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Mon, 14 Nov 2011

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I have a 2007 Mazda 3, while attempting to program the ...

I have a 2007 Mazda 3, while attempting to program the key fob, my power locks stopped working (driver and passenger side), I can't even get it to power unlock all the doors from the outside.

Please help.

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Sorry the question is for Tribute 2010 for whiseling noise when taking off

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I REALLY THINK I HAVE THE ANSWER, I HOPE.  I have an 2002 Mazda tribute it stalls especially in hot weather.  The manual says very little, but it said it may be a vapor lock.  My car was parked inside a humid garage so when it stalls on me seas

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I have just taken my new car and the problems is arising on my car also, its nice that you discussed, at least i knew the actual problem.

je veux acheter une roulaute de 4700 lbs est que je peux la tirer avec ce camion ?

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I have a 2001 mazda mpv mini van and sometimes the brakes get hard and the car start to shake.
I was told that it could be the brake booster.All the hoses have been changed and the mechanic can't figure out what the problem is since it does n

I had a Mazda MPV 10 years ago and the front seat belts would just suddenly pull out as I pushed against them when accelerating,even though they had clicked properly when I fastened them. This would not always happen, so I couldn't prove it by ta