has been a waste of time.
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1995 The Car Was Driven For 8 minutes and parked. i went back to the car 3 1/2 hours later and found the
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 1999 Is Not A Satisfactory Condition; no solution so far. no safety defect listed in summary. *ak
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1996 The Steering Wheel Column Made grinding noises when my 1996 grand am se was driven. the noises even persisted after the grand am
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1993 Wire Burnt At Fuse Panel, engine high idle up to 3,000 rpm w-no warning. fuse panel problem caused door locks,rear window
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1997 The Car Was Taken In for a defective alternater and was replaced. the service tech noticed the air bag light on and asked
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1998 From The Night We Drove the car home we had problems with the headlights/ dash lights and interior lights not working properly. then we
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 1999 When Started Instrument Panel Shuts down, and door rubs into dash. *ak
PONTIAC TRANS SPORT 1994 Transmission System Doesn't Work, dealer said the module has failed but they see as gm problem. the controls between the steering wheel
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1998 Purchased Vehicle 6/98. three days after purchase car ignition switch failed. vehicle towed 3 times for same problem. found
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 1996 Harness Overheats/melts And Shorts out switch, making headlights inoperable. this is my second repair in a year. *ak
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1991 This Is Sencond Grand Prix i have had and the low fuel light and the engine check gauge lights are on and will not go
PONTIAC LEMANS 1992 Heater Blower Switch Failure. replaced switch three times, each time the switch melted and became inoperative. the last time it
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1995 Problems With Turn Signals/emergency Flashers, and dash lights working intermittently. also, recently had trouble starting, as it didn't want to turn
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1999 Have Had All But 1 of 4 door panels replaced. now getting into electrical problems when instrument panel went haywire, car would not
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1996 Continually Disregarded By Dealerships And corporate offices
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1990 There Have Been Many Brake failures since owning this vehicle, including one complete when on road. the fire in steering column stopped,
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1993 Smoke Coming From Steering Column, burnt electrical smell
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1996 My Most Recent Problem Included transmission failure, and according to the mechanic this had been happening for a very long time. the
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1993 Upon Starting The Car In the morning, smoke eminated from the steering column/wheel assembly filling the interior with smoke and a strong burnt electrical
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1997 I Have Taken My Car into this dealer numerous times for the same problem with the check engine light, they still fail to fix
PONTIAC TRANS SPORT 1998 Overhead Computer Failure Shows Inaccurate fuel gauge, and low fuel light on. yh
PONTIAC MONTANA 1998 N4800 Computer.
PONTIAC MONTANA 1999 Consumer States Speedometer Stopped Working twice. the instrument cluster had to be replaced both times. *tt
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 1995 Vehicle Fire Which Emanated From underneath the steering column. *mjs
PONTIAC TRANS SPORT 1998 A Malfunction In The Vehicles electrical system (under dash) resulted in a vehicle fire. nlm
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1995 The Instrument Cluster Failed Causing the speedometer, fuel gauge and tachometer to act erratically. nlm
PONTIAC FIREBIRD 1996 Defect In The Wiring Harness causing fuses to blow out continually. mjs
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1996 Underdash Wiring Harness Failure Caused vehicle fire. mjs
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1994 Repeated Computer Harness Failure.
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1995 Vehicle Fire Due To Electical wiring failure.
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1992 Dash Cluster Module Failed Three times.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1990 Head Lamps Come On By themselves. also courtesy lamps inoperative/replaced instrument cluster twice.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1992 Replaced Burnt Signal Light Switch. also instrument cluster malfunctioned.
PONTIAC FIREBIRD 1993 Defective Control Module Caused Air bag indicator lamp to be on constantly.
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1991 Vehicle Suddenly Accelerated To 60 mph and stayed there momentarily before dropping down. upon approaching a toll exit, the vehicle stalled.
PONTIAC LEMANS 1988 Plastic Components In The Dashboard that control the interior dashboard lights melted and started to burn.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1990 Instument Panel/cluster Module Failure Caused vehicle to stall. *ak
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1990 Instrument Panel Cluster Module Failure. *ak
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1989 The Engine Computer Control Failed.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1994 Defective Wiring Harness.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1994 Windshield Wipers/turn Signals Inoperative, due to short in steering column wiring.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1994 Wire In Harness For Windshield wiper broke, causing wipers to fail, reducing visibility. *dh
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1991 Electronics Problem In Dashboard.
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 1995 Dashboard Warped, Causing Poor visibility of instrument panel. *sd
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1992 Dash Cluster Causes Vehicle To stall. *dsh
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1990 Entire Electrical Harness Under Console burnt out.
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1993 Electrical Malfunction Under Dash Resulted in electrical fire. (attorney for client) *skd
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1991 Instrument Cluster Module Failure Causes check gauge light to come on/stay on. *aw
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1989 Electronic Emission Control Failed, causing vehicle to stall.
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1987 Dash Fire. *skd
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2004 Fortunately, My Complaint Does not involve any deaths, injuries or crashes. my inquires regarding an electrical problem have gone unanswered and
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2004 The Turn Signals Continue To click when not in use. i took it to the mechanics and it was diagnosed as a multifunction
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 2002 I Have Had The Car since august of 2002, and have only had a problem with the rear defroster. it would work when
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2002 Clicking Noise In Dash When turn signals are used and then turned off. also, same clicking noise randomly. *jb
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2004 I Owned The car for 2 years , and in the 2 years the dome lamp fell down 4 times.
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1995 Tail Lights, Backup Lights, fog lights, and dash lights did not work. the fault wa s the lighting control module
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2002 Hazard Flasher Switch Was Replaced on 3/9/07 because of a constant clicking like the turn signal being on. this did not stop
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2002 Vehicle Was Parked And Burned. electrical fire. *jb
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 2002 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2002 pontiac bonneville. the contact stated that the dealer has replaced the fuses for the trunk and inner dome
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2002 Our 2002 Pontiac Grand Am also developed the annoying "clicking" noise that sounded as if the blinkers were on when they were not.
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2003 My 2003 Pontiac Has A clicking in the dash underneath the hazard switch. when i turn on turn signal the clicking goes in rhythm
PONTIAC GTO 2004 Erratic Gauge Readings. No rpm when started, no speedometer when moving, gas gauge shows opposite of what it really is. ie
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2001 Tl* - The Contact Owns a 2001 pontiac grand pre gtp. the contact stated that on a daily basis she had a
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2002 Mulitifunction Switch Failure In Our 2002 grand am auto. i have read numerous complaints from other grand am owners having this same problem and
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2001 My 2001 Pontiac Grand Am smelled like something was burning. i took the car to the dealership who told/showed me that the insulation
PONTIAC G6 2006 The Car Was Parked In my yard. a typical florida storm quickly blew through. lightning struck near-by setting off the horn, which
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2004 I Have A 2004 Pontiac grand am with 40,000 miles on it. the other day i was signaling a lane change and now
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 2000 Trunk Area Leaks And Water builds up in the spare tire storage. clanking noise in steering column while turning either direction during colder
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1999 Electrical Fire In The Dash of a 1999 pontiac grand prix. it appears to be caused by an overheated sensor indicator. *jb
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2001 Both The Hazard Switch And multifunction switch shorted out at the same time causing the need to replace both switches. the hazard switch
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2003 I Am Having The Same turn signal issue( hazard switch) in my 2003 grand am that gm issued a recall on for the 2000,
PONTIAC G6 2006 Fog Light And Seat Heater switch get hot when the lights are on. i measured the temperature of the fog light switch to
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2000 Hazard Flasher Switch Burnt Out and caused brake light and horn to become inoperative. none of this was discovered until the time came for
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 2000 I Would Like To Report a pattern of small (but annoying) complaints with the 2000 pontiac sunfire i recently owned. i state "recently owned"
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2001 While Driving My 2001 Pontiac grand prix, the steering wheel caught on fire. *jb
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1997 Dt: The Contact States Vehicle caught on fire. the vehicle had been sitting for 30 minutes before the fire. the fire department was
PONTIAC VIBE 2004 Dt: The Contact Stated The vehicle had many different problems and safety defects. the first problem started just seven days after purchasing the
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2002 I Have A 2002 Pontiac grand am - approximately 50,000 miles - about a month ago, there began a loud clicking noise coming
PONTIAC AZTEK 2003 2003 Pontiac Aztec, Caught on fire and the vehicle had been sitting 14 hours i only had the aztec for just about 2 weeks,
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2000 On 4/27/2005 I Replaced The combination switch on my 2000 grand am, because it was making a clicking noise for about 2 weeks,
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2002 Blinker Switch Sound Keeps On ticking at a rapid pace even though the blinker is turned off. i know this has been a
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 2004 When Driving My 2004 Sunfire the dash seems to get really hot and smells like something is burning. i am afraid that it
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1998 While Driving 25 Mph Dashboard caught on fire. consumer pulled over , put the fire out, and the vehicle was towed.
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2001 I Am Having Many Electrical problems with my 2001 pontiac grand am: first,there was a recall for a faulty turn signal/hazard flasher relay which
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 2003 Numerous Of Failures;air Bag light came on and stayed on, clutch sticks to floor, car doesn't want to start.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2004 While Driving/idling Dashboard Got Too hot. this caused the cd player to be inoperative. dealership was notified, but did not resolve the
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2002 The Blinker Switch Will Keep ticking like the turn signals are on but there is no flashing just the sound while your eventually
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 1997 I Had Headlight Problems And the headlights failed completely, then the horn failed and the brake cost me $1500.00
PONTIAC PONTIAC 2001 (1) The First Day That i noticed something was wrong was when the dash lights were hesitating. when i first turned the car on
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2004 Air Conditioner Was Not Working. position 1 & 2 on the heater control were inoperative. took to dealer. dealer replaced
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1995 I Purchased This Car Used from a dealer in 2001 in michigan. (i don't think the air conditioning ever worked ). within a
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 1996 While Driving 25 Mph The vehicle caught fire under the glove compartment. due to the interior damage the vehicle was totaled. the cause
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2001 After Making An Appointment And leaving the vehicle at the dealership to have the hazard warning switch recall 03v327000 repairs performed,
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2001 I Have A Pontiac Grand am gt 2001 v6 and it has 3 major problems. the car has 52,000 miles and i have
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1995 We Have Replaced One Lighting switch. the wire harness was melted. we asked about a recall on this 2 years ago when it
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 1997 The Headlights On My 1997 pontiac sunfire vehicle are so dim, i cannot drive my car at night. it looks like i am
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2000 Consumer Parked In The driveway and shut vehicle off. a family member informed consumer that vehicle was on fire.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2002 Headlight And Dashboard Lights Flash intermittently, approximatley every 2 seconds. had it looked at twice by aw golden pontiac in reading pa and
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2001 Blower Motor For Heater/air Conditioner has faild twice. first time did not work on 1 or 2. second time faild to
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1997 While Vehicle Was checked for dashboard lights mechanic found that engine head cracked. vehicle was leaking oil, and oil
PONTIAC AZTEK 2002 While Driving Doors Would lock and unlock on their own, front driver and passenger windows lowered while driving, and
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2001 Dash Lights Came On and off intermittently. also, while braking there was a loud grinding noise. abs warning light
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2004 Heads-up Display Blurry Or Showing double images. dealer says within specifications though other vehicles on lot do not show doubled images or show
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1997 Air Bag Equipment Inadvertently Deployed. *mr while driving down the highway, both of passenger side air bags exploded with no apparent reason.
PONTIAC AZTEK 2001 Electrical System Is Continuously Going out. driver is not aware of the speed due to odometer not functioning, nor how much gas
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1997 1997 Pontiac Grand Am - power windows - motors both left drivers side and right passenger side. windows will not go up or down.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1992 Indicator Lights On Instrument Panel light up erratically. read that this was somewhat common in this model. started with "check gauges"
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1999 Fire In Steering Column - lights now stuck on bright - otherwise i have no lights. *ak
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 1999 The Wiring Harness Is Shorting out which has made my ignition switch short out and my computer. pontiac has issued a service bulletin.
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 2000 I Have Had My Vehicle in for brake repair several times in the past 3 1/2 yrs. at least 5-7 times. my car
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1995 Consumer States That Dashlights are not working. consumer is not able to drive at night. cause unknown. *ak
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 1995 Just Found Out About Recall about starter. had fire (smoke) in steering wheel and entire electrical system not working right. windows stuck half
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1993 1993 Pontiac Grand Prix, smoke coming from the steering column. *ak
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1999 Have Replaced The Entire Intake manifold on this car three times. 1999 grand am, purchased new, has less than 60,000
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2000 My Car Has Been In the shop repeatedly for the brakes grinding and shaking when i brake. the rotors have been replaced twice for
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1994 While The Consumer Merged On the highway an explosion of smoke came from under the dashboard. *nlm
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2000 Turning Signals / Flashers / hazard flashers don't work, also dome light inside of car does not work
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 1996 Smoke Started Coming From Underneath the vehicle into the vents. vehicle caught on fire please fill in additional information dealer is aware of
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1997 My 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix has had numerous false air bar warnig lights and just recxently the rear window difroster relay wiring burnt up
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1999 The Directionals Will Turn Off and not work at all, unless i turn off the car and start it again.

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