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Subaru Service Brakes, Hydraulic Foundation Components Master Cylinder Reports

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SUBARU LEGACY 1999 While Driving 55 To 60 mph on a warm dry day consumer tried to stop vehicle and brakes failed completely. also,
SUBARU LEGACY 1999 Brakes Were Not Operable. when consumer applied brakes pedal went all the way to the floor. vehicle was taken
SUBARU LEGACY 1999 While Driving In Snowy And cold conditions braking system malfunctioned at low speed, causing brake pedal to go to the floor and had
SUBARU OUTBACK 1998 Abs Braking System Was Activated, and the pedal went to the floor, causing extended stopping distance which almost resulted in an accident.
SUBARU SVX 1992 Consumer Has Experienced Total Brake failure whenever driving at any speed over 60 mph. the master cylinder was replaced in february 96, second
SUBARU FORESTER 1998 When Applying The Abs Brakes on wet or dry pavement the pedal travels to the floorboard, causing extended stopping distance. dealer could
SUBARU LEGACY 1995 Consumer Was Driving At Approx 60 mph down a 10 mile long winding narrow hill road, went to change lanes but could not
SUBARU OUTBACK 2002 I Have Reported The Problem to dealer, been to subaru dealer 3 times who can't duplicate the problem, however the problem keeps recurring
SUBARU LEGACY 1997 Second Master Cylinder Was Purchased from subaru service center, but failed in less than a year and approximately 8,000 miles. *ak
SUBARU LEGACY 1998 Tires Lost Nearly All Air within 2,000 mile of checking;had to replace;they went to steel bar at 18000 miles; fumes inside
SUBARU LEGACY 1990 I Have Reported This To subaru(even the ceo).subaru case # 203430.subaru was not interested in receiving the part for evaluation and determing the
SUBARU IMPREZA 1996 Brake Master Cylinder Needed Service.
SUBARU OUTBACK 2001 While Driving On Highway, consumer experienced total brake failure, consumer was able to stop vehicle by depressing brake pedal all the way to
SUBARU FORESTER 1999 Owner Received Recall Notification (99v-040), however dealership refused repair, dealership not informed. *mjs
SUBARU OUTBACK 1995 The Brake Pedal Goes Down to the floor and does not stop the vehicle due to master cylinder failure. yh
SUBARU FORESTER 1998 Vehicle Accident Due To Possible recall component failure (master cylinder) prior to recall notice. mjs
SUBARU FORESTER 1998 Possible Failure Of Recall Component prior to notice, resulted in vehicle collision due to loss of control. (99v-040) yh
SUBARU LOYALE 1992 Brake Master Cylinder Replaced.
SUBARU LEGACY 2002 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2002 subaru legacy outback. when the temperature is below 32 degrees, the brakes fail if the master cylinder
SUBARU FORESTER 2003 2003 Subaru Forester Purchased May 2003 1. brakes did not feel correct - low brake pedal 2. made appointment
SUBARU LEGACY 2002 Dt*: The Contact Stated while attempting to slow down and make a left turn, the brakes failed causing the vehicle to hit another
SUBARU SVX 1992 I Purchases A Subaru Svx 1992 model. i test drove it and it seemed fine. took it to a mechanic to have it
SUBARU LEGACY 1995 When Brakes Are Applied/tapped They suddenly tighten and get hot as time progresses. this makes it difficult to continue operating the vehicle.
SUBARU OUTBACK 1999 While Applying The Brakes pedal went to the floor. consumer was able to maintain control of the vehicle, and drove
SUBARU OUTBACK 2003 Consumer Was Backing Out Of a parking space pressed on the brake pedal and it went completely down to the floor. there was
SUBARU LEGACY 1996 The Vehicle Was Slowly Moving into driveway and the brakes were applied and failed to stop the vehicle and hit the house. the
SUBARU FORESTER 2002 When The Brakes Were Applied there was a delay before the vehicle stopped. vehicle was taken to the dealer, and
SUBARU OUTBACK 1998 While Braking The Vehicle Experienced extended stopping distance. the consumer took the vehicle into the dealership to be inspected. the mechanic informed the
SUBARU LEGACY 2002 After Recall 00v079000 repairs for the brake master cylinder was performed the defect reoccurred.*ak
SUBARU OUTBACK 2002 Nhtsa# On Certain Passenger Vehicles, the brake master cylinders may not function properly in ambient temperatures below freezing 32 degrees fahrenheit and lower.
SUBARU OUTBACK 2002 The Dealer Took Too Long to peform recall #02v079000 regarding the master cylinder.*jb

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