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Pontiac Montana
Sat, 24 Dec 2011

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i would like to ask how to disable the anti theft of ...

i would like to ask how to disable the anti theft of my montana 1999 model
i have checked the engine and replaced the fuel pump,fuel filter and still wont start.but the electrical system of the car is ok. there is spark in the sparkplug...it runs a little bit when i put gas in the intake but does not continue to run...i am thinking the anti theft is disabling the fuel injector    

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My 2002 Pontiac Montana Caught FIRE! is there any recalls or anything I should know about this problem. I believe it was an electrical problem but not for sure the fire seemed to have started at the top left of the engine compartment(fuses, or bra

my third row seat belt is locked and wrapped around the headrest so it'll not go back far enough to unlock. HOw do I fix this????

I have 05 Montana. It's very stiff on the left turn,but no leak or braking parts. Any suggest?

what would a reason for the turn signal to double blink even when the bulbs are working just fine?

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I have a Pontiac Montana '03 that's been doing the same thing!  It's in the shop at the dealership right now, but after they fixed the EGR valve at $650!!!
We're mad as hell, it's a dangerous situation to be in..I'll let you know what I hear b

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Moisture/water droplets inside headlight units resulting in fogging, etc.
What is cause and how can one fix it?
This is a 2001 Pontiac Montana vehicle.

just got a montana 05 70,000 and i sense the tranny goin into 2nd and sumtimes third shakey...and then will drive fine as the speed increases smoothe the rest of the gears etc..its usually always from goin into 2nd then into 3rd....help..fluid lev

While driving I noticed that my 2002 ponriac montana was gradually accellerating on it's own with my foot off of the gas while going down a level street. I pulled over and turned the van off, waited for a few minutes and restarted it and had no fu

Thank for information, I'm looking for it for a long time,

Did you find out what is causing your van to do that? Mine is doing the same thing

I have a 2002 montana. Just sitting in and starting the motor and putting on sitbelt my airbag on driver sit deployed after few days parked in drive way and as soon as my friend opened passenger door right front sit air bag deployed so I took the

Suddenly the rpm needle is going up and down  very quick, then smell gas and sometimes it loose power and jerk, but it happens just for not more than one minute, then the car come back to the normal performance.   

post the same information to my blog, thanks for ideas and great article.

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I have just noticed a slightly harder shift with 2nd and 3rd gears every now and then as well, if you find out what is causing this please let me know

abs activates once in a while during regular breaking.

horn activates by itself . it happened about 4 times already since I acquired the 2001 montana  .

I have a 04 Pontiac Montana and someone took our control and locked the car with the alarm on. We can open the doors and drive it with the key but NOTHING will reset the alarm. We took it to a dealer and bought a new control  only to find out