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17 Mar

SUBARU LEGACY 1991 4 Wheel Drive Rear Suspension swing arms are cutting in half w/lower knuckle bushing bolt heads wear off. please describe details. tt
SUBARU LEGACY 1995 Can Not Control The Vehicle in bad weather back end slids. tt

SUBARU GL 1983 The Rear Inner Arm Assembly failed on both sides causing loss of control . tt vehicle is inoperable currently in conumer's garage,
SUBARU SUBARU 1987 Rear Axle Completely Corroded Out and split in half, replace rear suspension member. tt
SUBARU GL 1986 Rear Inner Arms Corroded, involved in initial recall for corroded inner arms. tt
SUBARU JUSTY 1990 Rear And Front Axles Went out and motor blew up. please describe detals. tt
SUBARU LEGACY 1996 While Vehicle Was Being driven rear end fall down, cause unknown. please give any further details.*ak
SUBARU FORESTER 1999 Would Hear Grinding Noises Coming from rear. the faster the vehicle was going, the louder the noise. took vehicle to dealer at
SUBARU SVX 1996 While Traveling 10 Mph Or faster consumer noticed a loud noise from the rear wheel. dealer has been contacted. please provide further information.
SUBARU GL 1981 The Left Rear Control Arm has broken away from the mounting, causing the vehicle to rear end/to pull from side to side. please
SUBARU GL 1987 The Rear Single Axle Is rusting out same recall for the 1987 # 92v001000 . *ak *slc
SUBARU OUTBACK 2000 Sway Bar Broke While Pulling out of driveway. dealer and manufacturer were notified. feel free to provide any further information.
SUBARU SVX 1992 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
SUBARU SVX 1992 Have Experienced Worn Rear-wheel Bearings on five separate occasions over the last four years. approximately every 12 - 20 miles (of mostly freeway driving)
SUBARU FORESTER 1999 There Was A Humming Sound coming from the rear end of the vehicle due to right rear wheel bearing failure. it was replaced by
SUBARU GL 1985 Right Rear Wheel Rotated To the near horizontal position, making the vehicle inoperatble.
SUBARU IMPREZA 1993 Right Rear Axle Bearing Scorced, replace bearing/seals/axle
SUBARU SUBARU 1987 Rear Axle Corroded Prior To recall, recall repairs refused due to model year. (92v-001) *aw
SUBARU GL 1986 Right/rear Trailing Arm Cracked After recall repairs, causing tire to lean inward. *aw
SUBARU OUTBACK 2001 My Vehicle Was Included In nhtsa campaign 03v153000, which resulted in manufacturer recall wwm96-rear. this recall was performed on my vehicle on
SUBARU OUTBACK 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2002 subaru outback sport. while having the vehicle examined, the contact was informed that the sub frame had
SUBARU OUTBACK 2001 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2001 subaru outback. the contact stated the frame under the vehicle was rusted and corroded. the vehicle was
SUBARU OUTBACK 2005 Driving On Icy/snowy Roads, the back end sways/"ghost walks" extremely dangerously probably 2-3" each way regardless of braking/turning/straightaway/accelerating. we were driving along
SUBARU OUTBACK 2000 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2000 subaru outback. the contact stated that the rear cross bar was rusted. the vehicle was previously
SUBARU OUTBACK 2003 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2003 subaru outback. the contact stated she took the vehicle in to the dealer for a regular maintenance when
SUBARU OUTBACK 2008 2008 Subaru Outback 2.5i driving straight on compacted snow or icy roads starting at approx. 35mph. rear of vehicle feels as
SUBARU OUTBACK 2005 2005 Subaru Outback Exhibits A serious of stability when driving at a steady speed on the highway when there is the slightest degradation of traction.
SUBARU OUTBACK 2005 2005 Subaru Outback Unstable Rear suspension. this car is absolutely terrifying to drive at hwy speeds in adverse weather conditions. the rear
SUBARU OUTBACK 2005 Rear End Of The Vehicle fishtails when driving straight on an icy road. i have read many similar reports and experienced the issue
SUBARU OUTBACK 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 subaru outback awd (na). while driving approximately 35 mph during snowy weather, the rear of the vehicle began
SUBARU OUTBACK 2008 Ghostwalking Subaru Outback, 2008. driving my family (2 adults, 2 teens) to a family event, along with luggage, experienced rear
SUBARU OUTBACK 2003 Car Is A 2003 Subaru outback with around 60,000 miles on it. it is registered and driven in vermont year-round. the driver's
SUBARU OUTBACK 2003 Accelerating From Complete Stop, i heard a loud snap from the right rear wheel well. upon inspection by an ase mechanic,
SUBARU OUTBACK 2005 90 Degree Swing Of Rear end when traveling at only 10 mph on icy road with excellent snow tires. there may be a
SUBARU OUTBACK 2009 Vehicle Has A Shimmy When driving at highway speeds: 70-75 mph. shimmy has been present since vehicle delivery. 5 trips to
SUBARU OUTBACK 2008 2008 Subaru Outback Wagon Sways dangerously on rough roads. the sensation is that when one hits a bump the rear end bounces/kicks/walks out
SUBARU IMPREZA 2002 2002 Subaru Imprezza. Consumer states that the left steering control arm rusted and broke while driving. *gr it was also noted the
SUBARU IMPREZA 2002 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2002 subaru impreza. the contact stated that water penetrated the radiator causing it to fail. the front subframe,
SUBARU OUTBACK 2005 We Have A 2005 Subaru outback that sways in the rear of car under the following conditions 1. over bumps the rear will swing
SUBARU IMPREZA 2004 About 12000 Miles, the right rear of vehicle began to make a knocking noise while going over bumps,braking or accelerating is more
SUBARU OUTBACK 2007 I Own A 2007 Subaru outback 2.5i with a manual transmission. this vehicle is an early warning indicator for black ice on
SUBARU OUTBACK 2005 I Have Several Times Experienced what is known as “ghost walking” while driving my 2005 subaru outback 2.4i. i have driven under the
SUBARU OUTBACK 2008 Experienced Severe Fishtailing On Slightly slippery roads with a 2008 subaru outback. this was highly unusual for an all wheel drive car and
SUBARU OUTBACK 2010 My Wife And I Have been loyal subaru owners for over ten years, but we have encountered two troubling problems within the same year.
SUBARU OUTBACK 2008 Subaru Outback 2008 2.5i side-to-side motion: recurring issue is considerably dangerous and presents itself when driving on wet and
SUBARU WRX 2004 Rear Suspension Struts Bind And clunk due to lubrication issue. both original struts replaced under warranty as well as one of the replacements and
SUBARU OUTBACK 2006 My 2006 Subaru Outback Begins to ghostwalk at about 50mph and is unsafe, smaller cars and vehicles can pass me with better control while
SUBARU OUTBACK 2005 In December Of 2008 I drove from idaho to montana over christmas. road conditions were broken ice and compact snow. whenever
SUBARU OUTBACK 2006 1. Slick Road Conditions with moderate to heavy passenger or cargo load 2. rear of the vehicle loses control in any kind
SUBARU OUTBACK 2005 I¿m A Recent Owner Of a 2005 subaru outback xt with 58k miles and under certain adverse weather situations; the car¿s tracking/driving characteristics perform
SUBARU OUTBACK 2006 This Past Week In Minnesota we had cold enough temps so that road salt was ineffective on i-35 north of minneapolis. we had
SUBARU OUTBACK 2006 2006 Subaru Outback 2.5i base with automatic transmission. my vehicle has a noticeable erratic stability handling problem on the rear of the
SUBARU OUTBACK 2006 I Have A 2006 Subaru outback limited wagon. driving on wet roads, not even icy, the most minor bump in the road,
SUBARU OUTBACK 2005 I Drive A 2005 Subaru outback xt limited and have experienced the rear sway, unstable conditions that many other people seem to be experiencing.
SUBARU OUTBACK 2006 2006 Subaru Outback Auto Trans. on many occasions the vehicle's rear-end side-steps or oscillates on icy/snow-packed road conditions. this has also been described
SUBARU FORESTER 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 subaru forester. while driving approximately 65 mph, the contact heard a loud noise outside of the vehicle.
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 Both Rear Wheel Bearings Replaced at 51,000 miles. *tr
SUBARU WRX 2004 Rear Struts Bind And Seize due to inadequate lubrication. first two occurrences at ~15000mi, third occurrence at ~30000mi, fourth occurrence at 40000mi.
SUBARU OUTBACK 2006 2006 Subaru Legacy Outback 2. 5i with 44k miles. on hard pack snow/ice/slush this vehicle has a very noticeable tendency to lose control
SUBARU OUTBACK 2005 While Driving On Icy Roads at speeds of 40 mph or more, the car sometimes "floats" to the side several inches. it
SUBARU OUTBACK 2005 2005 Subaru Outback, 2. 5l, 4eat, awd vehicle feels"loose" at speeds greater than ~35 on highways with patchy ice, slush,
SUBARU OUTBACK 2006 I Have A 2006 Subaru outback 2.5i. occasionally, while driving on snowpacked/icy roads the rear end begins to sway abruptly back
SUBARU OUTBACK 2006 I Own A 2006 Subaru outback 2.5i with automatic transmission and about 28,000 miles. it is an all wheel drive vehicle.
SUBARU WRX 2005 Subaru Will Not Replace/fix Strut clunk noise coming from the rear. many others have complain and there is still no solution. this can
SUBARU OUTBACK 2006 I Am In My Third season driving my 2006 subaru outback to lake tahoe for winter ski season. i've always felt confident driving
SUBARU OUTBACK 2006 Rear Tracking Begins Oscillating Dangerously in winter driving conditions. extremely dangerous. going 30 mph and being passed by every car on
SUBARU OUTBACK 2006 '06 Subaru Outback(auto) Seems To have handling issues caused by awd system. some have described it as "ghostwalking", where the rear end of
SUBARU FORESTER 2001 2001 Subaru Forester 87500 Miles on it. 12/2007 had rear wheel bearings replaced at independent shop. now it is 12/2008 with
SUBARU LEGACY 2005 discussion board ( is calling 'ghost walking'. i was driving home from up
SUBARU OUTBACK 2007 2007 Subaru Outback Does not handle properly on icy roads. the awd fails or pulls, causing the driver to lose control
SUBARU FORESTER 1998 Increasing Grinding Noise From Rear of car; dealer inspected and found failing right real wheel bearing; repair found failed seal on axle;
SUBARU OUTBACK 2003 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2003 subaru outback. while driving at any speed, the vehicle bounces, shakes, and wobbles from side
SUBARU IMPREZA 2000 Right Rear Wheel Bearing Replaced 63948, 67346, 84427 miles. had to go on the internet to find out that it is a
SUBARU FORESTER 1998 My '98 Subaru Forester Is experiencing rear wheel bearing failure again. these bearings are defective and fail often, from what i've read on
SUBARU OUTBACK 2006 2006 Subaru Outback Wagon 2. 5i rear-sway side-stepping and what i have seen described as "ghost-walking" on icy conditions. the awd system on
SUBARU OUTBACK 2005 On Snowy/icy Road, The handling on my 05 outback xt was worse than everything else on the road that day. the rear-end
SUBARU FORESTER 2000 I Have Had To Replace rear wheel bearing on my 2000 subaru forester 3 times right and left rear over the last four years.
SUBARU OUTBACK 2005 Unstable Car Is extremely unstable on ice or slush cover roads. this has happened many times in the past 2 years.
SUBARU OUTBACK 2005 Car Is Extremely Unstable On slick roads. specifically the rear of the vehicle "fishtails". *tr
SUBARU OUTBACK 2005 My 2005 Subaru Outback Xt limited does not handle well in snow/icy conditions. the rear end oscillates back and forth in a very
SUBARU OUTBACK 2005 While Driving On Icy Roads, the rear end of the car pitches left & right at an oscillation of about 1hz, 2-3" constantly
SUBARU FORESTER 2001 Left Rear Wheel Bearing Has been replaced twice. right rear wheel bearing needs to be replaced now. dealer service personnel told
SUBARU FORESTER 2001 01 Forester Was Bought From van bortel subaru on 4/24/04 coming off a lease with 29,000 miles. i had to negotiate that dealer
SUBARU FORESTER 1998 My 98 Forester Had The right rear bearing changed 3 times by non dealer chain. started making noise again. when i went to
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 Both Rear Wheel Bearings Needed to be replaced at 51,000 miles. *tr
SUBARU LEGACY 2001 Wheel Bearing Failure At 59, 000 miles
SUBARU BAJA 2005 I Own A 2005 Subaru baja with 27,000 miles on it. i noticed a rattle coming from the right rear and found
SUBARU FORESTER 2000 10/19/04 Right Rear Wheel Bearing replaced on my 2000 subaru forester at 56,886 miles (previous maint performed on 3/2/04) at a cost of $324.
SUBARU WRX 2005 There Is A Clunking Noise at slow speed coming from the rear of the car. a lot of owner in the internet forums
SUBARU IMPREZA 2005 Rear Struts On My 2005 subaru impreza have blown tree times since vehicle purchase in june 2005. subaru has changed the pn# to an
SUBARU IMPREZA 2004 Rear Struts (and Possibly Front) are making a clunking noise when car is driven at slow speeds. the noise is quite apparent and
SUBARU IMPREZA 2002 Dt*: The Contact Stated While depressing the brake pedal on bumpy roads, there was a longer stopping distance. this occurred on two
SUBARU OUTBACK 2005 On An Extended Road Trip (17000 mi), in our new 2005 outback, we went through two sets of tires. the dealership corrected
SUBARU IMPREZA 2000 Defective Wheel Bearings. replaced rear-right in 2002, rear left feb 2004, both rear jun 2006. *nm
SUBARU FORESTER 2000 Left Wheel Bearing Went Out may 2004. paid approx. $1300 to repair it at a subaru dealership. right wheel bearing went out
SUBARU FORESTER 2001 Failure Of Rear Wheel Bearings. *nm
SUBARU IMPREZA 1997 Failure Of Rear Wheel Bearings. *nm
SUBARU FORESTER 1999 After Purchasing My 1999 Subaru forester, at 67,000 miles the left rear wheel bearing began to fail. this appears to be
SUBARU FORESTER 2000 Dt*: The Contact Stated mechanical vibration noise at frequency of wheel rotation, persisting after complete wheel change when changing from all-weather to
SUBARU IMPREZA 1999 My 99 Subaru Impreza Rs's rear wheel bearings are starting to fail. i've been doing some research and find that this is a common
SUBARU IMPREZA 2005 With Around 6,000 Miles on my 05 impreza wrx sti a clunking noise appeared in the rear right side suspension assembly. the dealer
SUBARU FORESTER 2001 I Own Three Subaru Vehicles one of which is a 2001 forester-l. i have had to replace the r/r wheel bearing on my forester
SUBARU FORESTER 2001 Dt: This Is The Third time that the rear wheel bearings on the passenger side need to be replaced. there was a loud
SUBARU IMPREZA 2005 I Was Travailing 40-45 Mph on a 2 lane road in my 2005 subaru wrx sti. i came out of a small s curve
SUBARU IMPREZA 2004 Rear Struts Stick And Will not rebound after a compression stroke. causes rear to sag and handling feels very loose. very
SUBARU FORESTER 2001 Consumer Stated Rear Wheel bearing wore out prematurely. this part was replaced four times. *ak
SUBARU FORESTER 1999 Rear Wheel Bearings On My 1999 subaru forrester purchased on mar 6, 1999 have failed on the left rear wheel at 31619 miles
SUBARU IMPREZA 2000 While Driving 30 Mph Vehicle fish tailed and crashed into a ditch. *ak
SUBARU OUTBACK 2001 The Consumer Is Unable To get an appointment since july 2003 to have the recall work performed. the recall is for rear suspension
SUBARU FORESTER 1998 Problems With Wheel Bearings On 1998 subaru forester. *mr the rear wheel bearings on the right side were replaced twice.
SUBARU FORESTER 1998 The Rear Wheel Bearing Showed signs of excessive wear every 30000 to 40000 miles. the dealer/independent shop replaced the part.
SUBARU FORESTER 1999 While Making A Right Turn, the consumer heard a rubbing noise. upon inspection of the vehicle, the rear strut spring plate
SUBARU OUTBACK 2001 Recall 03v153000 Concerning Rear Suspension sub frame assembly: vehicle was taken to the dealer for recall repairs. the consumer was told that
SUBARU IMPREZA 1995 At 53743 Miles Right Wheel bearing went, fixed by dealer. i noticed the same noise again at 78378, only 24,635 later
SUBARU IMPREZA 1995 Right Rear Wheel Bearing Went at 53,743 miles on my 1995 subaru impreza. subaru had a tsb and used legacy bearings for the
SUBARU FORESTER 2000 2000 Subaru Forester S rear wheel bearings replaced at 19k under warranty then, at 67k, 70k, 80k and
SUBARU OUTBACK 2000 Consumer Received Recall Notice 03v153000 concerning the rear suspension subframe corrosion in july 2003. dealer still does not have the parts available
SUBARU LEGACY 2000 Recall Repair Could Not Be performed because the undercarriage of the vehicle was too dirty. *mr the recall letter stated "will
SUBARU OUTBACK 2000 Consumer Received Recall 03v153000, but a weld on right rear of rear suspension that should be rust proofed already cracked.*ak
SUBARU OUTBACK 2000 Possible Defect Of Rear Sub-frame assembly with poor paint quality.*mr the consumer received a recall which stated if the vehicle is operated for
SUBARU OUTBACK 2000 The Vehicle Experienced The same problem as the recall on the rear suspension. the dealer did not repair the problem because the
SUBARU FORESTER 2001 I Have A 2001 Subaru forester. in the fall of 2002, the right rear wheel bearing went bad and was replaced by
SUBARU FORESTER 2000 Complained To Servicing Dealer About excessive noise. report was at 49,622 miles, both rear wheel bearings have failed. this
SUBARU FORESTER 1999 I Have Had To Replace rear wheel bearings on my 1999 subaru forester three (3) times. the left rear wheel bearings had to be
SUBARU FORESTER 2001 The Rear Wheel Bearing Failed, however the manufacturer did not agree to correct the problem. *jb. *ak
SUBARU FORESTER 2000 Had To Have Wheel Bearings on both sides of the rear replaced at only 44,000 miles on my 2000 subaru forester. upon
SUBARU IMPREZA 1999 The Rear Wheel Bearings Had to be replaced. *ak *jb
SUBARU FORESTER 1999 Rear Bearing Should Fail At 40000 miles. it is a design flaw, as many foresters had experienced the same thing.

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