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27 Jun

LEXUS GS300 1993 In Warm Weather Steering Will makes a grinding noise, possibly affecting the performance of steering. *ak *ml
LEXUS SC300 1997 While Driving On Local Road made a turn and all of sudden was not able to control steering and no brakes.*ak
LEXUS ES300 1997 Vehicle Steered To The Left when hit by an object. when the driver tried to steer vehicle straight it went out of control,
LEXUS GS400 1998 Door Switch, Seat Belt, and steering shim failure. other failures include problems with security system, a/c and stereo controllers failed,
LEXUS LS430 2002 After Approximately 10 Miles Of driving, the vehicle wanderd all over the road--after 20 miles you have to hold steering wheel with both
LEXUS GS300 1993 In Warm Weather Steering Makes grinding noise, possibly it affects the performance of steering. *et
LEXUS RX300 1999 Vehicle Pulls To The Left. yh
LEXUS CT 2011 . On Thursday, 11/7/13, i got into my car to go to work and the dashboard gauge indicated that air pressure in
LEXUS RX300 1999 This Has Been Happening Since 2013- the car goes up to 35 mphs and then loses power and then shuts off. i
LEXUS ES300 1996 Was Driving Home From Shopping and went to turn left and all of a sudden the car did not respond smoothly and i almost lost
LEXUS ES330 2005 While Driving My Car, i realized that the passenger rear tie rod was loose, making steering control dangerous. i contacted city tire
LEXUS RX400H 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 lexus rx400h. the contact stated that while driving 5 mph, the contact tapped a curb and the
LEXUS RX400H 2007 I Hit The Curb On the passengers right front side not that hard at a very low speed turning in from the center turning lane
LEXUS RX350 2008 Auto Underwent Routine 35,000 mile maintenance - dealer noted power steering leak, requiring rack and pinion replacement. is the part defective? why
LEXUS RX330 2006 I Was Told That The power steering rack assembly was leaking on the right side outer seal and that it needed to be replaced.
LEXUS IS 2007 Put Car Into Drive Out of parking space and steering was locked. shortly after a few feet the steering wheel unlocked then experienced noticeable
LEXUS RX330 2005 Vehicle's Stabilization Control (vsc) malfunctions causing the vehicle to have difficulty in steering.
LEXUS RX330 2005 Took Vehicle To Lexus Dealer for 90,000 mile service and tech found power steering fluid low and dirty. when looking further,
LEXUS RX330 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 lexus rx 330. the contact stated that while driving in reverse, the power steering assist failed.
LEXUS RX350 2009 After A Routine Oil Change and maintenance service at 94,000 i was informed that the power steering rack and pinion needs replacement for a
LEXUS RX330 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 lexus rx330. the contact stated that there was a power steering fluid leak. the vehicle was to
LEXUS IS 2007 As I Just Exited The highway and pulled into the parking lot of my work, the steering wheel suddenly froze. i was
LEXUS RX350 2009 I Took My Car In for regular service a couple of weeks ago and they recommenced several things, including replacing the power steering rack
LEXUS RX400H 2006 While Traveling East On Rt 2 in massachusettes the right front tire hit a bump in the road and blew out. at this
LEXUS RX350 2007 Power Steering Rack Leaking. this is a problem with all lexus rx models 2007 at least. this should be repaired under
LEXUS ES 2011 Vehicle Due For Regular, periodic service at lexus of manhattan. arrived @ 07:00. at 09:35 service manager informed us of
LEXUS RX350 2007 My 2007 Rx350 Was In for 50k maintenance service. i was informed of the power steering oil leaking. no dropping of oil was
LEXUS RX 2008 As Of This Date, there has not been an accident or failure to the steering rack on this car. however, when the
LEXUS ES350 2007 Below Are Excerpts Of a letter sent on july 16th, 2013, to which i have not received a reply.
LEXUS ES 2005 Driving South On Florida Turnpike, car suddenly accelerated --unable to steer it or slow it down--had to get off highway to avoid collision --turned
LEXUS RX350 2009 Dealership Said There Is A leak . the steering could fail. need to replace rack and pinion system. *jb
LEXUS RX350 2009 Went To Lexus Dealership For oil change today & was told that rack & pinion steering assembly is leaking and needs to be replaced.
LEXUS RX350 2007 My Rx350 Was In For 70k maintenance service. i was informed of the power steering oil leaking. no oil was noticed on the
LEXUS ES350 2007 2007 Lexus Es350. attorney representing consumer writes in regards to dealership refused to reimburse consumer for vehicle repairs due to the shudder and
LEXUS GS300 1999 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1999 lexus gs300. the contact stated that when driving 60 mph or above, the steering wheel would shake
LEXUS RX350 2009 During Vehicle Service,was Told the rack and pinion, power steering was leaking. after looking on line i discovered this a common problem
LEXUS RX330 2005 Leaking Power Steering Rack Assembly. seems to be a very common problem with these rx330's... *tr
LEXUS RX350 2007 My Rx350 Was In For 60k maintenance service. i was informed of the power steering oil leaking. no dropping of oil was noticed
LEXUS ES330 2006 During Oil Change, Mechanic notices power steering fluid leaking. worried that this is safety problem and could lose steering if seals break.
LEXUS IS 250 2007 I Have An 07 Is250. the steering makes a scraping noise, very loud while in park and turning wheel in either direction.
LEXUS RX 2008 The Water Pump Went And while replaced the rack and pinion is leeking.....seems early for problems with these cars and
LEXUS RX330 2006 Took Vehicle To Lexus Dealership for routine maintenance and was told steering rack needs to be replaced due to a fluid leak. over time
LEXUS GS 2007 As I Was Driving, all the sudden i had a difficult time to make turns. i noticed that the p/s light is
LEXUS RX350 2007 Noticed Issue With Power Steering while turning on my 2007 lexus rx-350. vehicle inspected by technician and was informed of the power steering failure
LEXUS IS 250 2007 Driving On The Highway All of a sudden the power steering shuts off. the steering gets very stiff and barely manage to get safely
LEXUS RX350 2007 During My Annual State Vehicle inspection conducted by a lexus dealership, service technicians indicated that one of the boots on the power steering rack
LEXUS ES330 2006 Upon Routine Inspection At Dealer, service manager informed me that the steering rack was in imminent danger of failing and needed to be replaced
LEXUS IS 2007 Vehicle Owner Observed Noise That appeared to be coming from the steering assembly. at low speeds such as backing up, with large
LEXUS RX330 2005 I Am Having Serious Quality problems with my 2005 rx330. the vehicle is kept in the garage and being taken care of
LEXUS RX330 2005 Steering Rack On Vehicle Has developed leak, it seems a common occurrence on this vehicle. *tr
LEXUS LX470 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 lexus lx470. the contact stated that after having repairs performed under nhtsa campaign id number 10v346000 (steering: gear
LEXUS LS400 1994 When The Vehicle Is Cold, the instrument panel does not light up. it takes about an hour of driving to "warm up" the
LEXUS RX 2006 Steering Fluid Was Leaking From the right side of the rack and pinion. making it hard to steer.the rack and pinion must now
LEXUS GS350 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 lexus gs350. the contact stated that the power steering would malfunction intermittently. the contact mentioned that the
LEXUS LS460 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 lexus ls460. the contact stated that while driving 20 mph and attempting a left turn, the steering
LEXUS GX 2010 After Feeling That My Brakes hadn't worked properly at a stop light (i almost skid through it), i was traveling about 35 mph around
LEXUS IS250 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 lexus is-250. the contact stated that while driving at various speeds the power steering failed. as a
LEXUS LS400 1994 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1994 lexus ls400. the contact stated that while driving 40 mph, the vehicle started to jerk violently.
LEXUS RX400H 2006 Traveling Down The Interstate Between 75-80 mph, the car completely shut-off. lost all power and "check hybrid system" lights came on.
LEXUS GS 2006 The Vehicle Lost The Power on the middle of the road with battery light and brake light on. after towing the vehicle to near
LEXUS RX350 2009 In Dec 2011, A reputable toyota dealer performed a re-alignment because the steering was pulling to the right. the car was fine for
LEXUS ES 2005 I Received A Safty Recall notice from lexus indicating my engine crankshft pulley may loose and cause loss of power steering. i called lexus
LEXUS GS300 1999 When Exceeding 60mph, The gs 300's steering wheel shakes and vibrates quite noticeably. the faster you accelerate, the more noticeable the steering
LEXUS RX330 2005 There Is A Problem With the power steering of the vehicle. took it to the lexus dealer who stated that there was a leak
LEXUS LX 2006 I First Noticed This Recently. when i make a hard left or right turn, my steering wheel is off-center. it
LEXUS RX 2006 I Have Been Told By the dealer that the power steering rack has developed a severe leak and will cost $1,800 to repair.
LEXUS IS250 2006 While Driving My Steering Wheel sometimes jerks to the left or right so when i drive my had is always firm on the steering wheel
LEXUS IS 250 2011 Drove Over Gravel On Road, then steering column froze up. when brought to lexus they said all the electrical steering components are broke.
LEXUS GX 2011 New Lexus Gx460 Has A vibration in the steering wheel at freeway speed. the vibration can cause the vehicle to drift into the next
LEXUS GX 2011 2011 Lexus Gx460 Constant Shaking/vibrations in the steering wheel mainly in the front end. all 5 tires replaced and switched to a different brand,
LEXUS IS 250 2011 Intermittent Problem - Car Occasionally pulls to either side, right or left, when applying brakes. a video recording of the latest incident,
LEXUS RX330 2006 I Sent My Rx330 To dealership for oil change, and was told there was a leak in power rack & pinion assembly, the
LEXUS LX470 2003 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2003 lexus lx470. the contact took the vehicle to an authorized dealer for recall 10v346000 (steering: gear: shaft pitman).
LEXUS IS250 2008 2008 Lexus Is 250 - car pulls to left whereby this could lead to unexpected oversteering of car and could cause highway incident and/or fatality.
LEXUS GS450H 2007 Car: 2007 Lexus Gs450h, factory certified. had a serious issue which warrants a recall of all affected cars, which may not be
LEXUS RX350 2009 I Was Driving My 2009 lexus rx 350 down a major surface street when my power brakes and steering went out. i attempted
LEXUS GS300 1998 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1998 lexus gs 300. while driving approximately 15 mph, the steering wheel became stuck and it was difficult to
LEXUS LS460L 2010 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2010 lexus ls460l. while driving approximately 5 mph, the contact made a u-turn and the steering wheel became stuck.
LEXUS LS460 2010 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2010 lexus ls460. while turning approximately 5 mph, the contact had to use force to manually return the steering
LEXUS RX400H 2007 I Have 2007 Lexus 400h and the vehicle drifts when it catches either a road crack when changing lanes or on certain roads where there
LEXUS GS350 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 lexus gs350. while the vehicle was being serviced at a local repair shop, the contact was informed that
LEXUS RX330 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 lexus rx330. the vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic and authorized dealer for routine maintenance. the technicians
LEXUS RX 2010 We Bought A Lexus 450h 3 month ago. on last saturday, when the car hit curb at starting speed, the steer wheel
LEXUS RX400H 2008 While Turning Into Parking Lot from road bumped the right front tire into curb at approx 4 mph. power steering immediately ceased to
LEXUS IS250 2008 8/31/10 Lexus 2008 Is 250 with 14k miles, trying to stop, brakes (abs) pulsed very hard thump-thump-thump, dry pavement 30mph straight road.
LEXUS RX350 2007 2007 Rx 350. Consumer states problems with installation of running boards on vehicle *tgw the dealer was unable to produce the running boards
LEXUS LS460 2010 2010 Lexus Ls460 Awd, after making a u turn steering went non responsive for several seconds almost causing an accident. called lexus usa
LEXUS ES350 2008 Going Downhill On Steep Grade at 60 to 70 mph, severe shaking of steering wheel when brakes applied, repaired by lexus of las
LEXUS RX350 2007 I Have A 2007 Lexus rx350 and when i make a right hand turn, the steering wheel does not come back to center and
LEXUS RX400H 2008 I Drive A 2008 Lexus rx400h. i experienced a serious electric power steering failure, which caused me to loose control of the car
LEXUS GS300 2006 Tl - The Contact Owns a 2006 lexus gs300. while slowing down approaching a stop sign driving approximately 5-10 mph the vehicle steering
LEXUS RX300 1999 I Have A Popping In the steering column. i hope that the steering is not lost from this popping. *tr
LEXUS ES330 2006 I Purchased A Used 2006 lexus es330 in february, 2009. upon the first long range highway trip, january, 2010,
LEXUS IS250 2007 There Appears To Be A design defect relative to the clearance of the front tires with the wheel wells.
LEXUS SC430 2003 I Am Formally Filing A complaint against a veh 2003 lexus sc430. i have reason to believe that this veh has caused an accident
LEXUS RX330 2004 I Have A 2004 Lexus rx 330 with a major problem of running off the road. unless the car is constantly steered back
LEXUS ES350 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 lexus es350. while driving approxiamtely 60 mph, the anti-lock brake system and check engine warning indicators illuminated
LEXUS LS 2010 This Is More Of A concern and a inquiry. i recently purchased a 2010 lexus ls460 awd. i have notice that
LEXUS ES300 1993 Tl* The Contact 1993 es300 lexus. the contact was driving 45mph and the vehicle began to shake. shortly after the vehicle
LEXUS ES330 2006 Vehicle Pulling To One Side lexus 2006 steering wheel nhtsa 10017720; also indicator light on engine nhtsa item number 10017720
LEXUS RX400H 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 lexus rx400h. while driving 10 mph on a snow covered road he lost control of the vehicle
LEXUS RX330 2006 I Was On Interstate 5 on may 25, 2009 (memorial day) at the speed of 75-80 mph with my whole family in the car.
LEXUS IS350 2006 Had Ssc 9lc (electric Power steering link assembly replacement) performed and the steering feel has been adversely affected, where the on-center steering feel at
LEXUS IS250 2008 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2008 lexus is250. he stated that while driving 55 mph and changing lanes to make a right turn, the
LEXUS GS300 2006 Information Redacted Pursuant To The freedom of information act (foia), 5 u.s.c. 552(b)(6) i am an owner of
LEXUS LS400 1997 While Driving My 1997 Lexus ls400 in ca on the 605 fwy, west toward 210 fwy, all systems on the car locked (steering
LEXUS ES350 2008 I Bought One Lexus (toyota) es 350 last november with about 3,500 miles (currently 8,200miles). recently, i found front wheel on
LEXUS IS 2009 Very Poor Handling And Loss of control of car on turns, especially when there is a change in grade along the turn or curve.
LEXUS RX 2010 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2010 lexus rx450h. the contact was driving approximately 25 mph over a bumpy road surface. there was pressure
LEXUS IS250 2007 Complaints Regarding 2007 Lexus Is 250: 1. steering wheel sticks when turning to the right. this occurs 3-5 times per
LEXUS GS300 2006 Steering Feels Jerky, At times poorly responsive. began several months ago. *tr
LEXUS RX350 2009 Vehicle Will At Random Begin to pull to the left. *tr
LEXUS RX 2010 Lexus Hybrid Suv 2010 Rx450h. car was in snow setting and when i tried to brake on a light snow surface, there was
LEXUS RX 2010 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2010 lexus rx458. whenever the steering base was adjusted an item could fall between the steering base and it prevented
LEXUS ES300 2002 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2002 lexus es300. while driving at speeds of 5 mph and exiting onto a ramp in light rain, the
LEXUS RX330 2005 During Routine State Inspection, dealer informed me the power steering rack was leaking and must be replaced. the cost to replace the
LEXUS IS 300 2002 Lexus Is300 2002 Vehicle Rollover on freeway. defect that caused the car to roll was from the left front wheel/rim broke in half
LEXUS IS350 2008 Power Steering Failure During Turn in 2008 lexus 350- sudden. caused accident with injuries to person and property. *tr
LEXUS LS430 2002 Currently, Lexus Does Not have a service interval for the power steering fluid that is used in the ls430 rack and pinion.
LEXUS GS300 2006 I Purchased My 06 Lexus gs300 last year around may of 2008, from the day that i took the vehicle home, all i
LEXUS RX330 2005 Steering Keeps Getting Locked Up. this time that it happened, it would not reverse itself and had to have it towed
LEXUS LX470 2005 2005 Lexus Lx 470 Has ongoing height control problem. first appeared at 24, 590 miles. has been serviced for problem
LEXUS GS300 1999 I Own A 1999 Lexus gs300. i've heard some creaking noises coming from the front suspension leading up to the failing of my lower
LEXUS ES 330 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 lexus es 330. while driving various speeds, the steering jerks, clicks, and feels as if
LEXUS RX400H 2006 I Was Driving 2006 Lexus 400h when i noticed the power steering began to fade. outside temp was 21 degrees and i traveled
LEXUS LS400 1991 Its Well Known That The power steering/alternator setup on the 1990-1994 lexus ls400s are poorly designed. the power steering pumps are known to
LEXUS LS430 2001 2001 Lexus Ls430 - Power telescopic steering wheel tilt up/down suddenly stopped working (manual and automatic). *tr
LEXUS RX400H 2006 Making A Turn Into A parking spot, the steering mechanism experienced a failure that lead to an near inability to steer.
LEXUS IS350 2006 Lost The Ability To Steer the vehicle there was an internal power steering failure which resulted in the replacement of the power steering rack
LEXUS RX330 2004 Power Steering Line On My 2004 lexus rx 330 rusted through and caused the steering to malfunction. *tr
LEXUS RX 2008 All Four Tires Needed To be replaced in a brand new vehicle after only 1000 miles because the car is titled to the left and
LEXUS LS400 1999 The Seat Belts On My car do not retract or stay tight on me anymore. they continue to loosen as i drive.
LEXUS RX400H 2006 My Wife Was Driving On the nys thruway. she pulled off at a rest area. she was fully stopped waiting for a parking
LEXUS ES330 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 lexus es300. while driving any rate speed, the vehicle would pull to the right. the
LEXUS ES 2003 Clicking Noise When Turning Steering wheel; took the car to wilkie lexus dealership in ardmore, pa. they told me that the car
LEXUS GX 470 2004 My Husband Was Driving Our newly purchased 2004 lexus 470gx to georgia when he encountered problems with driving under rainy weather conditions in north florida.
LEXUS SC430 2003 The Consumer Had Problems With 2003 lexus sc430. *kb ***nar*** when the driver applied the brakes the vehicle pulled to the
LEXUS RX330 2004 2004 Lexus Rx330 Had A front suspension defect that caused the car to pull to the left into oncoming traffic, according to lexus dealers,
LEXUS ES300 2002 Car Pulls Very Hard To left on highway. dealer has tried to correct this by alignments, new tires and switching tires.
LEXUS GX470 2003 Lexus Gx470 Has A Vibration in the front end and steering wheel at speeds from 10 to 70 mph. dealer made aware of
LEXUS GX470 2003 When Applying The Brakes while driving at 60 mph, the steering wheel vibrates and the vehicle shakes. dealer cannot determine the
LEXUS GS300 2001 I Am Having Problems With my 2001 lexus gs300, with it wanting to "pull/follow/wander" when driving on certain roads. i have addressed this
LEXUS ES300 2003 Hesitation Upon Acceleration. I notice the vehicle lacks the ability to pick up speed from a slow down or dead stop. i feel
LEXUS SC430 2002 When The Vehicle Hit Any kind of variance in the road the steering wheel would pull either right or left. nlm
LEXUS GS430 2001 My Lexus Gs 430 2001 has a problem that i have been complaining about from the time purchased. the problem is in the front
LEXUS IS 300 2001 Car Lost Control On Its own and eventually steered off the road to the right and the car then hit a tree and burst into
LEXUS GS300 2001 I Am Deeply Disappointment With the steeing on my 2001 lexus gs300 and i've only had it for a year. it is so loose