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Fri, 03 Jun 2011

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i have a 2002 audi a4 quattro 1.8t i bought the ...

i have a 2002 audi a4 quattro 1.8t i bought the car 4 months ago and out of 25 years of my driving cars,trucks,vans i have never experienced such a sad waste of time in engineering this car is worse than the mercedes e500 wich was another garbage can i hhave had nothing but problems from day 1 oil sensor light comes on first day then check engine the third day i took it for a full tune up engine flush radiator flush tranny fluid change all filters including fuel and oil filters oem updated all 4 coil packs that were supposed to be free audi denied the recall. changed spark plugs diverter valve turbo sensor solenoid total of $900 dollars within 3 days. then 2 days later car looses almost all power no boost took it to mechanic said oil sludge problem also a recall that audi denied again so bought the pcv valve kit and cooling hoses replaced out of my pocket offcourse another $400 dollars that didnt fix the problem then replaced maf sensor purge valve fuel injectors $700 dollars this did not fix the problem either still no boost verry slow acceleration now audi sais oil pump and cooler inter cooler coolant reservoir timing belt water pump kit coolant sensor egr valve thermostat and housing and radiator need to be replaced  WHAT THE F IS THIS?  im so frustrated i have 2 kids and dont even have steady job thats why  i bought a 2002 audi a4 quattro because of the superrior  reliability german cars had once upon a  time i thought or was thinking to keep this car for ever like you use to be able to do with german cars no one wants to take resposibility for theese cars that are clearly recalls false bad engineering and i cant stand when they try to sell you the high maintenance micky mouse stories THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MAINTENANCE THIS IS FLAT OUT POOR ENGINEERING NOT MAINTENANCE. maintenance is changing brakes, tires, fluids, tune ups THAT IS MAINTENANCE what i cant figure out is how is it possible for theese manufacturers mercedes bmw audi to still be  in buisnes? SPECIALY IN THIS ECONOMY how can so many millions of people have the same RELIABILITY PROBLEMS WITH THEESE CARS? around the globe not just in USA and they still denie everything and insist that its the drivers fault and we  dont take care of our cars. hmm we pamper love these cars more then our wives AND THIS IS THE SERVICE AND RELIABILLITY WE GET IN RETURN? and by the way NO ONE HAS THEESE RELIABILITY PROBLEMS OR THIS MAINTENANCE CRAP YOU SPEAK OF WITH AMERICAN OR JAPANEESE CARS. i am so discusted of what  experienced between mercedes bmw and audi that now even if in the future 10 years from now german cars get with the program i  will never trust a german car  again thanks to the un identified service and reliabilty. verry sad to say that it  looks like the german auto industry is done i doubt they will last a few years from now. well i have to go now trade this audi garbage can for a beutifull nissan murano awd.

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Thanks guys for giving information about AUDI A4 2010 Problem.

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Thanks Tracey

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