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29 Jun

AUDI 90 1994 Mfr#kb & Nhtsa#96 V 017 000/vw electrical system: consumer states that the vehicle has intermittent problem with delayed in starting, intermittently the turn
AUDI A6 1999 Abs Module Failure, Abs system failed, abs warning light on , alarm and brake warning light on. common failure on this
AUDI A6 2003 Faulty Abs Module. *tr
AUDI A6 2000 Abs Module Failure. Blinking abs light and flashing dash brake light indicating failure. it apparently is not uncommon on 1998-2002 audi vehicles,
AUDI A6 2000 2000 Audi A6 Abs Failure. with an car accident car was totaled. fall of 2010. daughter sustained head trama. *tr
AUDI A4 1998 Faulty Abs Module In My 1998 audi a4 1.8t. the electrical component to the abs system fails in many of these similar
AUDI A4 2000 On My 2000 Audi A4 the anti lock braking system no longer works. i get a solid amber abs warning light along with a
AUDI TT 2001 2001 Audi Tt Convertible: The horn just stopped working one day, the instrument cluster display started to not display clearly then the car seem
AUDI A4 2000 1. When The abs is activated during snow or ice conditions. 2. the brakes "stick" and the abs is
AUDI A6 1999 Abs Warning Started Flashing Infrequently. abs control module failed completely. dealership diagnosed that abs module has failed. *tr
AUDI S4 2000 Communication Failure From The Abs module, it causes the abs light to stay lit and the brake light flashes, when this happens the
AUDI TT 2001 The Brakes Failed On The 2001 audi tt sportscar. the first time the car crashed. the audi dealer said there was nothing
AUDI A4 2000 Abs Module Failure & Center cluster failure - 2000 audi a4 1.8t, 65,000 miles. abs comes on along with blinking
AUDI A6 2000 The Abs Control Module Fails intermittently causing the abs brakes to only work when the abs/brake warning indicator light is off. i have
AUDI A6 2003 Brake Lights Have Stopped Working. along with abs, traction & stability control. *tr
AUDI A4 2001 Failure Of Abs Brake Control unit in an audi 2001 a4 while driving on the freeway with snow. it occurred in salt lake city,
AUDI A4 1999 Abs Control Module Light Flashing and beeping ona 1 999 audi a4. although i thought it was only a warning, on down
AUDI A6 2005 Electronic Parking Brake Malfunction Light is on...turns out the wiring is corroded inside the switch. i'm the only owner of
AUDI A6 2003 Abs Control Unit Is Faulty on my audi a6 2003. i believe it is subject to recall indicated by the $1800 repair and
AUDI A4 2001 Abs Electrical Module That Has failed and is apparently a huge problem, it affects the braking system. *tr
AUDI A4 1999 Abs Kicks In During Low speed braking for no abs-related reason. *tr
AUDI A6 2000 Abs Control Module Has Failed on my 2000 audi a6. from an internet search this appears to be an almost taken for granted repair/replacement
AUDI A6 1999 I Drive A 1999 Audi a6 avant which is our primary family car. while driving the car one day, the car's abs
AUDI A4 1999 The Abs Module On My vehicle has failed. this problem seems to be quite prevalent amongst audi and vw vehicles. an

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