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16 Mar

FORD RANGER 1990 Firestone Tires Blew Out At sidewall. *ak
FORD RANGER 2000 Severe Cracks In Sidewalls Of tires firestone wilderness ht p225?70r15 100s mts

FORD F150 1988 Tire Blewout On Expressway. dealer agree and gave discount on new tire. noticed side wall where tread and sidewall come together
FORD F 450 SD 2000 Side Of Tire Blew Out as if sidewall was cut out, saw valve stem gone, replaced a four tires.
FORD FOCUS 2001 Rear Tire Sidewall Blewout Causing vehicle to spin out of control at 360 degrees for three times.
FORD TAURUS 2000 Lump On One Of The tires on the front, rotated and alignment at my cost.
FORD EXPLORER 1999 Tires Started To Split On the sidewall, splits are very hard to see and the tires must be cold in order to see the
FORD CONTOUR 1998 (3)of The Four Tires Seperated where the tread meets the sidewall at 7000miles. dealer will replace only two of the tires.
FORD EXCURSION 2000 Firestone Steel Tex P265/75r16, original equipment on a 2000 ford excursion with 20000 miles. sidewalls of all 4 tires are splitting.
FORD EXPEDITION 2000 One Of Firestone Wilderness At tires, size: p255/70r16, dot: w2cuird030 on 2000, ford, expedition has cuts in sidewall. there
FORD MUSTANG 1998 Eagle Zr 45, Size 245 45 zr17,dot m68rf62r267, original equipment on a 1998, ford, mustang . while vehicle was
FORD ESCORT 1997 Goodyear, Conquest Tire Dot mdj1agwr246, 195/65r14 size. tires had ripped from inside along sidewall. tires were originals on a 1997,
FORD TAURUS 1994 A Bubble Was Forming In the sidewall of left rear firestone, ft70c tire size: r205/65r15, dot25301801337, 1994 ford taurus station wagon,
FORD F 350 SD 2000 General, Grabbers Tires, dot9113 23585r16; after having tires serviced noticed sidewall with crackes/ bubbles.*ak the bubbles on tires expand to
FORD FOCUS 2001 Firestone, Firehawk Gta, p195/60r15, dot unknown, original equipment on a 2001, ford, focus with 22000 miles. while driving
FORD FOCUS 2001 Firestone, Firehawk Gta, p195/60r15, dot unknown, original equipment on a 2001, ford, focus with 20000 miles. while
FORD F 350 1995 Firestone, Steeltex Tires, p215/85r16, dot 8x0p1xn and dot w10p65b replacement tires with 20000 miles on a 1995, ford f350. while
FORD EXCURSION 2001 Was Doing 70mph When right rear tire blewout. managed to control and stop vehicle. sidewall was shredded, but tread had
FORD EXPLORER 1993 Firestone Tires Were Replaced With dunlop tires. dunlop rear passenger tire exploded on highway at about 60 mph. consumer temporarily lost control of
FORD EXCURSION 2000 While Driving 75mph Had Heard a thump, tire had blown, maintained control and pulled off road. checked tires, and
FORD F250 1999 Original Equipment On A 1999, f250, lt265/75r16size. rear tires have developed a split resulting in air loss, causing a blowout
FORD F250 1999 Sidewalls On Firestone, Steel tex tires have cracks all around them. cracks were approximately 1/3 to 3/8 deep. have not
FORD EXPLORER 1995 Two Goodyear Wrangler Tires (size: lt235/75r15, dot#: t300863grf-92w) on 1995, ford, explorer have experienced sidewall problems. left front
FORD F 150 1999 Vehicle Was Parked, Consumer then noticed that both front tire tread separated dealership was aware of tires, tires were replaced.
FORD RANGER 2000 Going 70mph When Rear Left sidewall blew out. vehicle had started to fishtail before blowout, nearly flipped over. had difficulty
FORD EXCURSION 2000 Raised White Letters On Sidewall had started to crack down through rubber. tread was peeling away from left front passenger tire.
FORD F 250 1997 Pe00 020; Firestone tire tread started separating . firestone, steeltex at, lt23585r16ms, dot vn0r1xk. dealership
FORD F 350 1996 All Five Firestone Steeltex r4s tires on 1996, ford, f350 experienced sidewall cracking with 29842 miles on tires.
FORD EXCURSION 2000 All Four Orginal Equipment Firestone, steel tex tires, size rt265r7516, dot#n/a with 25,000 miles are splitting 8 to 10 places on
FORD F250 1999 Pe 00 040/tire Failure: While traveling at 45 mph with only the driver in a 1999, ford, f250 super duty; original equipment,
FORD F350 2000 General, Grabbers Lt235/85r16, dot dk, original equipment on a 2000, ford, f350 with 9000 miles. passenger's front tire
FORD F350 2000 When Inspecting Tires Consumer Noticed a large bulge on sidewall of tire. tire was original equipment on ford, f350, 2000 .
FORD EXCURSION 2000 Consumer Was Driving About 65 to 70 mph when right rear tire, size lt26575rx16 came off with sidewall separating around tire.
FORD RANGER 1997 Bf Goodrich Replacement Tire On a 1997, ford, ranger with 47000 miles.while driving 55 mph left rear tire went flat due
FORD EXCURSION 2000 Consumer Noticed While Returning From a road trip that sidewalls of all 4 tires have razor blade like markings.t firestone will replace them
FORD RANGER 1999 While Traveling 70mph Vehicle Started to pull to right and vibrated just before front right tire blewout. stopped vehicle and
FORD F 250 SD 2000 Original Equiipment On A 2000, f250, superduty lt, 265/75r16 size ,load range "e". tread on left rear blewout from sidewall,
FORD RANGER 2000 While Driving 55mph One Of rear tires blewout due to tread separation.*ak tire blew out the outside side wall all the way around
FORD RANGER 2000 While Traveling At Approximately 65 mph in a ford, ranger 2000 left rear firestone wilderness ht tire experienced a blowout in sidewall of
FORD F 150 2000 Driving 50 Mph And Sidewall on the left front tire came apart. no warning. put spare on in its place. took tire
FORD RANGER 1998 Original Equipment On A 1998, ranger, p235/70r16 size, dot# vn081bu. sidewall on right rear tire blewout at 80mph. manufacturer has
FORD F250 1985 Wrangler Loadrange E Lt 235/85r16, dot unknown, replacement tires with 70000 miles on a 1985 ford, f250. all 4 tires showed
FORD F250 2000 Firestone Steeltex Lt265/75r16, Dot vnw81xl349, orig. equipment with 26000 on a 2000, ford, f250 , while driving 20 mph
FORD EXPLORER 2000 Consumer Was Driving At Approximately 70 mph and approaching an entrance ramp for interstate and another vehicle was entering interstate and
FORD RANGER 2000 Pe 00 020/tread Separation: Left rear tire experienced a sidewall blowout while traveling at highway speed of 65 mph, with driver only in
FORD EXPLORER 2000 Original Tire On A Ford, explorer, 2000. right passenger tire separated at sidewall at 40 mph.*ak firestone
FORD EXCURSION 2000 Pe00 020 ; All four tires' tread separated from vehicle. tire was firestone lt, 26575r16, steeltex, r4s
FORD EXPLORER 1996 Dunlop Radial Rover Tire Experienced blowout on rear passenger inside sidewall while traveling through an intersection, tires were replacement tires, size p235/75r15,
FORD EXPEDITION 2001 Right Rear Tire Sidwall Blewout, about 3 quarters in length around tire. vehicle was moving approximately 60 mph.
FORD TEMPO 1993 Michelin Replacement Tires Size P18570r14, dot number not available. tires had less then six thousand miles on them and front right passenger's
FORD RANGER 1999 Vehicle Has Begun To Ride rougher due to cracks developing in sidewall of firestone tires. dealer has seen vehicle,
FORD RANGER 1999 Firestone, Wilderness Ht, p205/75r14, dot w2, original equipment, driver's front tire has bubble on sidewall. *ak
FORD EXPEDITION 1999 While Driving, Right Rear firestone tire p255/70r16 experienced blowout, consumer noticed a 3 inch tear on the inside of the sidewall, dot
FORD F 150 1999 While Driving, Consumer Heard vibration and vehicle started to weave back and forth, consumer inspected tires and found left rear firestone wilderness tire
FORD EXPLORER 1995 Left Front Tire Went Flat while vehicle was parked. had only 50,000 miles on it. took to discount tire retailer,
FORD F250 1999 Firestone Steeltex Tire Experienced A bulge in the sidewall, tire size lt265/75r16, made in canada 303 66 ex bm 14474.3, consumer
FORD ECONOLINE 1995 4 Goodyear Wrangler Wrl Ht fxnw tires p235/75r15, dot 7276999510, had bubbles shapes of grapefruit on the sidewall, no signs of cracks/cuts
FORD EXPLORER 1995 Original Equipment, Tread Is in good condition, but all four tires have developed cracks around sidewall. tire size p25570r16, wilderness
FORD RANGER 2000 Consumer Has A 2000, ford ranger. sidewall on driver's rear tire blewout while traveling at 65mph. sidewall
FORD EXPLORER 1998 These Are Original Tires on a ford, explorer,1998, w2hl p235/75r15. all 4 tires have splits on sidewall. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1997 Rear Driver's Firestone Wilderness At tire p235/75r15 blewout on 3 different spots on sidewall, causing damage to vehicle, there are stress marks coming
FORD RANGER 2000 Pe00020, Firestone, Wilderness ht original equipment on 2000, ford ranger, tire size p22570r15. driver's rear tire had a
FORD F250 2000 This Truck Has Goodyear Tires, size p23585r16 wrangler/ap. while driving tires suddenly went low. consumer pulled over, and noticed sidewall
FORD F350 1999 Firestone Steeltex At Rear Passenger tire p265/75r16 experienced sidewall separation, consumer states some of the tire had wrapped around the axle.
FORD F250 1999 Firestone, Steel Tex, lt26575r16, 123120q on a ford, f250, 1999. tow of tire is showing
FORD F250 1999 Firestone Steeltex R4s Front Passenger side tire p265/75r16 dot vnw81xm258 experienced a split on sidewall towards top of tread, there were a lot of
FORD F 150 2001 Original Tires On A Ford, f150, 2000. sidewalls are too close to ground, and consumer has punched
FORD EXPLORER 1997 1997, Ford, Explorer, firestone wilderness at tires size p235/75r15 dot#vnhl1py027, original equipment. consumer noticed tires were cracking all around sidewall
FORD F 150 1997 While Driving, Passenger Rear goodyear wrangler ap tire p255/70r16 dot pdcuf8wr416 exploded from inner and outer sidewall, consumer replaced all 4 tires,
FORD EXPEDITION 1997 Firestone Wilderness At Tires, size p255/70r16, cause steering wheel to vibrate and shake especially while travelling between 60 and 70 mph, vehicle
FORD F250 1999 Pe 00 040/tire Failure: Reporting hair line cracks between the sidewall and lettering on a 1999 ford, f250; original equipment, lt
FORD RANGER 1997 Consumer Has A 1997 Ford ranger. passenger's front tire blewout traveling at 60-65mph. tread didn't separate, but there was hairline cracking
FORD ESCAPE 2001 While Pulling Away From A stop light this vehicle equipped with firestone, wilderness/at tires, p23575r16, sidewall blewout unexpectedly. ford
FORD EXPLORER 1999 Firestone Wilderness At Tires P255/70r16, dot vncu, have slits on them, consumer could see tire fabric from inside the sidewall, the
FORD RANGER 1999 Original Equipment On A 1999, ranger, p265/75r15 size . tires started leaking air from the sidewall.*ak the tire
FORD EXPLORER 1997 Pe00 020; Was Checking tires and noticed that all four tires are cracking all around the sidewalls. firestone, wilderness#at,
FORD F350 2000 Pe-00-040; Original Equipment On ford, f350, 2000, tire size lt26575r16, tires have six thousand miles on them. dot
FORD F350 2000 While Driving On Highway side wall on the right rear tire blew out. *ak after the service man pointed out that the
FORD EXPLORER 1998 All 4 Firestone Wilderness At tires p235/75r15 dot w2hl1py188 experienced cracking at the sidewalls, consumer replaced tires and is requesting reimbursement.
FORD F250 2000 Pe00040, Orignal Equipment On 2000, ford, f250, tire size lt265/75r16. passenger's rear tire sidewall blewout, almost causing
FORD EXPLORER 1999 Pe00-020; Original Equipment On ford, explorer, 1999, p23575r16, dot w2hl with 23000 miles. front right tire has
FORD F 250 1996 Pe00020, Orignal Equipment On 1996, ford, f250, tire size lt23585r16. due to a bubble on the sidewall driver's rear
FORD PICKUP 1990 Pe00-020; Tiresize P23575r15 and dot # w2hl1py408, not from the vd plant, original equipment on 1990, ford pickup. on
FORD EXPLORER 1999 Original Equipment On A Ford, explorer 1999. consumer was hearing a noise coming from tire. consumer took vehicle to a
FORD EXPLORER 1998 Firestone Tires P255/70r16 Developed Cracks along the outside of the sidewall and low air pressure, consumer replaced tires due to tires almost the cause
FORD EXPLORER 1997 Firestone Wilderness At Tires P235/75r15 dot vnhl experiencing crack on sidewall at the base of the tread, tire have been rotated every 4000 miles.
FORD WINDSTAR 2000 General Ameri 6560 Tire P215/70r15 experienced sidewall separation while driving on interstate. *slc
FORD EXPLORER 1998 Pe00 020; Took vehicle to an individual tire place for balacing and rotation of tires. mechanic told him that
FORD F 150 1997 Original Equipment On A 1997, f150, p235/75r16 size. tread is starting to crack along the sidewall.*ak
FORD EXCURSION 2000 Pe-00020; Original Equipment On a 2000, ford excursion, tire size 26575r1. while driving sidewall blew out.
FORD EXPLORER 1995 Pe00020; Original Tires on a ford, explorer, 1995, 25570/r16, dotvncu1px029. sidewall had cracks about inch long,
FORD F250 2000 Consumer Walked By Vehicle And happened to notice a bubble the size of a grapefruit in the sidewall of the general grabber 16" tire,
FORD EXPEDITION 2000 Pe-00-020; Rental Vehicle 2000, ford expedition, tire size not available, and dot number not available. when driving in state of
FORD EXPLORER 1999 Pe00 020; Consumer checked vehicle a month ago and noticed that there were stress marks and cracking all around sidewalls.
FORD EXPLORER 1998 Pe00 020; Consumer made a personal choice to change firestone tires. one of the tires showed stress marks and cracking
FORD EXPLORER 1998 While Driving 70mph Heard Noises hitting vehicle. driver had vehicle under control. pulled over & checked the tires. noticed left
FORD EXPLORER 1995 Original Equipment On A 1995, exlorer, p235/75r15 size. sidewall cracked on two of the five tires.*ak sidewall failed by
FORD EXPLORER 1997 1997 Ford, Explorer With original tires. approximate mileage 38,000, tire size p235/75r15, and dot#w2hl. all 4 tires were
FORD EXPLORER 1996 While Having Tire Serviced Notice a buble on the outer sidewall of tire. *ak in addition, all four tires had cracks on
FORD EXPLORER 1996 Pe00 020; Tires Were cracking around sidewall, and tires were replaced by firestone. problem was solved. *ak
FORD RANGER 1999 Pe00 020 ; vehicle was parked outiside of consumer's home. he went to inspect the tires, and noticed that
FORD RANGER 2000 Pe-00-020; Original Equipment On a ford, ranger 2000, firestone wilderness at tire size p245/75r16, dot number w2701rf419. consumer noted
FORD EXPLORER 1997 All 4 Firestone Wilderness At tires p255/70r16 are cracking on the sidewalls, cracks begin where the tread starts, dot w2cu.
FORD F250 2000 While Drivng Approximately 65 Mph right rear side tire blewout the sidewall. tires were firestone steeltex r4s, p265/75r16, and the
FORD EXPLORER 2000 Firestone Wilderness P255/70r16 On this 2000 truck. sidewall separated after 40 minutes of driving and parking. firestone was contacted. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1997 Firestone Wilderness At Tire P235/75r15 dot vnhl1p1486 went flat due to sidewall separation. *slc
FORD F 150 1997 Consumer Was Checking Vehicle In front of his home and noticed that steel belt was coming from the tire.
FORD EXPLORER 1997 On July 21 2000, while driving at 60 mph passenger's side rear firestone wilderness tire p23575r15 blewout, and whole sidewall had come
FORD EXPLORER 1991 Pe00 020; Took her vehicle for a wheel alignment, and mechanic noticed that all four tires had crackes all around
FORD ESCORT 1994 Pe00 020; Consumer Noticed that there is a line around the sidewall in two separate places located on two front tires. *ak
FORD EXPLORER 1996 Left Rear Tire Sidewalls Came to ribbons. tread had separated from the tire. the tire was a firestone wilderness, unsure if
FORD EXPLORER 1997 All Four Tires Were Showing a cracks all the way around the sidewalls. consumer took vehicle to a local dealership,
FORD F 350 1997 Inside Rear Tire Split At the sidewall. a recall has been issued on the vehicle tire. the dealer has been notified.
FORD F 350 1997 Michelin Tires Mdw 4037xpsrib sidewalls have read bad spider cracks which are getting worse every day. warranty on the tires had expired.
FORD E 150 1994 While Driving On The Highway had a flat tire in which the tire separated from the sidewall, and the consumer had to pull over
FORD F 150 1998 Consumer Has Been Experiencing problem with tire sidewall rubbing against the frame. dealer and manufacturer notified. both will not accept
FORD F250 2001 While Traveling At 40 Mph, the consumer heard a popping sound, then the vehicle started to drive rough. the right rear
FORD F 450 SD 2001 Consumer Has Five Trucks And each has general/continental 225/70r 19.5 model lmt 400. tire blowouts at sidewall. no
FORD ESCAPE 2001 While Driving At 65mph On flat surface and no warning tire sidewall started to separate, causing a blowout on the rear tire, consumer
FORD EXPLORER 2000 While Driving And With No warning, the left rear tire sidewall started to separate, causing a tire blowout. dealer notifed.
FORD EXCURSION 2000 While Traveling 70-75mph On Highway, heard a noise and saw smoke from rear mirrior. consumer was able to pull over to the
FORD F250 1999 When Changing A Tire Consumer noticed spare tire had 8 grooves in the sidewall, 3 inches long and 1/4 inch deep. this
FORD F 150 1998 Firestone, Wilderness Ht, p235/70r16, dot unknown, original equipment on a 1998, ford, f150 with 54000 miles. passenger front
FORD E 350 1997 Michelin, Ltxa/s, P22575/r16 after market 3000, ambulance, right front interior sidewall blewout while driving, causing damage to rim. manufacturer
FORD EXCURSION 2000 Replacement Equipment With 3000 Miles on a 2000 ford excursion. passenger rear tire had a blowout at 73 mph.*ak consumer states that
FORD EXPLORER SPORT 2001 Firestone, Wilderness Ht, tire size p235/75r15. customer stated two tires were cracked around sidewall. only one of the tires will
FORD EXPEDITION 2001 General Tires Shreded While consumer was driving, it was the right rear tire. original equipment, 24000 miles, there was some
FORD F350 2001 There's A Separation On The side of the tire. general tire, 17235/85r16. *ak four out of six tires had sidewall separations that
FORD MUSTANG 2000 Goodyear, Eagle, p205/65r15, dot unknown, original equipment on a 2000, ford mustang with 13900 miles. sidewall blewout on
FORD F250 1999 While Driving 70 Mph, outside sidewall separated from the left rear tire. had to wait until tire had cooled down before changing.
FORD RANGER 2000 While Driving 65-70 Mph, sidewall on left rear tire separated. original equipment for a ford, ranger, 2000 tire size p225/70r15 dot#
FORD F 450 SD 2000 While Driving At 60 Mph two rear tires had a blowout at sidewalls. original equipment, 8700 miles mounted on a 2000,
FORD TAURUS 2000 Continental General Ameri, Original equipment on a 2000, taurus, p215/60r16 size, dot# a3x844p1300. all four tires have slits on
FORD EXPLORER 1999 The Right Rear Tire (firestone wilderness at) suddenly shredded while driving, it appeared that the sidewall failed because tread was intact. nlm
FORD EXPLORER 1996 One Of The Firestone Front tires blew out due to tread portion separating from both sidewalls.
FORD RANGER 1991 Tires Were Purchase At Costco wholesale. these tires seem to have a weaker sidewall than the others tires they sale. possibly a safety
FORD EXCURSION 2000 On Sat. (08/10/02) My family and i decided to take a leisurely drive into the hill country just outside of austin, texas.
FORD EXPLORER 1994 The Front Tires Have Slits in the sidewalls of the tires. when we purchased the vehicle we had test drove it and when we
FORD EXCURSION 2000 All Four Original Equipment Tires showed severe cracking in the sidewalls and were replced by firestone on a prorated basis. no accident was
FORD ESCAPE 2001 Entire Outer Sidewall Seperated From tire. tires properly inflated, rotated per maintenance instructions. vehicle never used off-road, never carried a heavy
FORD TAURUS 2001 The Tire Split Apart On the sidewall while driving approximately 30mph. i immediatly coasted in to a parking lot of a tire
FORD F350 2000 Buldge (the Size Of And apple) in sidewall on 2 different tires on the same vehicle.*ak
FORD F250 2000 Sidewall Bubble; Tire Replaced before catastrophic failure. *ak
FORD F SUPER DUTY 2001 Sidewall Failer Found By East county allingment, santee, ca. they have found many problems with this model tire. on searching
FORD F350 2000 While Driving On Freeway At 70 mph right tire cap came off tire did not blow out , tire cap did vehicle wheel well
FORD RANGER 1996 My Passenger Side Tire Blewout last night on my way home from work on the i10. what i found strange is that the tire
FORD F SUPER DUTY 2001 Travelling With Empty Pickup Truck bed and 1 adult and 3 children passengers. 50 miles from lake charles, la. after driving
FORD F 450 SD 2000 3 Tires Blew At The same time by sidewall coming apart, all on rear of vehicle. ford denied helping any in the
FORD E 350 1993 Tread Separation From Body Of tire at sidewall. moderate vibration proir to failure. tire removed from service before it catastrophic failure.*ak
FORD EXCURSION 2000 Tread Of Tire Detached From sidewall at speed. no damage to tread or sidewall prior to blowout. this problem sounds extremely similar
FORD F SUPER DUTY 2000 This Tire Completely Blew Out the outside sidewal, there isno evidence of the tire being run hot or low. it appears as if
FORD F250 2002 I Have Experienced What Appears to be a side wall failure of a firestone light truck tire. the failure occurred shortly after entering
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Tires Were Replaced Less Than 6 months ago during mass recall. i was driving @ 55 mph on a clear highway with no debis.
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Tires Were Replaced Less Than 6 months ago during mass recall. i was driving @ 55 mph on a clear highway with no debis.
FORD ESCORT 1997 Sidewall Separation At Turn-up. *ak (dot number: md7j a6wr tiresize: p185/65r14)
FORD EXPEDITION 2000 Tire Blew Out In Four large tears through the sidewall. *ak (dot number: 113s tiresize: p265/70r17)
FORD F350 1999 Rear Tire Sidewall Shredded At highway speed. was not a blowout, but a separation of the tire components. photos available.
FORD EXCURSION 2000 Noticed Split In Sidewalls On all 4 tires at approx. 21300, we changed the worst out to the spare. went to a
FORD ECONOLINE 1995 Dot#md11 520v 344; Tire size lt245/75r16 one of four tires failed with a significant sidewall buldge noticed before final failure. sears replaced
FORD E 150 1996 Tire Had Big Lump On sidewall*ak (dot number: 8xhlipy tiresize: 23575r15)
FORD WINDSTAR 1999 At Freeway Speed We Heard a loud bang, and the vehicle lifted up suddenly in the rear, followed by a loud slapping sound.
FORD F250 1999 Sidewall Failure On Left Front and right rear. no blowouts. bulge in left front while vehicle parked in driveway, in right rear
FORD E 350 1999 2 Inch Long 1/8 Inch deep split on the sidewall perpendicular to the tread. *ak (dot number: vd11 1xd52 tiresize: lt225/75r1)
FORD RANGER 2000 It Was 4 A.m. on i65 interstate going hunting . i was traveling @ 75 mph and my right rear tire blew
FORD F350 2000 I Have Experienced A Total of 5 sidewall blowouts on new general tires supplied on a f-350 200 ford truck. the appearance is
FORD F250 1999 Sidewall Blew Out On Right front tire going down the interstate at 72 mph. left front is now making a slapping noise.
FORD F250 2001 Tire Blowout Driving On Highway 62 north of welton,iowa, sidewall blowout. *ak (dot number: vnw8 tiresize: lt265/7516)
FORD F 150 1999 Outside Sidewall Completely Separated From tread cap just above white letters around entire tire. looks like the rim and sidewall completely detached .*ak
FORD F250 2001 All 4 Tires Are Showing signs of cracking in sidewalls. front 2 tires are more predominant than the rear 2. front
FORD RANGER 1993 Tire Sidewall Loss--tire Pressure Checked that a.m., loss at 3:00 p.m.*ak (dot number: ydk6 tiresize: 27/8.5/14)
FORD F250 2001 Ther Sidewall Of This Tire blew out while the truck was parked in the driveway. *ak (dot number: bm14480-3 tiresize: lt265/75r1)
FORD F250 2000 Tire Failed Dramatically At 70 mph. entire outside sidewall separated. truck was pulling fifth wheel trailer. trailer weight was
FORD E 450 1999 Experienced Tread Separation On Two tires within 24 hours and 500 miles. 1st incident did not result in blow out,, but 2nd
FORD EXPEDITION 1999 Recently I Went To The body shop to get a rotation. but when i went, the mechanic told me that all my four
FORD E 450 2000 Tire Sidewall Exploded And Separated- i still have both parts and the other 5 tires on the vehicle i have replaced!*ak (dot number: vd111xd349
FORD F SUPER DUTY 2000 On 07/05/00 This Vehicle Was found to have two large bubbles about the size of softballs on the inside sidewall of both tires. the
FORD RANGER 1999 I Was Driving My Ford ranger xlt 1999 pickup on a four lane road on 28 july 2001. the road was dry and
FORD F350 2000 This The The Second General tire sidewall blowout on my truck in one week. *ak (tiresize: 235/85/16)
FORD EXCURSION 2000 While Freeway Driving Tire Separated from sidewall of rim. when i took to dealer the assistant service manager refused to help us.
FORD F350 2000 Sidewall Delamination. *ak (tiresize: 235/75r16)
FORD F350 2000 Softball And Golfball Size Bubbles on sidewall of two front tires. *ak (tiresize: 235/85/16)
FORD FOCUS 2001 This Incident Occurred In Canada. i have a canadian address. the province is ontario and the postal code is n8t 2j2.
FORD RANGER 1999 Sidewall Separation Typical Of Other recalled tires. please recall these asap. *ak (tiresize: 225/70r/15)
FORD ECONOLINE 2001 Sidewall Split And Blew Out on new vehicle w\ 190 miles. ford dealer replaced tire. we have 6 other vans produced at the
FORD F SUPER DUTY 2000 Tire Sidewall Blewout At 75 mph without warning.*ak
FORD EXCURSION 2000 These Oem Tires Are Extremely dangerous, i have had 2 sidewalls blowouts with no warning in my first 6 months of ownership. these
FORD F 150 2000 Deep Cracks On Sidewall Of 2 tires some go all the way up into the tread. *ak (dot number: w208irc tiresize: p23570r16)
FORD F 150 1997 Last Summer (2000) My Family and i were driving from merced, ca to santa cruz, ca for vacation. the temps were
FORD F SUPER DUTY 1999 Chuncks Falling Off Sidewall And cracking where tread meets sidewall. *ak (tiresize: lt26575r16)
FORD RANGER 2000 The Right Rear Tire Sidewall completely separated form the remaining part of the tire on 4th of july, 2001, as my family and
FORD F 150 1999 3 Cracks In Side Wall. 1 inch from rim, in the same plain of rotation. evadence of other cracks starting.*ak (tiresize: p255/70r16)
FORD F350 2000 Complete Seperation Of Insidewall On ambulance. *ak (dot number: wiop tiresize: lt21685r16)
FORD F350 2000 While Driving, Left Front tire tread totally separated from the sidewall of tires causing a blowout. with less than 30,000 miles
FORD RANGER 1998 Tires Are Cracking At Sidewall, indicates tire defect and not vehicle defect - i read recently that firestone is claiming it is a vehicle
FORD RANGER 1998 Fourth Flat Tire In One year period; this time, sidewall separated from tread!*ak (tiresize: p215/75 r1)( dot number: tire size: p215/75 r1
FORD F 150 1999 Driving Down The Road At highway speeds on two separate occasions tires went down and the sidewalls seem to be coming apart. one
FORD F250 1999 Caught Tread Separating From Sidewall. tire appeared to be dry rotting or cracking along sidewall and tread meeting area. firestone prorated a warranty.
FORD RANGER 2000 Tire Went Flat,pulled Over changed tire, no visible damage(ie. nails,cuts etc), took to revel's chrysler in starke fl.,
FORD F250 2000 Catastrophic Sidewall Failure. *ak (dot number: vdw81xl tiresize: lt26575r16)
FORD ESCAPE 2001 Left Front Tire - Slight bulge in sidewall (dealer replaced with new), right and left rear tires - causing vibration and determined to be