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Bmw Power Train Driveline Differential Unit Reports

30 Jun

BMW Z3 1997 While Driving 50-60 Mph wheels locked up, causing vehicle to veer from side to side, finally spun around. vehicle
BMW Z3 1996 While Traveling Approximately 40 Mph rear differential unit locked up, causing right/ rear tire to stop spinning. dealership is examining

BMW K1200RS 1999 Rear Drive Unit Bearing And seal failed. this bearing supports the entire bike. when seal failed it dumped rear drive oil
BMW K1200RS 2002 Data Attributed To Bmw Indicates that the failure rate of final drive on this motorcyle is on the order of *three* (3) percent -- a
BMW K1200LT 2000 Hello. I Purchased My bmw motorcycle new on 5/3/00 from bmw-ducatic of charlotte, nc . the rear end differential completely failed while
BMW 328I 1999 Manula Drivetrain Replaced Twice, differential once and problem continues
BMW 325IS 1993 Original Limited Slip Rear Differential assembly was faulty at 14,347 miles and replaced at 18,700 miles by dealer for original owner.
BMW 318IS 1994 I Purchased The Car In nov. 1994 from gearhart bmw in denville, new jersey. four months after the purchased date,
BMW 525I 1990 Differential Leaks.
BMW 325 1987 Differential Leaks.
BMW 525I 1990 Differential Leak.
BMW R 1200 GS 2009 2009 Bmw R1200gs. consumer writes in regards to final drive failure in motorcycle. *smd the consumer submitted a photo of
BMW R1200 GS 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 bmw r1200 gs motorcycle. the contact stated that the vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer for inspection
BMW R1150 RT 2004 The Rear Tire Became Oil covered and slick because of a failed oil seal in the final drive. the oil seal had failed as
BMW K1200 GT 2008 Bmw Motorcycles 2008 K1200gt And 2000 r110rt. consumer writes in regards to power train final drive failure. *tgw the consumer stated gear
BMW K1200LT 2001 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2001 bmw k1200 lt motorcycle. the contact stated that while driving approximately 60 mph, he felt a slight
BMW K1200LT 2001 2001 Bmw K1200lt. Request for investigation into bmw motorcycle final drive failures *tgw the consumer stated when he attempted to bring the motorcycle
BMW X3 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 bmw x3. the contact stated his wife was driving approximately 45 mph, when suddenly the front wheels locked
BMW M ROADSTER 1999 The Differential Mount For The car has torn loose from the trunk floor it is welded to. there was no accident because
BMW K1200 R 2005 Rear Drive Now Loose. hasn't failed, yet. *tr
BMW BMW MOTORCYCLE 1998 Three Hundred Miles From Home a grinding sound started being audible from the rear of the bike. i stopped after it continued and failed
BMW R1200 RT 2006 2006 Bmw R1200rt With Rear end failure. customer states that bmw won't give him any information about this problem. he states that the
BMW R1200 RT 2006 Failure Of The Rear Drive on a 2006 bmw motorcycle (r1200rt). failure caused by a bad bearing after only 2,600 miles. *tr
BMW R1100 RT 1997 I Have Had 2 Failures of the final drive bearing on my 1997 bmw r100rt. first was at 36k miles,bearing failed and poured
BMW BMW MOTORCYCLE 1999 I Had Two Bearing Failures in the final drive of my bmw k1200lt motorcycle. both of these bearing failures could have led
BMW R1200 GS ADVENTURE 2006 Bmw 2006 R1200gs Adventure Motorcycle final drive failure where the final drive seal torn by metal pieces in the final drive resulting in the final
BMW K1200LT 2001 I Own A 2001 Bmw k1200lt motorcycle. i maintain it very well and change lubricants ahead of schedule. my wife and i
BMW M ROADSTER 1999 Failure Of The Trunk Floor supporting the differential, rendering the car undriveable. *jb
BMW M ROADSTER 1998 I Read About The Rear subframe tearing off of bmw z3s and m roadsters and decided to have a look at mine. found the
BMW K1200LT 2002 Rear Wheel Drive Failure (crown bearing failure). *nm
BMW 740IA 1998 July 2004 I Noticed A noise coming from a/c and the rear of car, i took it to bmw dealer and they stated that
BMW 740IL 1998 Dt*: The Contact Stated While driving 25 mph, a loud noise was heard coming from underneath the rear differential on the driver and passenger
BMW Z3 1999 I Purchased My Car From rose imports in vallejo, ca. on 08-22-2006. approximately 1 month later, i started to hear a
BMW M ROADSTER 1999 Four Months Ago I Purchased a stock excellent condition 99 m roadster (my 4th bmw in 5 years). 75000 miles, no track time,
BMW M ROADSTER 1998 1) Driving, Sub-frame Weld separation (seam and spot welds) and differential mount crack. 3) one failed attempt at re-weld by body shop.
BMW K1200LT 2000 I Purchased My K1200lt Last monday (24 july 2006) from a resident in ohio. drove the bike home to georgia. i felt a
BMW K1200LT 1999 Two Bearings In The Rear end assembly of my 1999 bmw k1200ltc failed and needed to be replaced at 37k. the dealership in
BMW K1200RS 2002 On March 6, 2006, i started riding my 2002 bmw k1200rs and noticed that the rear end of the motorcycle felt not quite
BMW Z3 2000 Niello Bmw Of Sacramento Checked my z3 2000 for traction control light is on advise, and some fluttering noise came out during acceleration.
BMW M ROADSTER 2002 Rear Differential Simply Dropped While driving. it and the subframe have torn up rear sheet metal under the trunk. i have a
BMW M ROADSTER 2000 Subframe And Differential Mount Tears. spot weld tears in floor pan with multiple fractures along seams. the differential is ready to
BMW K1200LT 2001 Bmw Motorcycle, Model K1200lt. riding normally at 65 mph on freeway, oil leaked out of rear drive unit onto brakes, wheel
BMW K1200LT 1999 Dt: The Rear Differential Unit went out on the motorcycle. gear oil leaked out all over the rear tire. the motorcycle was being
BMW M ROADSTER 2002 The Rear-subframe Is Separating From the trunk in my car. as a result, the differential mount has cracked and there is the
BMW K1200LT 2002 Vibration Similar To A Rough tire. worsened within a few miles, mechanical noise, brake dragging and real wheel hopping. no oil
BMW Z3 1999 The Vehicle Was Parked when the driver noticed that the differential was hanging from underneath the vehicle. the driver had the vehicle
BMW Z3 ROADSTER 2000 While On A Trip I noticed an odd knocking noise from the left rear of vehicle during accelleration while in 1st gear. upon
BMW X5 2003 Driving Bmw X5 At 50 mph, front differential locks up taking vehicle from 50 mph to approximately 25 mph in about 1 second then
BMW Z3 1999 I Own A 1999 Bmw z3 2.3 roadster. the differential mount has torn away from the underbody of the car where it was
BMW BMW MOTORCYCLE 1999 Bearings In The Final Drive failed, resulting in a loss of lubrication and an unstable rear tire preventing further safe travel.*ak
BMW M COUPE 1999 Differential Bracket And Subfloor Are cracking and tearing apart at the weld seams and spot welds. could lead to unpredictable handling, especially during
BMW 328I 1999 Under Normal Driving I Started to hear and feel a 'clunk' type noise when engaging the car into gear. took the car to
BMW K1200LT 2000 I Felt A Vibration And then the i felt a wobble at the rear wheel the rear drive bearing on my 2000 bmw k1200lt
BMW K1200LT 2000 (1) No Problems Until Approximately 20 miles from final failure began hearing a slightly different tone to the noise of the motorcycle. if
BMW K1200LT 2000 (1) Stopped For Day Of travelling (about 500 miles) (2) rear drive bearing failure, noticed rear bearing seal leak. had to
BMW BMW MOTORCYCLE 2000 Rear End Failures On K1200lt. there has been numerous rear end faliure on the lt i know three people who has had the rear end
BMW M ROADSTER 2000 Differential Mount On '00 Bmw m roadster cracked at approximately. 31000 miles. *la
BMW K1200LT 2000 I Have A 2000 Bmw k1200ltc motorcycle. while riding yesterday, a loud grinding noise was noticed and caused the rear of the
BMW BMW MOTORCYCLE 1999 Rear Drive Bearing Failure, second one in 13,000 miles. rear drive was noticably loud. harmonic growling noise.
BMW Z3 1999 The Differential Mount On My 1999 bmw z3 coupe 2.8 has cracked. should this mount fail completely, i fear that serious
BMW M COUPE 1999 Rear Differential Mount Cracks. subframe separating from the floor of trunk, and trunk being teared out by subframe. major issue!!!!*ak
BMW BMW MOTORCYCLE 2000 Rear Drive Failure. Mc let us site when some thing broke. the dealer called and said the the teeth swheered off of the
BMW K1200LT 2002 Rear Drive Failure On Bmw k1200lt motorcycle. *jb
BMW K1200LT 1999 Bmw K1200lt Rear Drive Failure. 32000 miles rear crown bearing failed on extended trip.*ak
BMW K1200LT 2000 Rear Differential Failures On Bmw k1200lt motorcycles. i had a rear drive seal fail causing excess oil on rear rim of motorcycle.
BMW 328I 1999 Differential Mounts To Frame Have 'torn away' @ 40k miles and a second time @ 60k00miles. bmw is fixing it a 2nd time and
BMW K1200LT 2001 Rear Drive Differential Main Bearing failed on my bmw 2001 k1200lt motorcycle causing a wobbling rear wheel and excessive noise. i was able
BMW K1200RS 2002 Common Rear-end Failure In Bmw motorcycles. *ak
BMW K1200LT 2002 The Rear Drive Unit On my 2002 bmw k1200lt motorcycle failed. the initial diagnosis is that the crown bearing failed. there was little
BMW 328I 2001 Rear Differential Failure At 33k miles while traveling at 65mph, causing loss of control and near accident with other vehicles. bmwna states no
BMW K1200LT 2000 2000 Bmw K1200lt Motorcycle - final drive bearing failed while riding - 15,697 miles - locked rear wheel at highway speed in
BMW K1200LT 1999 Rear Drive Failure On 1999 bmwk1200lt motorcycle
BMW K1200LT 2002 Rear Drive Fail On Bmw k1200lt 2002 motorcycle. bike went all wobbly and if had not been going very slow could have resulted in

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