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Ford Service Brakes, Air Disc Pads Reports

16 Mar

FORD ESCORT 1997 Two Broken Rear Spring And a right side outer tie rod end, in addition to front brake pads, possible springs were of poor
FORD FOCUS 2001 Consumer States That While Driving at any speed and no warning the brake pads are rubbing causing extended stopping distance. dealer notified. dealer

FORD AEROSTAR 1996 The Problem Started With A small vibration when applying the brakes, it increased as time went on, when examined was found pads came
FORD RANGER 1994 Have Replaced Front Brake Pads and rotors approx. every 9000 miles. pad crack causing shaking. have lost thre caliper pins
FORD WINDSTAR 1998 Rear Brakes Out Of Adjustment causing, excessive travel before stopping.
FORD EXPLORER 1994 Front End Of Vehicle Vibrates when brakes are applied. left and right brake rotors are warped/cracked. pads are worn excessively considering
FORD TAURUS 1992 Brake Pads And Linings Fail intermittently.
FORD F 150 1995 Two Sets Of Brake Pads have been replaced because of uneven wearing.
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 1994 Left Rear Calipers, Rotors, and pads failed.
FORD WINDSTAR 1995 Dealer Delivered Vehicle With Unsafe brake conditions, inner front right pad was completely worn out within 45 days of driving.
FORD TAURUS 9999 Brake Pads Were Completely Worn and rotor damaged causing the driver to hear noise while braking.
FORD FREESTAR 2004 Excessive Front Brake Noise. sometimes accompanied by a grinding noise. i can not begin to describe how loud this is.
FORD AEROSTAR 1994 Front Coil Springs Snapped, had to replaced with reading spring works, they had to send the specks to chicago. my ford aero
FORD EXPEDITION 2003 Braking System Degredation, All four brake pads and rotors need to be replaced at 27k miles. during the first week of driving
FORD FOCUS 2003 I Drive To Work At the speed limit and i use the brakes very softly. i was parking at work and my brakes started
FORD FORD 2003 My Husband And I Are leasing a 2003 ford expidition of which we received on 5/5/03. as of 10/04 this suv have been
FORD F 150 2000 Purchased My 2000 F-150 From gorno ford in trenton, mi with 30,000 miles on the odometer. in less than 2 years and
FORD EXPLORER 2002 My Car Was Serviced In jan'03 including front/rear brakes. i noticed the same day of the service a noise whenver you would apply the
FORD ESCAPE 2005 Brakes Are Making Noise Intermittingly. it sounds like blowing in a bottle. went to the dealership for service 3 times in
FORD FOCUS 2001 I Purchased My 2001 Ford focus in october 2001. in april 2003, i had to get the front brakes, pads,
FORD FOCUS 2003 . The National highway traffic safety administration. on october 31 of 2003,
FORD E 150 2002 2002 E-150 Conversion Van At 27770 miles the brakes and rotors had to be replaced with out warning have to press hard on brake pedal
FORD EXPEDITION 2003 Excessive Brake Dust On Wheels. after cleaning the wheels are completely black after one day. *la
FORD FOCUS 2002 I Have A 2002 Ford focus zx5 4 dr hatchback my problems started on 7/21/03 when my brakes lights, headlights, turn signal
FORD FOCUS 2001 I Have Had "brake Issues since day one of owning my 2001 ford focus station wagon. from the very beginning there was moaning
FORD EXPEDITION 2003 Excessive Brake Dust On Front wheels. black after 2 days.*ak
FORD FOCUS 2000 Problems With Ford Focus Brakes. it started squeaking after 10,000 miles. i took it in to the dealership and they
FORD CROWN VICTORIA 2003 Premature And Sudden Front Brake pad failure on 2003 ford cvpi vehicles. brakes wear and fail @4000 miles and less. ford
FORD EXPEDITION 2000 Consumer Stated That The Front brakes were wore out and grinding against the rotor. ts
FORD FOCUS 2000 I Bought My Ford Focus 2000, brand new in july of 2000. since then, i've had the wheel bearings replaced twice,

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