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Pontiac Torrent
Mon, 24 Oct 2011

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2006 Pontiac Torrent--40,000 miles.Bought in 2008 from orlando fl dealer....

2006 Pontiac Torrent--40,000 miles.Bought in 2008 from orlando fl dealer.No prior problems.Drove to store and then home.Had to go back went to start and turns over like it should but won;t  start?towed to repair shop and told fuel pump not operating?always keep tank full.Could something electrical cause pump not ro function ?Just prior to incident i smelt strong fuel smell inside vehicle.

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Started sputtering & check engine light flashed for a bit then went off.  Still sputters but the warning light hasn't reappeared. 

This article is being written
from recent experience I had with a GM vehicle as well as some research into
this issue to learn just how far reaching it is.


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when i get to a stop at low speeds my abs gets on i changed left and right bearings and breaks and dics. still have the same problem abs at low speeds gos on please help

I had this problem as well. The rear wiper motor went on my 07 Torrent and it was randomly turning on? A short in the wire apparently? The Mechanic had to disconect it as it was still doing it while the fuse was pulled. It was also causing some m

I have an 07 and had the same problem until i removed the remote start. No problems in over a year.

Hi Jeff,

Did you ever resolve the problem? I have the exact same problem with my 2007 Torrent. My mechanic knows there is a draw but it happens intermittently and kills the battery.

Police stopped my wife in alabama and said that her factory tint was too dark.  2007 torrent, is this possible.  Need help in fighting this.

I have 2007 pontiac torrent and went to take off started the car up and had no power steering.

Start torront 2007 move ahead no power steering

Something is drawing power from the battery. but nothing is left on.

2008 pontiac torrent 39,000 miles....power steering went out in my car. Vehicle had to be towed. Diagnostic revealed a complete failure of the power steering module. The part alone costs over $400 and reprogramming it costs and additional $150