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10 Oct

AUDI Q5 2011 Less Than 1 Yr After i purchased my vehicle, i began having problems with oil consumption. i took it to the dealer
AUDI A4 2002 I Am Writing Regarding A sad story about my 2002 audi a4 quattro 3.0 sedan . while i realize

AUDI A4 2005 Shifting From Second To Third gear and the gas pedal went down to the floor and engine redlined rpms. i had to manually pull
AUDI Q7 2014 Car Periodically Stalls On Accelerating from a stop, even though engine is up to normal operating temperature. car will get to approx 10-15
AUDI A4 2007 Oil Warning Light Came On. this is after a 75,000 mile checkup was performed (even though the car has less than 75,000
AUDI A4 2011 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2011 audi a4. the contact stated that after the air conditioner was activated, the contact noticed a burning
AUDI A4 2009 I Owned The 2009 Audi a4 quattor. my car has a serious oil consumption problem around 350 miles per qt. i did a
AUDI A4 2007 This Audi And Many Others suffer from excessive oil consumption. about 1 quart synthetic oil is used/lost every 1000-2000 miles.
AUDI A4 2007 Low Pressure Alarm Came On and engine stalled . mechanic told me the cam shaft chain is broken and that is is fairly common
AUDI A4 2009 Recently Done Oil Change With synthetic oil (audi recommended) which should last for 10,000 miles before another oil change is needed. unfortunately after
AUDI A4 2010 Audi Cars Consume Oil Like crazy but my a4 takes one quart every 200 miles and i commute everyday to different city's for work and
AUDI A4 2007 Excessive Oil Consumption
AUDI A4 2010 The Oil Was Changed At 70,000 miles. the oil light came on twice after less than 2,000 miles. i
AUDI A6 2001 Driving Westbound On I20 From columbia, sc to st robert/fort leonard wood, mo when engine suddenly lost power. limped about 3/4 mi
AUDI A4 2011 I Have A 2011 Audi a4 2.0t that continues to consume oil which lead to a major engine malfunction @ 25k; 26k &
AUDI TT 2006 Driving Down The Road And my car stopped running. all the battery-operated functions (lights, windows, etc.) worked but the engine would
AUDI A4 2006 In October 2006, purchased a new 2006 audi a4 from carousel audi in golden valley, mn. the car was well
AUDI Q7 2007 Driving My Car When I heard pop and car stalled. engine would not turn over and had to have it towed to dealer.
AUDI A3 2007 I Was Driving And The car wouldn't shift into 3rd gear so i was holding up traffic and struggled to get the car back home.
AUDI A4 2010 Bought The Car Used From a dealership that inspected the car for any defects. while test driving the car, i had to
AUDI A4 2007 Excessive Oil Consumption A Quart every 1000 miles or less. *tr
AUDI S6 2013 I Put My Car In reverse gear and then pressed slightly on the gas pedal. the car didn't move. i checked my hand
AUDI Q5 2013 Unexpected Braking. I at once pulled off the road into a driveway and attempted to place the vehicle in park but was unable
AUDI S4 2013 The Vehicle Will Not Start. not with the "key" or the button starter. audi service claims its the battery but when
AUDI A6 2003 On May 3, 2013, i was driving on the expressway at approximately 10mph. suddenly, i began smelling smoke. i
AUDI A6 2013 This Does Not Refer To any specific incident. after purchasing the car i began to notice that when i accelerated from a stop,
AUDI A4 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 audi a4. the contact stated that there was a sweet, burning smell present in the vehicle for
AUDI TT 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 audi tt. the contact stated that while driving approximately 45 mph, the vehicle stalled. the vehicle
AUDI A4 2005 Can't Star And Epc Light on. *tr
AUDI A3 2013 While Driving In Seattle's Notorious stop and go traffic, my a3 tdi, has stalled. it acts as if i have "dropped"
AUDI A6 2002 I Recently Bought My Audi and throughout the summer it drove just fine, but once winter came around and the temperatures dropped, i
AUDI A4 2010 Car Brought In For Misfire condition that resulted in power reduction/hesitation while driving. dealer detected faulty injector. replaced injector and engine
AUDI S4 2013 Lost All Coolant Due To radiator leak from road hazard damage caused by bad design of front lower grill. it has no protective mesh
AUDI A4 2007 After A Stop Light Changed to green i started a left turn. immediately the car started to "shake". it seemed like i was
AUDI TT 2004 The Transmission Slips Violently Between 2 nd and 3 rd gear. there was a complete loss of power with the pedal down completely.
AUDI 100 1994 Complete Engine Shutdown Without Any prior warning after driving approx. 4 hours on i-95 south. car started and ran normally for another 3
AUDI Q5 2010 The Car Suddenly Stopped Not letting me start the engine or move the car again after two minutes. it was something very dangerous but
AUDI A4 2006 My 2006 Audi A4 Just died on the road the day after i did the 95k services.. couldn't start up the car after
AUDI Q7 2010 Tdi High Pressure Fuel Pump failure while accelerating from red light. this resulted in loss of power steering, power brakes and steering
AUDI A3 2010 This Complaint Relates To A tdi version of the audi a3. while driving my kids to school, the car stopped dead and
AUDI Q7 2010 This Is A Tdi Version of the q7. the high pressure fuel pump failed during normal use and sent metal parts through the
AUDI A6 2002 The Audi Was Stopped At a stop light when the rpm meter started to drop revs suddenly. once the car was in motion the
AUDI A4 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 audi a4. the contact stated that a week after having the oil changed, coolant flange replaced and
AUDI A3 2013 After Driving On The Highway for about 18 miles, took an exit and stopped at a traffic light. when the light changed to
AUDI Q7 2009 Ignition Coil Light Came On and vehicle engine began sputtering. pulled over to the side of the highway to attempt to turn around
AUDI A4 2006 Car Hesitated Under Acceleration At highway speeds resulting in total loss of power. car continued to have acceleration and idling problems.
AUDI A3 2011 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2011 audi a3 tdi. the contact stated that while driving 35 mph, the vehicle stalled without warning.
AUDI A6 2012 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2012 audi a6. the contact was driving 45 mph when she noticed that the check engine warning light was
AUDI A4 2009 The Car Burns 1 Quart of oil every 200 miles. its a well known issue with the 2009 a4 2.0t millions
AUDI Q5 2012 Entering My Garage, About halfway in the car suddenly accelerated forward; i had my foot on the brake while entering and immediately pushed
AUDI A4 2008 Problem: Premature Wear Of the cam and cam follower resulting in p0087 errors. this causes the car to run very erratic,
AUDI A4 2009 I Have Obtained This Car as a used car. engine oil was changed one week after i have the car at a mechanic
AUDI CABRIOLET 2003 I Purchased An Audi Because i thought i was buying quality. i have a broken hing on my glove box that rarely is
AUDI A6 2002 This Car Has Been Great to me. aside from a fuel pump going, just recently i was driving on the freeway and
AUDI A3 2010 While Driving On Local Roads, engine lost power and stopped running suddenly. i was able to restart the car after a minute

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