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26 Jun

LINCOLN TOWN CAR 2000 Requesting Recall Information On The aforesaid car.
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 2000 Keyless Pad On Driver Door is not functioning properly. last 2 buttons lock vehicle, but head and taillights come on. sometimes
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 2000 Part Of Instrument Panel Will light up only when headlights are on, and the other part will light up only when turning on
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1996 Consumer Was Driving and engine light came on. *ak
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1999 Intermittently While Driving In The cruise control mode,and when occupant pressed the brakes, vehicle jumped forward and speeded up which may have
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1997 When Making A Left Hand turn while traveling 15 mph steering wheel locked up, causing vehicle to pull to the left.
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1998 The Speedomoter Gauge/the Temperature Gauge and the gas gauge do not light up unless high beams are being used. consumer is not able to
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 2001 Consumer States That They Hit the gas pedal instead of brake pedal as a result of them being too close together.
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 2000 Consumer Accidently Hit The gas pedal instead off the brake pedal as a result of them being to close together. dealer
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2002 While Traveling On Highway vehicle pulled to the left. also, engine check light appeared on dashboard.
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 2002 Consumer States When Looking Through the windshield at eye level, all you see is the defrost vent grill, its reflecting on windshield at
LINCOLN LS 2001 The Consumer Believes The Ashtray/light is too small which causes a safety hazard, to use the ashtray the driver has to take his/her eyes
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1996 I Have Contacted Lincoln About the paint and mirrors and they will not do anything about it. the mirror is on the driver's
LINCOLN MARK VIII 1997 The Keys Are Not Available at any dealership or afternarket. imagine losing your keys in a strange town. it took the dealer
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1999 No Summary. Dt
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 1998 We Have Had Our Navigator into the dealership a total of 8 times in the last 3 years. the following had to be replaced:
LINCOLN LS 2000 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 2001 Cannot Read The Instrument Panel in bright sunlight. this includes the speedometer as well as the other information.*ak
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1996 Forf Spec. Serv. message # 08873 states do not fix this condition. no safety defec tmentioned. *ak
LINCOLN MARK VIII 1997 Gas Gauge And Electronic message center display erroneous fuel information that results in an unpredictable out-of-gas condition while operating the vehicle. without
LINCOLN MARK VIII 1994 Tansmission Rear Seal Replaced, continued to slip, then the power steering pump went out air ride system was replaced both left and
LINCOLN MARK VIII 1998 I Can Not Get The history on this car for the time period 12/98 to 5/2000, can you advise me?no safety defect listed in
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1994 At Random Times During Any trip in the vehicle, the oil level gauge will drop and warning bells will toll. upon repeated
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1997 Anti Theft - System Would go off on its own; locked garage, etc. after 3 tries, dealer replaced sterring column tamper
LINCOLN MARK VIII 1996 This Device Was Repaired Twice under warranty. now that it failed again out of warranty (same type problem), i have to pay
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1994 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
LINCOLN MARK VIII 1997 Even In The Slightest Amount of snow, the vehicle fails to have any traction. this is regardless of the traction control.
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1994 No Summary Listed For This vehicle. *ak
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1994 The Door Locks Would Not always automatically lock when the car was put into drive when i purchased it. i took it back
LINCOLN MARK VIII 1998 No Summary Listed For This vehicle. *ak
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 1998 Lincoln Authorized Service Dept Stated that the failure was due to a defect
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 1998 No Summary( Dot Number: )
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1997 If The Lights Are Turned on during the day, the instrument panel cannot be read.
LINCOLN MARK VIII 1997 Keyless Entry System Failed. *yc
LINCOLN LS 2000 Consumer States He Noticed That miles per gallon indicator was not working properly. *jb
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 2000 Sunlight Causes A Reflection Of the defrost vents onto the windshield, the images are at eye level and become very distracting as the vehicle
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1999 Consumer Is Not Able To read the visual instrument panel due to design and the consumers colored blindness. *mjs
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1999 The Driver Can Not See the visual image speedometer indicator and other functional operational dials in the cluster because he is colorblind due to design.
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1994 No Summary
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1996 No Information Reportrd.
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1996 Idle Air Control (bypass) Valve failure causing vehicle makes loud horn like noise.
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1995 Popping Noise Under Dash In glove box area.
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1995 Engine Warning Light Illuminated.
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1995 Underdash Panel Has Insufficient Clearance, causing the toe of shoe to catch. *sd
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2004 For The Past 6-8 Months my vehicle has sporadically stalled/stopped for no apparent reason. when it stops like this it can occur on the
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 2005 Applied Brakes And Car Unexpectedly accelerated. this has happened 6-7 over the last 3 months. the last time the car was at a
LINCOLN AVIATOR 2004 As I Was Exiting A store and walking toward my vehicle, i noticed what looked like a black streak on the back of
LINCOLN MKZ 2011 Display In Dashboard Displayed "blindspot not available". simultaneously, the blind spot warning light on passenger (right) side came on and would not go
LINCOLN MKS 2010 I Used The Automatic Parking feature. instead of parking it hit the side of the vehicle that i was parking behind, the vehicle
LINCOLN MKX 2009 Outside Of Drivers Side Door handle came off
LINCOLN MKZ 2008 After Spending Over 3,500$ on noises while turning and having replaced the tires because the tire was constantly going flat the 17" 8
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2005 Our 05 Lincoln Navigator We just purchased about 7-8 months ago. the retractable running boards broke on the driver side rear in the
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 2004 The Interior Door Lock Within the panel broke off on the drivers side & the clips broke off on the passengers side. per lincoln
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1999 1999 Lincoln Town Car With 71,932 miles suddenly and without any warning caught fire ten minutes after being parked in an attached garage.
LINCOLN MKX 2007 I Was Turning And It started making loud noise like rattling .sound like metal and when i hit the gas it sound worse.
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2001 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2001 lincoln navigator. the contact stated that while parked and unoccupied, the vehicle spontaneously combusted. the fire
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1994 The Car Always Beeps Overheats and loses steering. *tr
LINCOLN MARK LT 2006 Purchase Vehicle March 17th 2012 and as of may 08 2012 we still do not have a registration for our vehicle. i called the
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1992 The Car Had Been Driven on a trip of approximately 450 miles and was then parked in our driveway where it sat without being entered,
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1996 The Vehicle Was Parked When we were informed that there was smoke coming from our vehicle, i went to investigate and found that the
LINCOLN LS 2005 Rolled Down Left Passenger Window and would not come up. went to repair shop and was told they would have to take off
LINCOLN MKT 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 lincoln mkt. while driving approximately 65 mph the contact smelled a strong odor emitting from the
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1993 The Car Had Been Driven like every other day.the car had been parked in my drive way for about 3 to 4 hours.i
LINCOLN AVIATOR 2004 I Own A 2004 Lincoln aviation. on 6 may 2011, while driving down the road, i heard a loud sound in
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1999 Ford Motor Company, P. o. box 1904, dearborn, michigan 48121, chose to not warn a segment of their full-size car
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 2004 The Front Interior Door Handles, on the driver and passenger sides, became dislodged from the internal door opening mechanism, cannot be returned
LINCOLN MARK VIII 1998 The Brakes Can Quit Working after the automatic parking brake release solenoid fails to release the rear brakes when the transmission lever is moved out
LINCOLN AVIATOR 2004 The Back Lift Component Has a crack on each side of the lincoln emblem. the body shop near where i work told me that
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2005 While Driving My 2005 Lincoln navigator the vehicle stopped in the middle of traffic without any warning. eventually restarted the vehicle and took
LINCOLN LS 2002 My Car Has Numerous Parts that tear up repeatedly, within a 6 months time. valve cover gasket had replaced twice within a
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 2006 My 2006 Lincoln Town Car brake pedal depresses below the level of the accelerator a significant amount. the ford/lincoln dealer reports that it
LINCOLN LS 2000 I Have A 2000 Lincoln ls 3.9l v8 with approximately 115,000 miles and i have been experiencing unintended acceleration in my vehicle.
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 2005 2005 Lincoln Tonw Car Accelerator sticks, with cruise control not engaged. it will accelerate while braking, at a stop, in reverse,
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2008 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2008 lincoln navigator. the vehicle burst into flames while parked in the garage. both the vehicle and
LINCOLN LS 2000 I Believe My 2000 Lincoln ls is unsafe to drive do to the fact that the shifting is erratic. this car has actually cut
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2003 A Popping Sound Came From beneath the hood of my 2003 lincoln navigator. after taking the car to my local ford dealership service
LINCOLN LS 2000 My 2000 Lincoln Ls Has had numerous mechanical problems resulting in thousands of dollars in repairs. the car is in the shop right now
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2000 2000 Lincoln Navigator, Radio flashes on and off with vehicle off, and windshield wipers are not working, after vehicle has been sitting
LINCOLN ZEPHYR 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 lincoln zephyr. the contact stated that the windows and sunroof open without the vehicle being started simply by
LINCOLN LS 2001 Air Bag Light On Won't go off/front suspension making noise (ball joints) horn won't work and window motor broke in 2007 we replaced front driver
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 2000 My Vehicle Started Vibrating Internally when i reach 70 miles per hour. if feels as though the seat has vibrator in it.
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 1999 Since Purchasing The Car In may 1999, i have had no working dash lights in the car starting at 22,000 miles.
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1999 Car Has A Problen In the steering box. took it to a specialist and ford discounted it. they sent a lincoln rep down
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1996 Car Stalls Both When Idling ready to move and turning corners where it loses power steering
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1997 The Theft Alarm System Activates on a random basis. by following the ownwers manual, the system may be deactivated by entering the code
LINCOLN AVIATOR 2003 1. I Was Sitting at a traffic light first thing in the morning when all my warning lights on the dash came on and
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 2002 Have Been To The Dsb board they requested the repaint that looked awfull, they have now requested a second repaint and i want reiembursed
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 2001 I'm In The Limo Business and my problem is with the dealers during warranty. they say the check engine light being on is a
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1996 Chrome Trim Around Front And rear window is turning ugly browm and can\\'t be cleaned. to replace front window is $292 and to
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 2002 When Going Down A Hill with the cruise control on the car keeps picking up speed.
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1998 Driver Noticed Flames At The right rear corner of the vehicle while driving along the ohio turnpike. *ph *mr
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 2000 Both Rear Windows Have Failed and now drivers side window has issues. front brakes had be replaced and now grind when stopping at high
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1998 1) Leak From Manifold, involved replacing whole manifold. 2) paint peeling from bumpers. 3) air conditioner blower motor failure.
LINCOLN NAVIGATOR 2003 Without Warning The Vehicle Stalled while the consumer was driving at an undetermined speed. the consumer contacted the dealer on four separate
LINCOLN MARK VIII 1996 The Headlights That Came Standard on 1993-1996 mark viiis are not safe for public roads. they are probably the weakest headlights ever placed into
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 2003 Various Problems With 2003 Lincoln towncar.*mr the radio had alot of static in it. the consumer has been having a difficult
LINCOLN LS 2000 The Decorative Cap That Covers the lug nuts swelled which made it difficult to change the tires. the wrench that came with the
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1998 Service And Repair Of 1998 lincoln continental.*mr the consumer was upset that the dealer was still servicing the vehicle which was going on
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 2002 let me look up my car ( my car is a 2002 lincoln continental.
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 2002 2002 Lincoln Continental. front air dam made of brittle plastic and breaks if it touches anything. this vehicle has 8500 miles
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1999 Consumer Information Form Involving Incident with 1994 lincoln town car. *mr ph
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 2001 The Vehicle Contained A Severe malfunction flaw in the vehicle. *ak *jb
LINCOLN TOWN CAR 1997 Recall#98v322000 Was Not Valid. the consumer stated that there were no recalls. *jb scc
LINCOLN CONTINENTAL 1997 Anti-theft System Self-activates.

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