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Fri, 18 Feb 2011

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I purchased my 2005 Ford F350 and on several occasions, it ...

I purchased my 2005 Ford F350 and on several occasions, it will not go into 4 wheel drive - also the SB light comes on! The rear tires won't turn - you let it sit until the next day, and bam, it works again! I have had to be pulled out of the snow, because it happens when you need the 4x4! Has anyone heard of a recall - real problem! My truck only has 50k miles on it!

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2004 f350 super-duty starts to shimmy  in between 60-80 km any one know why?

I have a ford e-350 ambulance that the brake pedal fades to the floor when you start the engine. We have replaced the abs proportioning block, but still fades to the floor. We had the front calipers rreplaced and that seems to be when the problem

1993 Ford F350 7.3 diesel 5 speed. new master cylinder, tube & hose & slave cylinder installed & bled The hydraulic system over extends & moves the mechanical clutch lever too far. Have others had this problem & what is cause.

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2010 F-350 aluminum wheels have cracks between the spokes on 2 wheels. Another person in my small town has the same issue. Ford says I am the only one reporting this problem. BS. I want what is right. This is a factory defect and a safety issue. I

What part do I need to make my ford stay turn on?

how do i remove the clutch slave cylinder from a ford f350 1984 cant figure it out

2006 F350 blew both front wheel bearings at 69000 miles. Ford execs blew me off when I asked them how this could happen. Had to pay 1300.00 to get them replaced.

Ac unit on my F-350 quit. When I turn the selector switch to ac blower works but the clutch on the pump does not activate. I think it is a electrical trouble but the fuse is good under the dash, Is there some other relay or fuse I should check ? <

i'm having trouble getting the clutch linkage off of cross shaft at master end.
1997 350 4x4 cc

On the A/C, what are your pressures like in your A/C system ? you may have a leak. start there and look for oil residue on compressor or fittings, Don't add any reffrigerant until you know for a fact that it's low and leak has been repaired. it co

1987 Ford F-350 Bad front end shimmy after hitting bumps,is Ford still responsible  for repairs. In 1988 this was a Safety recall.

2006 Ford F350 crew cab FX4, horn recently stuck on when door was shut, finally pushed on steering wheel and it stopped.
2 days later while driving horn starts honking on its own, keep pushing on horn on steering wheel, would stop then start

i bought a harly davidson f-350 love the truck but had to put it in the shop after about 7000 miles it now has about 115000 every few days it would leave me stalled at ared light it wouldnt die just no response on the pedal i think its the IVS the

2005 ford f350 trans 5r110w, no drive or reverse, code first came up p0751 and p2700,  i replaced shift sellenoid, the truck still isn't driving and now a new code appears, p0730

truck sudanly turns off when running but starts again . i was told it was some kind of time sensor