Dodge Ram 250 Questions

Dodge Ram 250
Fri, 03 Jun 2011

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power windows won't work pushing window buttons causes the water in fuel ...

power windows won't work pushing window buttons causes the water in fuel lite to come on along with the brake indicator lite and wait to start lite also turning on the a/c heater causes the same thing soon as you release the switches lites go out. h e l p

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on my 99 dodge ram cummins, I will be driving down the road and all of a sudden loose my pedal. I can push it down and have nothing. The engine still idles, but the pedal simply doesn't work. After two or three seconds and a couple pumps of the pe

I need a diagram for a fuse box in a dodge ram van 250. 1993. My book does not have one

My 2006 Dodge Pickup dies for no reason. Will restart, the engine light comes on after this happens and seams to run fine until it happens again. This has happened at start up, and while traveling at highway speeds. Why?

i replasce the motor in my van and it runs good at idle but when i push the gas it vibrates hard  what can i do to stop this problem

08 dodge 2500 deisel rear driveshaft squeeks

What would cause My 2003 Dodge Ram 2500 cummins (5.9) steering to lock up while driving down the highway?  Happened twice in last 6 months.  Steering collumn u-joints seem to be smooth?

after changing the starter the power windows wont work, abs light is on, air bag light is on, speedometer wont work and the engine wont turn over. does anyone know where is there a fuse for the starter.

I have a 2006 dodge ram with diesel. I have gone thru two sets of batteries because of the charging system. left battery melts the post / right battery overcharged and blows up.
Another problem is with radio. turn on key it works but the next t

When I stop at a stop sign, The motor idels way down, almost to a stop, And when you got from Park to Neutrol, to drive the rpm's shoot way up! Anyone know what might be causing this?

2006 dodge hemi what would cause the truck to remain on/running after switching the ignition off

Royal7 - Your problem seems like a loose connection to the main computer. This was a problem that I ran into as well. I dug through the computer logs and found an obscure code that led me to the main computer having power problems. Check your term

Dodge Ram 2500 sometimes when I am driving the radio won't come on and also the when I put the turn signal on left it shows turning right very dangerous.

My tpim fried on my 2006 2500 dodge 4x4 quad . I have no trailer brakes and the turn signals work opposite. Dodge knows they have this problem but will not recall. When my truck in plugged into a trailer and the key is off one tail light stays on

2000 dodge pickup,speedometer not registering until 30/35 m.p.h.,reving high before shifting

2 006 2500 diesel wont start. everything worked except starter would,not crank. checked ign switch,ok checked starter relay which is hidden under tipm inside fender ok still had no current to starter solenoid wire finally with the help of a chevy

My 2005 Dodge 3500 4X4 Dually has death wobble changed to 2008 OEM inner and outer tie rods new steering stablizer stoped DW for 2000 miles now it is back New shocks going on today. Dodge needs to fix this problem !!!

Incredibly on my dodge ram 1998 diesel 24 valve.  I just replaced the fuel injector again.  The truck was manufactured with no lift pump.  Nope none at all and there is no circuit in the power distribution system and no relays for it.  It jus