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Gmc Visibility Windshield Reports

Saturday 13th of June 2015 12:51:40 AM

GMC JIMMY 1993 Front Brake Pads Wear Excessively, have replaced front pads 3 times in 29k miles. tt brake pedal went to the floor.
GMC SAFARI 1994 Driver's Side Window Broke Into tiny frangments of glass. tt
GMC C1500 1994 Drivers Side Door Glass Was not tempered properly. it shattered into large chunks. tt
GMC C25 1992 Driver Side Glass Shattered. no indication of cracks or objects hitting the window. tt
GMC GMC 1998 Lost Control When Braking, history shows either pulls left or right when braking and/or pulsating. align spec, to no avail.
GMC VANDURA 1995 Windshield Was Leaking Around Seal. vehicle taken to dealer 6 times and unable to remedy problem. *ak consumer stated that
GMC M SERIES 1997 Windshield Will Intermittently Stop Working without any prior warning.*ak *slcconsumer stated this is a 2500 series, 1995.*slc
GMC SONOMA 1996 When Consume Ris traveling on highway windshield isn't properly in place. dealership is aware of problem.*ak
GMC JIMMY 2000 Abs Light Keeps Coming On, and has already been replaced once. dealer cant find cause. *ak driver window would not
GMC JIMMY 1997 When Both Back Windows Are down and driving at approximately55-65 mph vehicle will shake and steering wheel will vibrate . there is no
GMC SIERRA 1997 While Sitting At A Stop sign, the side window shattered causing temporary hearing and sight impairment. *ak
GMC SUBURBAN 1995 The 1st Year Rotors Cracked & brakes replaced. windshield wiper motor stopped working during a storm. dealer replaced motor. problem still exists.
GMC SONOMA 1995 The Handle That Rolls Up the window broke off, causing serious finger injuries. *ak
GMC VANDURA G2500 1989 Driving At Approx 20 Mph stopped at a sign, went to check gas pedal which was stuck. 2 blocks down van began pull
GMC JIMMY 1995 Consumer Says Her Wipers Work fine when first turned on. shortly after, at any time, wipers will go off. sometimes
GMC SUBURBAN 1997 The Front Driver's Side Window shattered after sitting in direct sunlight for 10-12 hours. *ak
GMC SAFARI 1996 Windshield Leaks Water During Rainy weather; also, sliding door is opened w/difficulty with latch design possible failure. please describe details.
GMC SAFARI 2002 Consumer States That The Instrument panel goes out with out warning at night. the overhead information panel has not worked since vehicle was purchased.
GMC YUKON XL 2000 Weather Stripping Between Driver's Front door and rear passenger's door allows water to seep into vehicle. please provide additional inormation.*ak
GMC SAVANNAH 1999 Consumer Gets Dizzy And Also gets a headache when looking through windshield. looks like windshield has waves and spots in it. dealer
GMC VANDURA 1995 Side Window Shattered Causing Glass fragments inside the vehicle
GMC K1500 1994 Glass Is Separating From Laminate, causing the windshield to bubble. *ak *slc
GMC JIMMY 1997 Vehicle Suddenly Accelerated When Idiling. dealer has been contacted, and has replaced fuel injectors. please provide further details.*ak the heating
GMC SAFARI 1996 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
GMC SIERRA 2000 Rear Glass Frame Cracked From factory and replacement failed twice and had to be replaced with flat glass not the sliding glass i ordered from
GMC SIERRA 2000 I Was Driving At A speed of 60 mph with all windows shut and my air condition on when my drivers side ext-cab window just
GMC YUKON 2000 The Rear Windows Will Not go up or down and sometimes the passenger window will not wrork either. i have also had a grinding
GMC SUBURBAN 1999 Windshield Cracked Up Middle, we've seen many gmc products with the same crack
GMC YUKON 2000 Vehicle Was Sitting On Its own when glass exploded. the weather was nice around 80 degrees even if not this shouldn't have happened.
GMC SIERRA 1999 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
GMC YUKON 2000 While Driving Home In The right lane on a two-highway, the driver's window spontaneously shattered. i was driving through a swamp-no people
GMC SONOMA 1996 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
GMC YUKON 1995 Rear Door And Windows Leak causing extensive rust front to back under the carpet and in the rear doors and mildew in the carpet.
GMC JIMMY 1998 Truck Would Not Run At full power due to the ignition switch lights would also fail on the dash . key would also get
GMC SIERRA 1999 Excessive Wind Noise And Air leak in both extended-cab side windows. windows do not secure properly and dealer has refusesed to remedy the
GMC SONOMA 1995 A New Truck Shouldn't Have window & door problems. *ak
GMC SUBURBAN 1995 Windshield Wiper Motor, Hvac controls, door window motors (2), alternator, and radio failed between 50,000 and 75,000.
GMC JIMMY 1998 Windshield Molding.
GMC SAFARI 1997 Windshield Cracked For No Apparent reason. yh
GMC GMC TRUCK 1996 A Very Small Rock Caused a crack in the windshield.
GMC SAFARI 1996 Problem With Windshield.
GMC SIERRA 1997 The Windshield Appears To Have bubbles between the glass and air is moving inside the glass, the bubbles inside the windshield are getting bigger.
GMC SIERRA 2000 Rear Windows Have Been Replaced several times due to wind noise. nlm
GMC SAFARI 1997 The Left Rear Window Bracket failed to lock in place causing the window to slam on childs fingers after it had been serviced.
GMC SAVANA 1997 Back Rear Windows On The back doors are not set correctly.
GMC SUBURBAN 1994 Right Rear Window Shattered Because they were deep tint with solar ray.
GMC SONOMA 1994 Windshield Makes Clicking Noise When temperature changes as if it will break, spots on the windshield make it difficult to see.
GMC K2500 1996 Noise Coming From Rear Window, window sealed however noise still present.
GMC BUS 1995 Emergency Window Alarm Inoperative.
GMC PICK UP 1988 Window Regulator Replaced.
GMC JIMMY 1994 Problem With Driver's Window. *skd
GMC SAFARI 1994 Windshield Problems.
GMC C SERIES(LIGHT) 1994 Cab Window Leaks.
GMC ACADIA 2008 Gmc Acadia 2008. Water leakage from sunroof and or windshield, entering columns containing airbags (water was leaking out of airbags on columns) and
GMC YUKON XL 1500 2008 Windshield Has A Distortion Across the middle. causing everything to look distorted and making you dizzy. *tr
GMC YUKON XL 1500 2005 I Have 2005 Gmc Yukon xl that i purchased on the year end sale. so i have had it for about 1 1/2
GMC YUKON DENALI XL 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 gmc yukon denali xl. while driving 75 mph, the vehicle's windshield was struck just below the wiper
GMC JIMMY 1993 1993 Gmc Jimmy Had Level 4 corrosion with perforation in the bonding. *ts (12/05/05) windshield issue. *sc
GMC ENVOY 2005 Purchased New 05 Envoy Xl 12/04. windshield is so defective it is dififcult to focus or see clearly to drive. causes
GMC CANYON 2005 The Consumer Indicated That The windshield glass is too fragile and cracks very easily from outside forces. exp (cinder). it has cracked twice
GMC SIERRA 2004 The Windshield Is Leaking Water down into the electrical system. the wiring is shorting out. also, the linkage has fallen out.
GMC ENVOY 2004 When It Rained The Consumer noticed it leaked into the vehicle. the consumer made contact with the dealer on five separate occasions.
GMC JIMMY 1998 On My Way To Work, my windshield wiper keeps failing. it's almost 100% guaranteed to fail during any rain. it
GMC SIERRA 2002 2002 Gmc Sierra Denali Wheel bearing failure left & right side as well as front differential trouble. *ak
GMC JIMMY 1998 My Winshield Wiper/washer Fails Without notice. i took it to my regular repair shop and was referred to the local gmc dealer account recall
GMC SAFARI 2001 Brakes Faulty. Brand New pads installed last week all around adjusted and dealer claims all is well but problem still exists. it

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