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Bmw Power Train Driveline Reports

30 Jun

BMW K1200LT 1999 Rear Drive Failed At 65-70 mph, mileage was 27500.*jb
BMW 328I 1998 Differential Seal Failed. *yc

BMW K1200 GT 2007 (note: 2000 Characters Is too short!) 2007 bmw k1200gt motorcycle 15,433 miles event date/place: august 4, 2011;
BMW K1200LT 2002 Second Rear Drive Failure Of 2002 bmw k1200lt motorcycle at 42502 miles first at 17520 miles. *tt
BMW R 1200 RT 2009 2009 Bmw R1200rt Motorcycle Rear bearing failure that led to a final drive failure. bike just turned 14000 miles when a grinding noise
BMW X5 2003 2003 Bmw X5 4.4i transfer case/front drive shaft failed leaving car stranded on a railroad crossing with no power.
BMW R 1200 RT 2007 Failure Of Drive Crown Bearing in final drive. *tr
BMW X5 2004 1. Did A 3 point turn and then pulled onto a 45 mph road way 2. front tires locked up and
BMW F800 S 2007 I Am Writing You To please urge investigation of all bmw f800s and f800st motorcycles. i have been researching a problem with these motorcycles
BMW R 1200 GS 2005 Bmw R1200gs Real Wheel Flange the flange is a billet part that connects the rear wheel and the rear brake disc to the motorcycle.
BMW X5 2004 My Bmx 5 (2004) Stalls occasionally at low speeds. this has occurred 4 times in the last three months. the service center has
BMW K SERIES 2003 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2003 bmw k 1200 lte . the contact stated while driving 75 mph the contact heard a noise
BMW R SERIES 2005 While Waiting At A Red light in traffic on a highway, i pulled in the clutch, put the bike into gear and the
BMW R SERIES 2004 Bmw Motorcycle Final Drive Failures. in 2001 i purchased a new bmw r1100rt. approximately one year into ownership 25k miles the final drive
BMW R 1200 RT 2007 2007 Bmw R1200rt Motorcycle With 34,900 miles on the odometer. the rear wheel flange had excessive play on the output shaft of
BMW M5 2006 2006 Bmw M5 With Sequential transmission would not enter gear at light, rendering vehicle immobilized. *cn
BMW R1150 RT 2004 Final Drive Failed On My 2004 bmw r1150rt. motorcycle has 31,000 miles. *tr
BMW K1200 LT 2005 Rear Wheel Started Making A dragging sound and seemed to be on inside of rotor. thought it was an occlusion in the casting but
BMW K1300 S 2009 Bmw 2009 K1300s Stalls Intermittantly, usually on a down shift. has occured at least 75 times in first 1,956 miles.
BMW K1200LT 2002 On August 28th, My wife and i were traveling to eureaka springs, arkansas for our 40th wedding anniversary. about ten miles
BMW K1200LT 2002 The Rear Wheel Drive Bearing on my bmw k12lt motorcycle failed while my wife and i were traveling down the interstate at 70 mph.
BMW K1200LT 2000 Final Drive Bearing Failure. this initially caused an unstable side to side motion of the vehicle. before being able to stop
BMW K1200LT 2000 Final Drive Bearing Failure Resulting in gear oil leaking onto brake pads and disc. thus rendering the rear brake ineffective. *tr
BMW R1100 RT 1999 I Own A 1999 Bmw r1100rt motorcycle. i was riding home and notice that my rear brake did not work, as i
BMW K1200 LT 2005 In For 36,000 Mile service, rear wheel loose, had rear end torn down, smaller bearing race had spun on shaft,
BMW M3 2008 M3 With Dct Automated Manual transmission will not shift when at lower speeds going around corners. there is a long delay before it
BMW M ROADSTER 2000 My Ultimate Driving Machine Is splitting from the seems!!! i have a 2000 bmw m roadster (z3) and recently i notice a creaking in
BMW M ROADSTER 1999 Differential Subframe Causes Weld Failures appearing in trunk and other body locations. i believe that this is caused by a defect that generates
BMW K1200LT 2001 Bmw Motorcycle K1200lt Final Drive failed 300 miles from home. had to rent a car to get home and then back again to pick
BMW R1200 RT 2006 The Motorcycle Was In Normal use. i was actually returning home from a 3300 mile trip when the failure occurred. at
BMW K1200 GT 2008 Driving My Bmw K1200lt To pa. only 6,500 miles on odometer. i stopped in w. va and noticed oil on the
BMW R1200 GS 2005 2005 Bmw 1200 Gs Motorcycle had a defective part. consumer states that the rear wheel final drive was defective and wants to be
BMW K1200LT 2000 Final Drive Failure Resulting In rear wheel seizure and total loss of power to rear wheel. *tr
BMW 3 SERIES 2000 Differential Sub-frame Failure. Car has independant rear suspension and differential is carried in an aluminum sub-frame that is attached to chassis with four large
BMW R1200 GS ADVENTURE 2008 2006 Gs 1200 Bmw Motorcycles, lt models also. motorcycles have seals that are failing on final drive (rear end of cycle where rear tire
BMW BMW MOTORCYCLE 1996 Final Drive Unit On My 1996 bmw motorcycle failed. *tr
BMW K1200 LT 2005 Final Drive Failure On K1200lt while riding on i-5 in downtown la ca. 31,000 miles on unit. bike taken back to dealer
BMW X3 2007 The Transmission On The 2007 bmw x3 (gm6 transmission) hesitates in acceleration during drive mode. it has become unsafe to make a fast lane
BMW R1200C 1999 I've Got A 1999 R1200c. i recently did some servicing on it with my friend, and i think i am experiencing
BMW K1200LT 1999 My 1999 Bmw K1200lt Had a mysterious vibration coming from the rear wheel. i thought i may have a flat tire.
BMW K1200LT 2003 Final Drive Failure On 2003 bmw k1200lt motorcycle. loss of hypoid fluid caused loss of control on motorcycle. was able to
BMW BMW MOTORCYCLE 1999 Failure Of Final Drive on bmw motorcycle. bike had 50,000 miles. cost $2,000 to repair, not covered!
BMW R1200 RT 2005 Final Drive Failures Are Becoming all too common on bmw motorcycles manufactured from 2005 on. bmw is taking a nonchalant attitude in its
BMW R1100 RT 1997 I Have Had 2 Failures of the final drive bearing on my 1997 bmw r100rt. first was at 36k miles,bearing failed and poured
BMW K SERIES 1994 Hello, I Own a 1994 bmw k75rt motorcycle. the company has been aware of a design flaw in the spline design
BMW 3 SERIES 2006 Twice In 6 Weeks I have lost throttle response of the car at 70+ mph on highways. this is a manual transmission car
BMW R1200C 1999 While Traveling At 55 Mph, a high frequency "buzz" was felt in the motorcycle. as we were on a cause way coming north
BMW R1200 RT 2006 Bmw R1200rt Final Drive. *jb
BMW R1150GS 2002 In April 2005, I experienced a final drive failure on my 2002 bmw r1150gs. during a 36,000 mile service, i reported
BMW K1200LT 2000 (1) We Were In a very desolate section of southern idaho, with no cell phone service, when our rear drive failed on
BMW K1200LT 2002 The First 100 Miles Leading to the failure, there was a winding noise that sound like it's going over the grooved pavement.
BMW BMW MOTORCYCLE 2000 Failure Of The Final Drive unit on a 2000 bmw k1200lt motorcycle. *nm
BMW 528I 1997 I Own A 1997 Bmw 528i and everytime it rains the gear selection switch malfunction causing random gear selection. i was told this was
BMW BMW MOTORCYCLE 2000 Riding On Summer Vacation 2500 miles from home. final drive bearing and oil seal failed coating the rear tire of my motorcycle with
BMW R1150GS 2001 Bmw Motorcycle Rear Drive Failure, could lead to catastrophic crash if rear wheel locks up. drive failed with no advance symptoms. drive
BMW K1200LT 2002 Bmw Motorcycle Final Drive Failure -- oil leakage onto rear tire resulting in tire sliding and potential for sudden crash (rider sufficiently skilled to (barely)
BMW BMW MOTORCYCLE 1999 Rear Drive Failure On Bmw k1200 lt. motorcycle started vibrating and rear end started wobbling. *jb
BMW 540IT 2000 While Driving 30 Mph Vehicle vibrated from in the rear. consumer heard a knocking noise coming from the rear of the vehicle. consumer
BMW K1200LT 2002 The Rear Drive Assembly On my bmw k1200lt motorcycle started vibrating and making grinding noises , causing the rear of the bike to become
BMW K1200LT 2002 Rear Drive Assembly On My bmw k1200lt motorcycle started leaking fluid onto the rear wheel & tire. this could easily have caused a
BMW K1200LT 1999 Bmw K1200lt Motorcycle Rear Drive failure. rear wheel bearing failed without warning.*ak
BMW R1150GS 2000 Rear End, Final Drive failure on 2000 bmw r1150gs motorcycle. *la
BMW R1150GS 2000 I Had A Final Drive bearing failure in my bmw 2000 r1150gs motorcycle at 35,000 miles. it was repaired under warranty, next
BMW R 1150 R 2003 Bmw R1150r Motorcycle.*mr this letter is to request assistance in resolving a warranty problem which the manufacturer refuses to address further. the
BMW 745I 2002 While Decelerating At A Red light or stop sign, vehicle suddenly accelerates, throwing passengers against the seats and dashboard, back and forth.
BMW K1200LT 2000 The Rear Drive On My bmw k1200lt failed after only 18,200 miles of service. there have been many failures reported in the www.
BMW Z4 2003 2003 Bmw Z4 3.0 with the smg transmission (w/ sport package). the following instance has happened twice within the current 2,600 miles
BMW K1200LT 1999 1999 Bmw K1200lti Rear Drive failure. *ak
BMW K1200LT 1999 Rear Drive Failed On Bmw k1200lt motorcycle. bearing in rear drive of shaft drive motorcycle has failed causing grinding noise, making vehicle
BMW K1200LT 2000 Rear Drive Failure Of A bmw k1200lt motorcycle. *ak
BMW K1200LT 1999 Bmw K1200lt Motorcycle - Final drive went out. the final drive starting making noise then dumped all fluid onto the rear brake and tire.
BMW K1200LT 2002 Rear Drive Failure In Bmw motorcycle k1200 ltc year 2000 at 2000 miles. *ak
BMW K1200LT 1999 Suffered A Rear Drive Assy failure on a 1999 bmw k1200lt-c, between 14-16k miles. *ak
BMW K1200LT 1999 1999 Bmw Motorcycle, rear drive failure allowing oil to leak onto rear tire and rear brake pads and rotor.