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Mon, 22 Aug 2011

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I am having a few issues with my 2008 Mariner. Any ...

I am having a few issues with my 2008 Mariner. Any thoughts on these things, or if anyone else has experienced these same things and has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated!

1. I constantly get the Tire Pressure Sensor Fault message on my dashboard. I took it to the dealership 3 times and they couldn't fix it, and finally ended up telling me they thought it was because my cell phone charger was plugged in and causing some kind of interference. This sounded ridiculous, as I have a normal blackberry charger that I've used in multiple cars without any issues like this, but I took it out on their advice, but then the warning came on a day later anyways. Thanks, dealership...

2. Sometimes even though the doors are unlocked, you will pull the door handle and it won't open, as if it was locked. But if you immediately try again it works just fine. It is very random, and has happened to all of the doors at different times, different people, etc. 

3. There is a weird noise I have heard just a few times that comes from the back wheel area when I brake. It is really hard to tell what/when it will happen. The first time I heard it we were on a roadtrip and so we thought it was maybe just from driving so much. Didn't hear it again for a few months until recently, and now it happened once when we first pulled out of the driveway and hadn't driven the car since the day before.

4. Sometimes when I turn the car on, the air conditioner just doesn't come on even though it says it's on. You can twist the knob to lower/raise the air flow, hit different buttons so it would come out of feet vents, you can turn it off and on, but nothing works. On an extremely hot day when it decided to do that, I tried turning off the car, and then back on, and it worked. However, that isn't acceptable. This is a relatively new issue, so I haven't been back to the dealership to see what they say about this. Also, my husband reported to me the other day when he was driving the car that it did it to him also, AND the windows, sunroof, and radio all didn't work either. So it was a full power outage. He turned the car off and back on, and they all worked again. Frustrating!


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