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Mazda Power Train Driveline Driveshaft Reports

17 Mar

MAZDA B SERIES TRUCK 2000 While Driving 30 Mph bolts that are attached to driveshaft sheared off, causing driveshaft to fall from vehicle. please
MAZDA MPV 2000 Vibration Will Occur When Driving at speeds of 50 mph, feels like its coming from drivetrain. dealer cannot determine the cause, nor

MAZDA MPV 1996 At Low Speeds Drivetrain Binds up. makes popping noises. vibrations occurs in accelerator. dealer found no problem with drive train.*ak
MAZDA B SERIES TRUCK 2000 Consumer States That While Reversing vehicle, heard a loud clicking noise. had vehicle serviced.the drive shaft failed.replaced part, problem reaccured.
MAZDA 626 1995 Drivetrain Malfunctioned And Transmission Slips.
MAZDA B SERIES TRUCK 1999 The Drivetrain Of My Truck seems to have slack in it. when i slow to a stop it "clunks". when i accelerate
MAZDA B SERIES TRUCK 2000 Failure Started At 7000,9000, 10000,12000 miles, dealership refusing to fix now,very very frustrated at this point with mazda and service.
MAZDA B SERIES TRUCK 1999 The Driveshaft Or Clutch Unit has a loud popping noise as i come out of reverse and shift into 1st. sometimes it is loud
MAZDA B SERIES TRUCK 1999 This Truck Is Manufactured By ford, it is identical to the ford ranger with the exception of a few exterior body panels.
MAZDA B SERIES TRUCK 1998 Truck Shudders 4 To 5 times coming to a complete stop and taking off from a complete stop all the time and occasionally also shudders
MAZDA MPV 1991 Drive Train Failed. *dh
MAZDA MAZDASPEED3 2007 Shifting From 1st To 2nd gear was rough sometimes. i checked the torque on bolt of driver's side engine mount and it was loose.
MAZDA TRIBUTE 2003 The Transmission Failed With Less than 600 miles on the car due to a hose clamp not being secured during manufacture. ever since then

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