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Acura Engine And Engine Cooling Exhaust System Reports

30 Jun

ACURA LEGEND 1986 There Is Fuel Escaping Through muffler/tail pipe. consumerr stated that it is a health hazard. *ak
ACURA CL 1998 There Was About Two Inches of play within the steering wheel due to the steering column coupling not connecting to the steering wheel.

ACURA TL 1999 Was Driving Down The Road at 65 mph and out of no where the cars transmission down shifted into first gear. my car hopped
ACURA ACURA 2002 Rotten Egg Smell Coming From exhaust of vehicle
ACURA ACURA 2001 The Truck Was Stopped At a light. suddenly, the vehicle began to jerk forward. we took off from the light
ACURA TL 1997 Engine Check Light Is On for the 3rd time. acura of memphis, tn has serviced the vehicle for this complaint.
ACURA INTEGRA 1995 Severe Exhaust Vibration Above 3000 rpm in front exhaust pipe. *ak
ACURA ACURA 1999 Car Serviced Regularly By Dealership. dealership solution for emissions test failure unhelpfull: filled tank with gas additive and high octane gas, run
ACURA MDX 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 acura mdx. the contact smelled oil burning in the vehicle. upon inspecting the vehicle, he noticed
ACURA MDX 2009 My 2009 Mdx With 3500+ miles has been taken to dealer 3 times in the last month. once i had to get it towed
ACURA MDX 2002 On October 13, 2009, at about 12:45, i provided my 2002 acura mdx to jerry damson acura, huntsville, alabama for
ACURA TL 1998 My 1998 Acura 2.5 tl has had noticeable exhaust leak into the passenger compartment from about 100,000 miles point, since january 2008l
ACURA LEGEND 1991 The Car Blows Out White smoke frome the engine. when in d4 the light blinks and the speedometer fluxuates. passenger seat will not
ACURA MDX 2003 Noxious Odor Inside And Outside vehicle due to catalytic converter overworking. acura insists this is normal and has advised us to continue driving
ACURA RSX 2002 I Purchased My Acura Rsx, type s on 10-14-02. on 02-14-03 i had problems with the keyless entry not working when it was
ACURA TL 2003 Burning Smell Emanating From Exhaust area into cabin at 9800 miles. terrible - can smell it on the outside from 25 feet away.
ACURA RSX 2002 Possible Lemon Law Qualifier. *mr the check engine light had come on four times the dealer stated the #02 sensor
ACURA RSX 2002 Problems With 2002 Acura Rsx possible lemon law qualifier. *mr the check engine light had come on. the
ACURA TL 1999 I Have An Acura Tl 2003 vin 19uua5654xa007716. ever since i bought this car (new, purchased on nov 7, 1998) on
ACURA RL 2002 Problem Is With The Filtration system on the vehicle. dealer has been notified. please provide further information. ph

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