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22 Mar

MERCURY SABLE 1993 #pe96-018, While Driving at 60 mph, headlights went out,the whole dashboard instrument panel malfunctioned as well. *ak
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 There Has Been Smoke Present from the front blower assembly. tt vehicle experienced transmission leak on several occasions, dealer finally replaced

MERCURY SABLE 1990 The Instrument Panel When The sun hits it is completely invisible. tt
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1992 The Consumer Can Not See the speedometer, fuel and temprature guages, or other read outs of instrument panel during day time.
MERCURY SABLE 1993 Engine Head Gasket Went Out after consumer had started vehicle. temperature gauge started to go up ,and engine check light
MERCURY TOPAZ 1994 When Driving At 60 Mph consumer noticed engine check light illuminated on the dash, and vehicle cut off without prior warning,
MERCURY TOPAZ 1987 While Driving Engine Check Light came on. then engine died out. water pump failed or stopped working. engine did not overheat
MERCURY SABLE 1993 Engine Check Light Comes On. vehicle hesitates while changing gears, and then stalls unexpectedly which may cause a crash. please
MERCURY COUGAR 1993 Dashboard Computer System Goes Crazy. when this happens there's no way to tell how fast car is traveling. also, oil
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1992 Instrument Panel Is Dim, affecting visibility when drivig during the day or at night. *ak
MERCURY SABLE 1991 Check Engine Light Comes On all the time for no reason. the transmisson locked up, causing the car to cut off
MERCURY COUGAR 1993 When Driving At Any Speed vehicle overheats and stalls,vehicle dies out, and the temperature gauge light goes off. the engine check light
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1991 The Vehicle Had Been Through 3 transmissions, a water pump, brakes, muffler, tailpipe, shocks and electrical door latches. the
MERCURY COUGAR 1984 While Driving The Vehicle Gives no prior warning and cuts completely off. when trying to start back up the battery light/ enginecheck
MERCURY MARQUIS 2001 Consumer States That After Putting the vehicle in drive,tapped lightly on the accelerator pedal, vehicle accelerated at a very high speed and went
MERCURY SABLE 1988 Transmission Has Failed Twice. currently in the vehicle radio light and dome light intermittenly comes on. horn also honks as i drive
MERCURY SABLE 1993 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
MERCURY COUGAR 1993 Left Hub Is Starting To go out..the lock is stuck on my ignition switch so i cann't crank my car..motor mount
MERCURY MERCURY 1996 Transmission Failed Within 5 years of manufacturing and 2 years of used purchase?*ak
MERCURY SABLE 1993 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 There Is A Recall Already but the recall does not extend far enough those van manufactured up to 1993 may, which is when
MERCURY SABLE 1993 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
MERCURY SABLE 1991 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
MERCURY SABLE 1993 Since I Bought My Car i have had overheating problems. my engine check light also has come on many times. to
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 Mercury Seemed To Be Aware of the problem but did not contact owners. np safety defect listed. *ak
MERCURY TRACER 1993 Check Engine Light Keeps Going off and on sometimes loosing legal driver speed. then must downshift of press all the way down on the
MERCURY SABLE 1992 From What I See On the ford motor car company website they knew their 3.8 liter engines were having this problem. they
MERCURY SABLE 1988 Power Steering Leaks Started In 1995 after the motor mounts broke and the automobile was taken in many times to repair the leaks to no
MERCURY COUGAR 1993 The Original Paint Is Prematurely flaking in areas that have not been damaged and seems to be from wind abrasion which has been a problem
MERCURY SABLE 1993 No Summary Listed For Abov evehicle. *ak
MERCURY COUGAR 1992 Lots Of Promblems
MERCURY COUGAR 1993 Paint Is Prematurely Flaking Off of car. no safety defect. *ak
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1992 About Two Years Ago My wife and i started to notice that the lacquer on the car roof was beginning to peel even though we
MERCURY TRACER 1989 I Am Having A Very hard time with this i cannot get compliance from the manufacturer about this part or what i should do or
MERCURY SABLE 1991 The Hood And Top Of the windshield look as though the paint is peeling away....with a whiteish tint to it.
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 The Exhaust Manifold Studs(left Side)broke first. we were required to fix for $170. next the exhaust manifold craicked and it was
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1992 Dashboard Difficult To Read In full daylight.
MERCURY SABLE 1993 The Dealer Informed Consumer That the dashboard vibrates.*jb
MERCURY SABLE 1993 Check Engine Light Came On and off continously. yh
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1992 Instrument Panel Is Not Visible in sunlight. mjs
MERCURY SABLE 1990 Unspecified.
MERCURY MERCURY 1992 Hego And Pfe Sensor Failed. mjs
MERCURY COMET 1972 Headliner Material Is Disinergrating Causing severe nose and throat irritation.
MERCURY SABLE 1987 Unspecified.
MERCURY COUGAR 1987 Unspecified.
MERCURY SABLE 1992 Unspecified.
MERCURY COUGAR 1992 Recall 97s84, Dealer Does not have the part in stock.
MERCURY CAPRI 1991 Unspecified.
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1992 No Failure Identified.
MERCURY COUGAR 1991 Engine Warning Light Illuminated.
MERCURY SABLE 1989 Yellow-white Powder Escaping From Inside dashboard, causing irritation.
MERCURY SABLE 1993 Check Engine Warning Light Illuminated. *sd
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1990 Air Bag Warning Light Flashes on/off constantly. *dh
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1984 Dashboard Vinyl Cracked, Deteriorated and disintegrated, falling into speaker openings, creating potential for electrical short.
MERCURY TOPAZ 1989 Check Engine Light Comes On. *skd
MERCURY SABLE 1988 Noise In Dash. *sd
MERCURY COUGAR 1999 I Am The Original Owner of a 1999 mercury cougar automatic v6. i have never been in an accident with the vehicle,
MERCURY MARINER 2006 2006 Mercury Mariner Was Bought with the intention of only costing $15,000. consumer states that when he got ready to pay off the
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1999 Dash Started Peeling From Right corner and now has peeled away from front of dash area all the way across. *cn
MERCURY MARINER 2008 Traveling Through Williamsburg, Va en route to vacation when powertrain light illuminates and power steering is lost. able to steer vehicle into
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1998 The Gear Position Indicator Deteriorated and does not correctly indicate the actual gear position.
MERCURY SABLE 2002 I Have A Mercury Sable 2002 which leaks water out of the blower motor onto the passenger floor board, also making the blower motor
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2004 Brake Pedal Rubber Cover Came off during braking. foot slipped to accelerator causing car to learch forward hitting rear of parked car and
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1999 After The Car Was About 5 years old the dashboard warped. it came up about 3 inches and covers about 10% of the windshield.
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 2006 Dt*: The Contact Stated While driving various speeds with the accelerator pedal depressed to the floor, the floor mat became trapped underneath the accelerator
MERCURY VILLAGER 2002 U.s. Department Of transportation national highway traffic safety administration office of defects investigation (nvs-211) 400 7th street, sw
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 2000 Instrument Panel Warpage Causes Loss of defroster function. *jb
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1999 The Dashboard Is Badly Warped blocking my vision and inhibiting the function of my defroster. *jb
MERCURY MARINER 2006 I Only Had My Car 4 days when driving on the garden state parkway at approximately 60 mph on a sunday with my grandchildren in
MERCURY COUGAR 2000 Sunroof Is Stuck Open. went to close it and only one side goes down. needs a whole new sunroof. water leaks in
MERCURY COUGAR 1999 Moonroof On A 99 Cougar doesn't work. wasn't much of a problem until the roof flew up and cracked the windshield of the person
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1999 Dashboard Cover Is Curling Back from front edge and interfering with proper defroster function. *jb
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 2000 I Am The Owner Of a 2000 mercury mystique ls and the dashboard pad is delaminating and curling up on the passenger's side of the
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1999 1. No Events Leading to failure. 2. dashboard cover delamination in wife's 99 mercury mystique. makes visibility difficult,
MERCURY SABLE 1993 Consumer Complaint Concerning The 1993 mercury sable paint changin colors. *ts
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1999 The Consumer States His Mother's dashboard (the cover on the instrument panel) was severely warped which caused a big hole to form in the
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1999 I Have A 1999 Mercury mystique that i purchased new. in apox. 2001, the dashboard came loose next to the windsheild
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2004 I Purchased A 2004 Mercury mountaineer v6 in april, 2004. i immediately started to notice a harsh jerk when putting the car
MERCURY VILLAGER 1996 Doors Locks Did Not Operate properly. doors would lock without warning. when consumer stepped out of vehicle doors would lock on their own,
MERCURY COUGAR 1996 Dt: Without Warning While Stepping on brake the car will accelerate, and the engine will rev up. caller has to stomp on brake
MERCURY SABLE 2004 The Problem Started With The smell of something burning coming through the air vents. this happens only on ocassion and when then vehicle slows
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2004 While Driving Our 2004 Mercury mountaineer, all of the sudden it will stall and a light will come on showing "engine fail safe mode".
MERCURY SABLE 2000 My 2000 Mercury Sable Was park at my place of business....leaving for home, started up the car (boom) smoke for
MERCURY MERCURY 2002 I Recently Had My Back halfway hatch on my 2002 mercury mountaineer to fall on its on from no apparent reason. i took my
MERCURY COUGAR 2001 The Heating/cooler Gauge Works Up to 2 then you have to mess with the controller to turn it up to 3 or 4. took
MERCURY SABLE 9999 Accident Complaint Speeding Violation, vehicle struck by high speeding vehicle well above alpharetta"s speed limit law. *bf *sc
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1992 My Wife Was Delivering Newspapers when the car started to pull to the left she thought she was getting a flat so she drove to
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1991 Power Window On The Passenger side does not go down at all.the car keeps killing the battery and i've already spent money on an
MERCURY TRACER 1993 I Have A 1.8 engine and i needed it to be rebuilt.
MERCURY VILLAGER 1993 Exhaust Manifold Studs Breaking Off. checked prior to repair by calling a local ford dealer and also on the internet, to see if
MERCURY TOPAZ 1988 My Air Conditioning Won't Work, my steering is a problem, when i hit the gas pedal once and then let go of it,
MERCURY MARAUDER 2003 The Vehicle Was Washed And fueled against customer?s repeated requests. significant (additional) clear coat abrasion damage to painted body surfaces and trim. vehicle?s
MERCURY SABLE 1991 Other Than The Rest Of my problems with the above my newest complaint is that i just found out that due to the fact ford
MERCURY MARAUDER 2003 Paint Flaking And The Buffing marks appear on hood and fenders the hoods shakes side to side and the trim is coming apart around the
MERCURY TOPAZ 1987 Had Vary Problems With Car you name it it has broke on it , i brought it used and never knew until i started
MERCURY TOPAZ 1991 Lots Of Peeling On The paint. also the alternator went out the first year of ownership. i\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ve had so much fixed on
MERCURY MARAUDER 2003 I Have Had 17 Warranty repair items. overdrive problem on march 24. valve body and temp sensor replace. car
MERCURY MARAUDER 2003 Every Time I've Started It since i owned it, its smoked every time.i don't know what the smoke is from but goes away
MERCURY TOPAZ 1989 Car Keeps Stalling When In an idle position (like at a stop light).takes about 10 tries to get it to start,and keep running.
MERCURY SABLE 1992 Severe Paint Erosion/flaking/discoloration... .has been noticeable and progressing worse since about 1997.
MERCURY SABLE 1993 I Don't Have The Information for all the above but could find it if necessary. i am more concerned about the head gasket
MERCURY COUGAR 1988 Consumer Complained About A Tire that failed from another vehicle. front left tire tread separated from a chevrolet blazer 1984, and
MERCURY MARAUDER 2003 While Test-driving A 2003 Mercury marauder, my foot became entangle with a driver-side cockpit lower panel that trapped my foot onto the throttle and
MERCURY MARAUDER 2003 The Firewall Plastic Case Was to low to the brake and gas pedal. which made it hard to reach the pedal in time.
MERCURY SABLE 1993 I Have A 1993 Mercury sable and i have had numerous repairs done to it. my son and i were driving home last sunday

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