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16 Mar

SATURN SL 1996 On The Edge Of Door from the outside fingers can become injured, the edges are very sharp. tt
SATURN SL 1995 Vehicles 2 Front Driver And passenger doors are leaking.due to poor design. tt

SATURN SL 1993 Purchase Car New The Engine blew the passenger side door will not shut right and the car hard to start the front end shakes,
SATURN SC 1992 The Driver Side Seat Belt retractor is not working . tt consumer states motorized belt made buzziing noises and had incomplete retraction,
SATURN LS 2000 Door Handle Inside Car Can not be used to exit brake froze up at 2,436 miles along with on of the wheels,
SATURN SC1 1993 While Driving Carbon Monoxide Fumes would be entering vehicle through floorboard. would have static electric charge to left knee. doors
SATURN LS 2000 Noticed In September Of 2000 that driver's inside door handle chrome was bubbling, now coating has come off, and metal was
SATURN SL 1995 When Attempting To Start vehicle it would not start. all electrical doors locked in positions, occupant could not exit vehicle/doors
SATURN LS 2000 Power Door Locks Shorted Out, causing the system to malfunction. dealer has repaired vehicle twice. *ak
SATURN SL 1994 Automatic Shoulder Belt Doesn't Work and the seat belt won't come across the consumer's chest. also, there is a leak coming from the
SATURN SL 1997 When Closing The Back Doors, the handles stick which causes the doors not to latch. on two different occasions the doors have come
SATURN SL 1996 All Vehicle Doors Came Open upon impact, owner lost control, fishtailed on gravel road, skidded, hit ditch/embankment, vehicle flipped over.
SATURN SL 1994 Vehicle's Doors Can Be Entered into by using a pair of scissors; can start vehicle with same scissors; a design flaw in saturns;
SATURN SL 1993 Driver's Side Power Door lock will not unlock and cannot get door open, in for repairs. *ak
SATURN LS 2002 While Driving At 40-45 Mph a piece of front driver side tire rim broke off, which caused 2 tire blow outs on the drivers
SATURN LS 2000 While Driving 55 Mph Or more vehicle would vibrate. vehicle taken to dealer, consumer was informed that the rear control arm bushing needed
SATURN SL 2000 Vehicle Had To Be Realigned on three occasions by dealer due to the excessive wear on front tires. *ak battery replaced twice.
SATURN LS 2000 Left Rear Back Door Handle had broken off in consumer's hands. front driver's inside door handle was broke and replaced under recall.
SATURN SL 2000 While Driving Windshield Becomes distored. however, windshield has been replaced twice, and is still having the same problem, visibility.
SATURN SL 1993 Valve Train Seems To Fail at about 95-160 thousand miles with unknown cause. called both dealer and repair shops. both seem to say
SATURN SC1 1997 Passenger Safety Belt Retractor Does not function and replacement rubber moulding on door melts also. *ak
SATURN SC 1997 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
SATURN SATURN 1995 I Began Bringing My Car into saturn before my warranty was even expired to tell them i was having ignition problems. they kept saying
SATURN SL 2000 The Driver's Side Front Door is improperly welded to the vehicle and is totally out of alignment. both the dealer and the factory
SATURN SL 1998 All The Complaints That I have made are already listed on your list except the winshield fluid pump. when i took the car
SATURN SW 1995 Extreme Road Noise From Date of purchase, left front door never seals airtight
SATURN SC1 1998 Driver Door Window Rubber Failed. yh
SATURN SL 1998 Door Seal Malfunctioning. *yc
SATURN SL 1996 Key Remote Module For Keyless entry failed.
SATURN SATURN 1996 Weather Stripping (moulding) On The inside door failed on all 4 doors.
SATURN SL 1996 Exterior Rear Door Seal Failed twice.
SATURN SC 1995 Passenger Door Sticks. *tt
SATURN SATURN 1997 Consumer Is Writing On Behalf of his wife who was unable to open the driver's door, this problem was experienced earlier when she had
SATURN LS 2000 Power Lock Relay Switch Was defective. *yh
SATURN SW 1999 Door Out Of Alignment Causing vibration. mjs (attorney for consumer).
SATURN SW 1999 Passenger Door Behind Driver's Seat will not unlock, several repair attempts, however not fixed. mjs (attorney for consumer).
SATURN SL 1996 Door Hinge Broken, Weather stripping loose on several occasions.
SATURN SL 1995 Front Door Hand Grips Chipped/broke off.
SATURN SL 1996 Rear Door Sticks Closed, inoperable from inside and out.
SATURN SL 1992 Door Lock Relay/power Locks Failed.
SATURN SW1 1994 Loose Cassettes In The Door pocket causing rattle.
SATURN SATURN 9999 Power Locks Failed.
SATURN SL 1995 Door Out Of Adjustment/difficult To close. *tw
SATURN SC1 1994 Rubber Boot Caught On Door jam switch, causing shoulder belt light/door chimes to both stay on.
SATURN VUE 2003 On 4 Occasions,.. .i went to open my drivers' side would not open. i had to roll my window
SATURN ION 2006 Neither The External Or Internal door handles will allow one or more doors to open. my drivers side door just stopped working from
SATURN VUE 2006 A Few Times Since The summer of 2003 we would try to shut the rear passenger car door and it would not catch to close.
SATURN VUE 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 saturn vue. the contact was driving approximately 60 mph when the contact began to hear extreme outside noises
SATURN ION 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 saturn ion. the contact stated that the vehicle was taken to a local repair shop for a failure with
SATURN RELAY 2005 Electric Sliding Door Will Open by itself on my 2005 saturn relay. have to disable door to be sure it does not open while
SATURN VUE 2008 Safety Recall For 2008 Saturn vue with same color door handles would be replaced with chrome handles. my 2008 saturn vue has the
SATURN VUE 2009 1. The Interior Driver side door handle is "chrome" covered and has caused cuts that required a 'butterfly' stitching. 2. every time
SATURN ION 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 saturn ion. the contact was driving approximately 5 mph with a sudden loss of power steering. the
SATURN RELAY 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 saturn relay. whenever the contact turns on the vehicle regardless if it is driven or not the rear driver
SATURN RELAY 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns a 2005 saturn relay. while driving the rear sliding door opened without warning. he pulled over and
SATURN AURA 2009 My Wife Had Her Coat caught in the door after she exited and the car began to move away. when the car is
SATURN RELAY 2005 We Purchase The Van March 2006 as the first owners. the original problem started in june of 2007 when the passenger side power sliding
SATURN AURA 2007 I Purchased A 2007 Saturn aura xr new from saturn of thornton rd. in march 2008. beginning at purchase i have had to
SATURN RELAY 2007 I Own A 2007 Saturn relay 3 minivan. the van has dual power assisted rear sliding cargo doors. during my family's evacuation for
SATURN RELAY 2006 Power Sliding Door On 2006 saturn relay is not closing properly and opens unexpectedly. door does not close completely, does not latch
SATURN RELAY 2007 I Went To Get My 2 year old out of the van and the whole door fell off just missing my feet. *tr
SATURN VUE 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 saturn vue. after attempting to open the driver's side door approximately 12 times, the contact was unsuccessful.
SATURN ION 2005 The Side Door Panels Of car are buckling, distorting and melting....paint is bubbling. due to extreme heat from
SATURN AURA 2007 I Purchased A 2007 Saturn aura xe. i discovered a major issue with the car. while driving for 1 hour in pouring rain,
SATURN RELAY 2005 Failure Of Sliding Side Door to lock failure of windshield wipers failure of rear brakes. *tr
SATURN RELAY 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 saturn relay. the contact stated that the rear passenger side sliding door failed to close properly.
SATURN RELAY 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 saturn relay. while driving between 5-45 mph, the contact heard a beeping noise. the noise
SATURN ION 2004 Dt*: The Contact Stated The door locks developed dust and the door would not close. while driving the rear door came open.
SATURN ION 2004 Dt*: The Contact Stated While driving various speeds on gravel roads, dust entered the vehicle from all four door seals. the vehicle
SATURN VUE 2002 Drivers Door Would Not Open. . this happened 3 or 4 times over the past couple months but usually after attempting several times the
SATURN ION 2005 Door Panels Cracked During Extreme heat co worker pointed out that there was a crack on my drivers side passenger side and
SATURN LS 2002 This Car Has Been Nothing but trouble. i have had to have the drive shaft replaced, the motor mounts replaced, the
SATURN LS 2000 Saturn Lw2 4dr Wagon 2000, windshield wiper multi function switch broke. *bf the consumer stated the upper edge of the
SATURN LS 2000 2000 Saturn L W2 4dr wagon, sharp edge on front door, poor design. *bf the consumer is concerned that the sharp
SATURN SC1 1993 Due To Plastic Door Skin (outer paneling ) opening the door in a low speed car accident in addition to passive seat belt falure (intermittently
SATURN ION 2003 The Driver's Side Door Leaks at the top. condensation gathers on the upper inside of the door and drips on the drivers leg,
SATURN VUE 2003 My Complaints Are Several . all of which have been described in technicakl bulletins. i have had my vehicle back to the
SATURN VUE 2003 Excess Accumulation Or Dirt, debris and road salt in rear door jams. rear doors often freeze shut if winter weather and make
SATURN SATURN 9999 The Doors Rattle, Jagged metal on the seat runners, and consumer cut her fingers, engine surged and was excessively loud.
SATURN LS 2000 Defective Catalytic Converter Found On 2000 saturn ls1.*mr the ignition coil was replaced *ts. the consumer stated the cigarette lighter was inoperative,
SATURN ION 2003 Electrical; Door Seals Loose; car returned up to 3 times since purchase on 7/13/03. saturn ion 3 coupe--turn signals burned out
SATURN SL 1999 Consumer States That All doors and quarter panels are made of a polymer plastic. the doors are riveted underneath with polymer to

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