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Mitsubishi Vehicle Speed Control Accelerator Pedal Reports

15 Mar

MITSUBISHI 3000GT 1992 Fuel Throttle Stuck Causing Vehicle to accelerate on its own *ak
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1998 While Driving At Any Speed and when applying force to accelerator pedal without prior warning, vehicle failed to accelerate, causing loss

MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 2000 While Driving On Highway Throttle stuck, and vehicle accelerated. *ak
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 2000 Was Slowing Down To An intersection when throttle got stuck. consumer had to pull emergency brake to stop. consumer was
MITSUBISHI PICKUP 1989 When Depressing Gas Pedal vehicle decelerated. also, dealer stated that carburetor failed. *ak vehicle fails
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1998 While Depressing Gas Pedal Vehicle started hesitating. consumer was told fuel injection was clogged. this poblem has been repaired twice. please
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1996 Consumer Was Driving On the street approximately 35mph with foot on gas pedal. gas pedal became stuck. vehicle
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1996 Braking System Malfunctioned, Causing extended stopping and a noise which may cause a crash. also, engine idles and the accelerator screeches
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1991 When First Starting Out At 20mph transmission would shift from one gear to another. then would slow down & pick up speed.
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1997 Was Driving About 10 Mph when the accelerator got stuck, and the consumer applied the brakes and the brakes went straight to the floorbaord,
MITSUBISHI 3000GT 1996 When Using The Power Button to pass another vehicle, accelerator pedal stuck to the floor and the car accelerated to (90) mph
MITSUBISHI MIRAGE 1994 When Applying Accelerator vehicle would hesitate and then jump forward out of gear. currently transmission is inoperative.
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 The Gas Pedal Is Stiff. upon quick acceleration, the throttle is stuck wide open, making the engine race to maximum rpm's and
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1997 While Driving Car Accelerated On its own. driver was able to control car and bring it to a stop by shifting transmission into
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1996 While Driving On The Highway at about 50mph accelerator stuck and could not be pulled up or jiggled loose. the engine as
MITSUBISHI DIAMANTE 2001 While Driving The Accelerator Pedal stuck after depressed due to a frayed throttle cable, in addition the traction control light came on and was
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1991 Accelerator Fails To Come Back to idle.
MITSUBISHI DIAMANTE 1992 At Times When Vehicle Is slowing down to 15 mph, a sudden push at the gas pedal, causes a large push/jerk to vehicle.
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 Driver's Mat Slips Under Accelerator pedal, causing binding/no mobility. *sd
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 Accelerator Sticks.
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 Accelerator Pedal Stuck. *skd
MITSUBISHI MIRAGE 1997 Tl* The Contact Owns a 1997 mitsubishi mirage. the clips that secures the floor-mats to the floorboard has fractured.
MITSUBISHI 3000GT 1993 1993 3000 Gt Vr-4 Mitsubishi. i am original owner. accelerator pedal regularly "sucks" down to the floor when you start to
MITSUBISHI 3000GT 1995 While Looking For An Opportunity to pass another car, the accelerator pedal got stuck and the car's speed was increasing rapidly. while
MITSUBISHI LANCER 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 mitsubishi lancer. while stopped at a traffic light, the accelerator pedal suddenly went straight to the floor.
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1999 The Gas Pedal Sticks Causing car to accelerate to fast. seems to be when i first get in the car after it has set
MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER 2006 Dt*: The Contact Stated that the gas pedal only had a one inch clearance from the middle of the vehicle. the manufacturer
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1998 Dt: While Pulling Into a parking spot the accelerator stuck and vehicle speeded up. the caller's husband applied the clutch to put
MITSUBISHI GALANT 2001 Driving At 30 Miles An hour on city street. prepared to stop at stop light. the brakes did not respond, and the
MITSUBISHI LANCER 2004 Dt: Ever Time When Consumer starts vehicle it revved just as if consumer's foot was on the accelerator. when consumer's foot
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 2003 This Complaint Involves Our 2003 mitsubishi eclipse. the vehicle was idling in park in front of a building. when the brake
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 2001 While Engaging Vehicle Into drive it accelerated at 60 mph. as a result, vehicle jumped the curb and was airborne on
MITSUBISHI DIAMANTE 1998 This Is The Second Time since december 2003 that the accelerator stuck while in reverse and the brakes failed, causing property damage and injuries.
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1996 I Have Had Nothing But problems with my sun roof, brakes, gas, acceleration and over heating of my car. my sun
MITSUBISHI GALANT 2003 When The Accelerator Is Depressed gas pedal intermittently sticks or vehicle won't move. dealer inspected vehicle and could not reproduce or correct
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE SPYDER 2003 While Backing Out Of The driveway, the accelerator pedal became stuck and the brakes did not work.*mr the consumer hopes mitsubishi becomes aware
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1997 While Driving The Accelerator Pedal got stuck. as a result, vehicle accelerated out of control. no impact reported. *ak
MITSUBISHI MONTERO 1998 While Passing Another Vehicle At 60 mph gas pedal became stuck and vehicle accelerated to above 80 mph. pumping the brake pedal
MITSUBISHI 3000GT 1996 The Consumer Noticed While Traveling 50-55 mph when depressing the gas pedal to gain speed, the pedal became stuck which resulted in a crash.
MITSUBISHI LANCER 2002 With The Air Condition On, the windows fogged up, which was believed to be from the outside of the windows, also the

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