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Fri, 01 Apr 2011

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I had to replace the original tires on my 2008 Ford Explorer ...

I had to replace the original tires on my 2008 Ford Explorer AWD after only 30 000 miles. They had excessive wear on the inside, especially the ones in front. I have followed the recommended service schedule, and the wheels have been rotated several times. I don't know if they also check the alignment as well, but it seems like something they should do?
I also have a problem with the transmission - it keeps "lurching" when I slow down at low speeds. This has been "fixed" by reprogramming the computer three times now. I've been told that I need to come to a "complete stop" for the first 100 miles after this is done, because the transmission will "learn from my driving style" (in other words they assume that I, a typical soccer mom, is not a very good driver). I have been doing these "complete stops" to the point of annoying my passengers, but the problem keeps coming back.
Has anybody else had these kind of problems?

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