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Fri, 09 Sep 2011

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Another really difficult thing to diagnose was the engine light, and ...

Another really difficult thing to diagnose was the engine light, and warning bell sounding off for a yr. the dealer ship misdiagnosed the problem.  Charged me for a diagnostic test they did not do.  They sold me a battery, and sent me down the road.  Car broke down I paid towing fees yadayada.

I somehow learned that it was/is the cylanoid around the coil wear out. The v-6 has 6 of them I replaced two then.   Later one went out.   Now the same signs are showing up again.  The engine light goes on.  The warning beeper is insistent.  Then after ignoring it for months to a year eventually it won't run.  You can jump it, and keep pushing it, but my stupid brother in law stuck a portable battery charger under the hood connected to the battery drove it 5 miles home. 

The car made it home, but would start after charging just enough to die.  So I towed it 50 miles to the dealership.  This time they REALLY did a diagnostic problem with the (I think it was recall information I learned about the cylanoid coils wearing out) but they would never admit it to me.  They gave me a computer run around that said it had already been performed.  Anyone in their business could have entered that data into their computers so they could say "it says right here that you've had this recall fixed"  It's a few years so you may check into the recall portion of this.

They charged me $1,100 the first time $800 the second time, and the 3rd time I fixed it locally in a very small town they charged me $65.00.

This information should save some of you a lot of money I hope.

Now I have a current problem I need fixing.  For about a month now my engine is getting too hot. It started after my second to last Jiffy Lube oil change.  The next oil change I had done last week I told him what I just told you, and he said it needed the coolant flushed so they got $141 bucks from me under the disguise of fixing the running too hot problem.

The other problem my car seems to have re-occurring is a leaky oil gasket.  Maybe that is the only reason it smells hot.  Hmmm,  the gauges are not showing hot.  The Jiffy lube guy got under the engine wiped the oil pan to show me how much it was leaking.  It wasn't terribly thick, but I'm thinking that might be the burning smell. 

I'm thinking it's not going to be that simple, because I do recall feeling the heat from the engine it's hotter than normal.

SO DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT COULD BE MAKING MY ENGINE GET HOT AND SMELL LIKE IT'S BURNING?  Perhaps it needs a new thermostat, but the heater works great. 

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