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DODGE-1500-2003while driving 60 mph driver heard a bang coming from under the vehicle. then , consumer noticed the
DODGE-2500-2004while driving at any speed the 4-wheel drive engaged. as a result, turning became difficult.*ak
DODGE-CARAVAN-1997transfer case failed. nlm
DODGE-CARAVAN-1997transfer case failed. nlm
DODGE-DAKOTA QUAD CAB-2000latest problem is stalling at stops. one occurred while crossing railroad tracks. the problem was tr
DODGE-DAKOTA QUAD CAB-2000dodge dakota quad cab 2000, problem with transfer case shifting. *bf the truck began to shift ou
DODGE-DAKOTA QUAD CAB-2001i have a problem with my fwd. i had replaced module/contrlo, anti-lock brake,trasfer case gear and t
DODGE-DAKOTA QUAD CAB-2001reference 2001 dodge dakota 4wd: there has already been a safety recall on the 4wd module. it need
DODGE-DAKOTA QUAD CAB-2003on october 20, 2005 i was driving my 2003 dodge dakota quad-cab 4wd pickup back from visiting a frie
DODGE-DAKOTA-1989when switching from 4h to 2h on 89 dodge dakota on floor shifter it takes a few minutes to engage an
DODGE-DAKOTA-1993while driving highway 75 mph with cruise control on, it appears that ransfer case came apart, causi
DODGE-DAKOTA-19954 wheel drive wont work, makes pounding noise . *ak
DODGE-DAKOTA-1996less than 30 days after pruchase, attempted to put vehicle in 4-wheel drive for the first time and i
DODGE-DAKOTA-1997while driving 70 mph transfer case locked up and broke into three pieces. vehicle could not be dri
DODGE-DAKOTA-1998the 4-wheel drive tansfer case has a defect with the output shaft bearing which causes the shaft to
DODGE-DAKOTA-1999dealer replaced twice both upper and lower ball joints, also, the transfer case was replaced. dealer
DODGE-DAKOTA-1999i have a 99 dodge dakota with 59,000 miles. i am currently having my second 4wd transfer case replac
DODGE-DAKOTA-1999dodge dakota 1999 consumer states vehicle front end wobble, brake vibration and upper/lower ball jo
DODGE-DAKOTA-1999dt: the consumer was driving at 35 mph on the street when the transfer case busted. it fall out
DODGE-DAKOTA-2001recall 01v077 was completed on vehicle, however after repair, consumer drove onto driveway which is
DODGE-DAKOTA-2001consumer stated vehicle was parked and when consumer went to check on vehicle, it had rolled down a
DODGE-DAKOTA-2001i do not have the exact dates for each time the transfer case has failed, my documents are in the ve
DODGE-DAKOTA-2001while attempting to engage the two wheel drive vehicle became inoperative. as a result, vehicle bec
DODGE-DAKOTA-2001while driving the transfer case cracked down the middle. the friction and sparks caused it to catch
DODGE-DAKOTA-2003tl*the contact owns a 2003 dodge dakota. while driving between 5-10 mph, the contact heard a loud t
DODGE-DAKOTA-2005dt*: the contact stated when engaging the 4-wheel drive as long as the vehicle was going straight i
DODGE-DAKOTA-2007tl*the contact owns a 2007 dodge dakota. the contact stated that the transfer case seal started to e
DODGE-DAKOTA-9999incident we leased a 1999 durago and have had nothing but problems. now our warranty is up and we f
DODGE-DODGE-1999car repaired numerous times on brakes, transfer case and mostly transmission. keep fixing seal leak
DODGE-DURANGO-1998vehicle was in park w/emergency brake on. when putting boat on trailer transfer case popped into ne
DODGE-DURANGO-1998we had noticed that the tranmission was acting very sluggish. despite having the vehicle checked, o
DODGE-DURANGO-1998the consumer stated the seal on the transfer case leaked fluid. in addition the rear end disintegra
DODGE-DURANGO-1998driving approx. 25 mph on icy road, turned right onto another road and "it was as if you thowed the
DODGE-DURANGO-1999transfer case was replaced. *slc
DODGE-DURANGO-1999consumer states vehicle is leaking unknown fluid whenever 4-wheel drive is engaged. vehicle has bee
DODGE-DURANGO-1999while driving at 90mph, the vehicle started to smoke under the hood. then the transfer case fell to
DODGE-DURANGO-19991999 dodge durango - regarding suspension and steering. at 42,000 miles had to have left and right
DODGE-DURANGO-1999consumer states while traveling at 55 mph, consumer suddenly heard a big boom, then smoke started t
DODGE-DURANGO-1999at 70mph, on i-75 in michigan '99 durango transfer case blew apart causing vehicle to jump with smok
DODGE-DURANGO-1999during a vehicle state inspection mechanic found the upper and lower ball joints were wornout. als
DODGE-DURANGO-1999while driving about 70 mph i heard a loud noise coming from under my 1999 durango, i took the vehicl
DODGE-DURANGO-19991999 dodge durango transfer case flew apart while driving on turnpike. vehicle towed to mechanic wh
DODGE-DURANGO-1999transfer case failed, timing belt broke
DODGE-DURANGO-1999transmission slipped into 4 wheel drive by itself. transmission exploded while driving at 65 mph.
DODGE-DURANGO-1999tl*the contact owns a 1999 dodge durango. while driving 25 mph, the contact heard a clunking and cr
DODGE-DURANGO-2000transfer case has gone bad. dodge missed the diagnosis and sent us back driving until i was able to
DODGE-DURANGO-2000transmission "grabbing" and "slipping" in all gears. most noticable on the highway. transmission goe
DODGE-DURANGO-2000transfer case failed twice. as a result, vehicle became inoperable. *ak
DODGE-DURANGO-20004 wheel drive transfer case fails to shift from 4 wheel hi to 2 wheel drive. transmission remains lo
DODGE-DURANGO-2001a recall for the upper ball joints was issued, however, dealer stated that the parts were not avail
DODGE-DURANGO-2001tl*the contact owns a 2001 dodge durango. the contact stated that the electric shift transfer case
DODGE-DURANGO-2002since i purhcased my 2002 durango slt in march of 2002. we have had nothing but problems. the air co
DODGE-DURANGO-2003my wife had our 2003 durango in to the local dodge dealer for service one morning a few weeks ago, s
DODGE-DURANGO-20032003 durango customer states that since the purchase of the car, it shifted into 4 wheel drive low w
DODGE-GRAND CARAVAN-1998dt: the contact owns a 1998 dodge grand caravan. the vehicle is an all wheel drive. vehicle had a fl
DODGE-GRAND CARAVAN-2000my 2000 dodge grand caravan sport all wheel drive developed a thumping noise in the front drive trai
DODGE-LANCER-2001after engaging vehicle into park it inadvertently jumped out of gear and rolled into a neighbor's f
DODGE-RAM 1500-1999driving home on freeway, grinding noise ,smoke . we had to drive approx. 40 mph. we had the truck to
DODGE-RAM 1500-2003have had the truck less than two years and have had service because of faulty motor in windshield wi
DODGE-RAM 1500-2003dodge ram 1500 was brought into local 5 star dealer and repaired 3 times prior to the accident for 4
DODGE-RAM 1500-2007tl*the contact owns a 2007 dodge ram 1500. while driving 30 mph in four wheel drive, the vehicle sh
DODGE-RAM 2500-1996transfer case has been rebuilt two times and owner has not used 4-wheel since purchasing the vehicle
DODGE-RAM 2500-2002transfer case has gone out four times in vehicle, always while driving. on two occasions transfer ca
DODGE-RAM 2500-2004while driving 70 mph driver heard a loud knocking noise coming from the front. vehicle vibrated un
DODGE-RAM 2500-20042004 dodge ram diesel 2500 transfer case failed at 59,865 miles and the dealer refused to repair und
DODGE-RAM 2500-2006tl*the contact owns a 2006 dodge ram 2500. while driving various speeds in inclement weather, the v
DODGE-RAM 3500-2003dt*: the contact stated when the vehicle was parked, the vehicle engaged into reverse gear. the ve
DODGE-RAM PICKUP-2002while driving at 5 mph transfer case kicked the vehicle into neutral. vehicle slid down a steep inc
DODGE-RAM-1996when engaging 4-wheel drive, indicator comes on, indicating that's in 4-wheel dr; may or may not be
DODGE-RAM-1996transfer box makes noise, also trouble shifting in 4wd.
DODGE-RAM-1996rear axle seals leaking and transfer case leaking. nlm
DODGE-RAM-1996rear axle seals leaking and transfer case leaking. nlm
DODGE-RAM-1996rear axle seals leaking and transfer case leaking. nlm
DODGE-RAM-1997consumer was told vehicle had 4-wheel drive, but soon discovered the vehicle was not equipped with 4
DODGE-RAM-2001(father on behalf of son) consumer purchased vehicle for his son. there has been a reoccuring const
DODGE-RAM2500 REGCAB 4X4 SWB-2005tl*the contact owns a 2005 dodge ram 2500 regcab 4x4 swb. while driving 70 mph, the contact heard a
DODGE-STEALTH-1991the transmission was replaced due to the defective transfer case. scc *jb
DODGE-STEALTH-1991the vehicle was taken to the dealer on 4/19/2003 for recall# 02v143002 subject: transfer case leakag
DODGE-STEALTH-1991consumer received a recall notice concerning the transfer case. took vehicle to the dealer for
DODGE-STEALTH-1991transfer case locked up and destroyed the transmission prior to receiving recall notification. also,
DODGE-STEALTH-1991i have a 1991 dodge stealth r/t turbo and it has had to have the transmisson and transfer case repla
DODGE-STEALTH-1991the consumer complained about a transfer case problem. at one time this was a recall for this vehic
DODGE-STEALTH-1991dt: the contact stated the transfer case is leaked. he found nhtsa recall 93v033001. the manufa
DODGE-STEALTH-1991tl*the contact owns a 1991 dodge stealth. recall# 02v143002, power train, transfer case (4-wheel dri
DODGE-STEALTH-1992transfer case on the vehicle is leaking fluid while driving. contacted dealer, the vehicle felt like
DODGE-STEALTH-1992the consumer states that the transfer case is leaking, and has to check it daily to prevent lock up.
DODGE-STEALTH-1992while in motiontransfer case locked up causing loss of control. five months prior transfer case w
DODGE-STEALTH-1992while driving, the wheels locked and damaged the transmission. there was a recall (# 02v143002) on
DODGE-STEALTH-1992vehicle experienced a catastrophic 4-wheel lockup at 70mph on the interstate 5 freeway. because all
DODGE-STEALTH-1992the recall was on the leaking transfer case. the dealer gave the consumer the run around about repa
DODGE-STEALTH-1992failure of transfer case on 1992 dodge stealth.*mr the vehicle's transfer case leak fluid prior to
DODGE-STEALTH-1992safety recall b17- dodge stealth transfer case. *mr the dealer claimed they found no leaks from
DODGE-STEALTH-19921992 dodge stealth r/t twin turbo.*mr the consumers vehicle was listed under a recall issued for 19
DODGE-STEALTH-1992when driving at any speed the driver would have problems shifting the gears. the consumer took the v
DODGE-STEALTH-1992consumer stated dealer refused to honor recall 02v143002 concerning transfer case failure. consu
DODGE-STEALTH-1992had goeke dodge in noblesvil, in do the recall 02v143002 when i first brought it in with a leak they
DODGE-STEALTH-1992dt: consumer states that transfer case locked up while going around a corner, which caused the wheel
DODGE-STEALTH-1992tl*the contact owns a 1992 dodge stealth. the transfer case failed while driving approximately 55mph
DODGE-STEALTH-1993transaxle failed.
DODGE-STEALTH-1993consumer states that while driving at any speed without warning the transfer case had cracked causin
DODGE-STEALTH-1993failure of reimbursement for failure to transfer case on 1993 dodge stealth. *mr a design defect i
DODGE-STEALTH-199318 spline transfer case seized and output shaft snapped causing car to go into a skid around a corne
DODGE-STEALTH-1995dt: the caller received manufacturer's recall b17 concerning transfer case. afterit had been fixe
DODGE-STEALTH-1996while driving, the oil light appeared on the dashboard and remained on. the consumer pulled into th