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Tuesday 7th of July 2015 11:13:27 AM

DODGE CARAVAN 1995 Passenger And Driver Impact 6:00 position, seat went into reclining position at very low speed 12 mph, impact 12:00, dual airbags did
DODGE SPIRIT 1995 Driver's Side Seat Broke And went into reclining position when entering the vehicle. *ak
DODGE DAYTONA 1984 Front Drives Bucket Seat Broke, when vehicle was impacted from the rear. *ak
DODGE RAM 1990 Both Driver And Passenger Side seats fall back when pulling forward. *ak
DODGE DAKOTA 1994 Stabilizing Bolt On Driver's Side bucket seat sheared into, causing whole seat back to lay back; nearly caused accident; speed 20 mph.
DODGE RAM 1987 Failure On The Front Passenger side, frame rail cracked causing the steel to pull way from the seat pe90-031c. *ak
DODGE OMNI 1986 Vehicle Was Rear-ended, Driver's side seat broke. please give more details. *ak
DODGE STRATUS 1995 When The Vehicle Was Rear-ended the front seats broke and fell into the rear seats. please describe. *ak
DODGE SPIRIT 1993 The Driver's Seat Broke While the occupant was driving and almost caused an accident. *ak
DODGE CARAVAN 1986 While Driving Down The Road the drivers seat broke in half and the driver fell back and ended up in the rear seat. please
DODGE SHADOW 1987 Failure On The Driver Side seat, the consumer was involved in a rear end collison and the driver side seat reclined to the rear
DODGE CARAVAN 1993 When Gettting Into Car And repostioning the driver side seat, when driving the seat somtimes will move. please describe .
DODGE RAM 1987 Front Seat Track Anchors Are loose due to bolts continue to come out. tt
DODGE INTREPID 1995 Passenger Seat Broke After Being rearended. tt
DODGE CARAVAN 1996 After Rearend Impact Driver Seat frame bent allowing the high tension spring to break loose hitting the driver in the back. tt
DODGE DAYTONA 1991 Drivers Side Seat Broke While driving. tt *jb
DODGE NEON 1995 Driving The Vehicle At Speed of 45 mph, impact 6:00 position drivers side seat broke from the seat track,anchors. tt
DODGE CARAVAN 1995 Center Seat Came Unlatched From the floor attachment and rear door latch came loose and the door came open during impact. tt
DODGE AVENGER 1995 Seat Materials; Interior Windows develops a film which causes severe blindness resulting in an accident. please describe details. tt
DODGE B250 1987 Consumer Was Rear Ended And captains seat broke complete off. tt
DODGE CARAVAN 1990 Rear Seat Anchorage Failure. tt
DODGE DAKOTA 1991 Bolt That Goes Throught The bottom on the driver side, punctured through the gas line, resulting in leakage. tt
DODGE RAM 1992 Bracket That Mounts Seat To the floor broke, allow seat to lift up from the floor.
DODGE SHADOW 1989 The Front Two Seats Will not lock in place in the track. please describe.
DODGE CARAVAN 1990 The Rear Bench Seat Only locks in one position when it is supposed to lock in three. please describe. tt
DODGE DAKOTA 1993 The Front Passenger Seat Bolt broke and the seat moves up and down. chrysler will not fix it nor will mark iii. please
DODGE CARAVAN 1995 Head Rest On Bucket Seat in center position obstructs view on driver's and passenger's side. *ak
DODGE CARAVAN 1990 Rear/middle Seat Track Locking Mechanism does not lock in place. *ak
DODGE RAM 1994 Vehicles Driver Seat Is Unusually tall causing blockage of vision while driving.unable to see lights,etc. tt
DODGE DYNASTY 1992 Drivers Side Seat Bracket Broke while driving. tt
DODGE SHADOW 1992 Was Hit From The Rear front seat broke and went into the back seat. tt
DODGE CARAVAN 1992 Rear Bench Seats Loose On track and rattle while driving. tt
DODGE CARAVAN 1991 Driver Seat Broke While Driving, causing seat back failure. tt
DODGE CARAVAN 1987 Back Seats Are Difficult ton remove/put back. *ak
DODGE CARAVAN 1991 The Middle Seat To The sliding door latch that can be move around broke. tt
DODGE CARAVAN 1992 Had An Accident Was Hit from the rear end both captain chairs broke and went into the back seat. tt
DODGE CARAVAN 1991 The Drivers Is Slowly Coming apart and the welding is coming off. please explain. tt
DODGE B250 1994 The Base Of Passenger Seat is cracked. and the back window is cracked also. please explain. tt
DODGE B250 1994 Armrest Recall Was Done, now seat belt cannot be used because of it. tt
DODGE DAYTONA 1990 Driver Seat Broke From The track and anchor. tt
DODGE COLT 1988 Upon Impact, Passenger Flew forward then backward, causing seat to break. *ak
DODGE RAMCHARGER 1988 Seat Pedistal On Driver's And passenger's sides broke. tt
DODGE CARAVAN 1991 Driver Side Seat Frame Broke in two, causing seat not to be able remain in an upright position. tt
DODGE RAM WAGON 2002 There Is Only One Lap and shoulder belt on each of the bench seats in rear of vehicle. consumer feels this is unsafe
DODGE RAM 3500 2001 Consumer Was Involved In A head-on collision with another vehicle and driver's side seat began to move up, causing steering wheel to break
DODGE RAM 1996 Front Passenger Seat Failed To remain locked in position with a passenger sitting in it. when brakes were applied passenger's seat would go
DODGE INTREPID 1996 Passenger's Seat Metal Rod Broke and was sticking out, it tears passenger's clothes. dealership is aware of problem.
DODGE RAM 1999 Consumer For Second Time is having a hard time locking seat in place on passenger's side. consumer has to slam seatback
DODGE RAM 2500 1999 Driver's Side Seat Loosened from frame. took to dealer, and they locked tight the bolts. a couple of
DODGE DAKOTA 2000 Vehicle Was Hit From rear at 50 mph in which driver's seat collapsed backwards, cause unknown. *ak consumer states that
DODGE DURANGO 2001 Middle Fold Down Seat Was not properly locked. when driver applied brakes, seat came loose and hit driver in head.
DODGE CARAVAN 1993 While Motor Was Running and vehicle was in neutral, when leaning back, driver's side seat suddenly collapsed in reclining
DODGE DAKOTA 1995 Lever To Release Front seat on side had squeezed child's fingers as child was entering rear seat of extended
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 1997 While Stopping Another Vehicle Hit consumer from behind, causing consumer to run into vehicle in front. then, consumer ran into a fence.
DODGE AVENGER 1995 Ongoing Problem With Seat moving back and forth because seat anchors are loose. dealer notified and informed consumer that vehicle
DODGE CARAVAN 1993 Driver's Seat Anchor/support Bracket Cracked and seat moved. *ak
DODGE CARAVAN 1998 Consumer Was Traveling 50mph and rearended a vehicle that came to sudden stop. driver's seat collapsed backwards. upon impact,
DODGE CARAVAN 1995 While Stopping Consumer Was Rear ended, causing consumer to run into vehicle in front. upon impact, driver's seat callapsed.
DODGE CARAVAN 2000 While Stopping At A stop light consumer was rear ended and front seats collapsed. please provide further information.*ak
DODGE DURANGO 1998 Front Of Driver's Seat Has separated from track. dealer has been notified, and told consumer that parts were
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 1999 Was Driving & Was Making a left hand turn when another vehicle hit rear passenger's side behind wheel well. upon impact,
DODGE RAM 1500 1996 While Getting Into Vehicle driver's side seat collapsed. dealer/manufacturer notified, and informed consumer that nothing could be done due to
DODGE DAKOTA 1995 Driver's Seat Broke After An impact of 0-5mph. *k
DODGE CARAVAN 1999 Consumer's Husband Was Driving And was hit from rear. front driver seat broke, causing him to sustain neck injuries.
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 1999 While Driving Back Seat Popped out of track. *ak
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 1999 Consumer's Husband Was Rear ended, and back seat popped out of track. no injuries. *ak
DODGE DAKOTA 1997 Driver Seat Reclines Backwards, but failed to return to original position. would sometimes become stuck and then slams driver forwards.*ak
DODGE CARAVAN 1991 Seat Frame Broke In Half, and driver's side seat went backwards toward back seats . dealership was aware of
DODGE RAM 1500 1996 Consumer Was Traveling About 15mph on a side street and without prior notice driver's side seat went back into back seat. bolt
DODGE CARAVAN 1993 Driver Seat Broken At Bottom of seat and track. dealer said there was nothing he could do since vehicle was out of warranty.
DODGE CARAVAN 1994 Consumer Was Sitting Still At a traffic light, another vehicle traveling 50mph hit consumer in the rear & knocked vehicle 37 feet into
DODGE CARAVAN 1998 While Traveling At 35 Mph consumer was hit from behind by another vehicle. driver's seat collapsed, causing consumer to lay down
DODGE RAM 1996 Ongoing Problem With Driver Shoulder belt continuing to tighten upon driver while driving. driver would have to unlatch belt buckle to
DODGE RAM 1995 Consumer Was At A Toll booth and was reaching for his wallet, and driver's side seat broke. he fell backwards, but
DODGE SHADOW 1993 Driver's Side Seat Bolt That attaches the recliner machanism to driver's seat broke, and seat fell all the way back, driver was in
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 1992 The 2nd & 3rd Row seats are self releasing. seats would pivot forward. when latched or locked would release the entire
DODGE CARAVAN 2000 Vehicle Experienced A Rear End collision which caused front seatbacks to go forward and recline. repairs were being made at independent shop.
DODGE DURANGO 1998 While Driving Abs Light come on unexpectedly and stayed on. they could not find the problem to fix it correctly.
DODGE SHADOW 1994 Lower Seat Back Attaching Bolts broke on the passenger seat which could cause seat to release from the upright position. vehicle was recalled
DODGE CARAVAN 2000 When Vehicle Was Impacted From rear two front seats fell into the reclining position. vehicle was in the process of
DODGE STRATUS 1997 Driver's Side Seat Is Broken. part of the seat where consumer's hip goes up a metal piece sticks out. consumer
DODGE CARAVAN 1993 Each Time That Consumer Sat down seat malfunctioned/broke in two. consumer could not lean on it.*ak
DODGE DAYTONA 1991 Consumer Was At A Stand still & was rearended by another vehicle. the head rest flew into the back window & cracked
DODGE RAM 1996 20/40 Front Driver And Passenger seat can be folded foward easily without unlatching them . there is no safety device to keep seat
DODGE RAM 1999 Catalytic Converter Went Out. consumer was traveling on the highway and the vehicle just stopped. also, transmission fluid and
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 1996 While Pulling Driver's Seat Up to drive and once vehicle is in route, seat slides back,causing poor driving. seat does not
DODGE RAM 2500 1996 3-year Old Son Injuried Himself on the center captain's chair which was covered by a piece of fabric. when the seat was positioned
DODGE CARAVAN 1996 Tubular Bar Sheared Off, causing driver's seat to fall back which could have caused loss of vehicle control and injuries. *ak
DODGE STRATUS 1996 While Trying To Move Driver's seatback forward consumer has to push very hard to move . dealer has been notified . please
DODGE RAM 1500 1997 While Driving And Stepping On the brakes the driver's seat will move forward. the same thing could happen when accelerating, but backward.
DODGE SHADOW 1993 While Driving South On 395 and travelling 45mph on wet road conditions, consumer's vehicle was struck from the rear, causing vehicle
DODGE INTREPID 1993 While Driving One Of the two supporters on the bottom frame of the driver's seat snapped. *ak
DODGE CARAVAN 1993 Driver's Seat Does Not Stay locked in place. while driving the van the seat goes all the way back on the track.
DODGE SPIRIT 1993 Driver's Side Seat Bolt Which supports the seat broke, causing movement in the seat when driving. also, only one bolt
DODGE RAM 1500 1999 While Driving About 45 Mph vehicle was rearended by another vehicle and driver's seat broke. driver flew backward, and sustained injuries.
DODGE INTREPID 1993 The Seat Metal Bracket Bottom pan broke, causing the driver side seatback to collapse. *yc
DODGE CARAVAN 1993 While Driving At 15 Mph another vehicle hit the consumer's vehicle head-on. upon impact, rear seat and bolts to came loose, and
DODGE DAKOTA 1996 Driver's Seat Bracket Broke, causing seat to move backwards when applying accelerator . dealer replaced complete bracket. *ak
DODGE SHADOW 1993 While Driving At 35 Mph and without prior warning driver's side seat bolt broke. *ak
DODGE DAKOTA 1995 While Boarding Vehicle Front side driver's seat collapsed,breaking the bolt. the passenger seat broke on 20 sep 98. *ak
DODGE DAKOTA 1997 While Driving An D While stopping in traffic vehicle was rear ended ,and the front driver's seat collapsed. *ak
DODGE CARAVAN 1997 Vehicle Was Hit From The rear in which driver's seat released from the upright position. please give any further details.
DODGE RAM 1998 There Is No Support D in river's seat for left thigh and buttocks. the seat slants towards the door. consumer has contacted
DODGE DURANGO 1999 Driver's Seat Rocks Back And forth during braking and accelerating. dealer says it's normal. *ak
DODGE SHADOW 1991 Consumer Has Been Trying To get manufacturer's. recall notice to be honored by dealer since 25 aug 98: seeking help from nhtsa in this
DODGE DURANGO 1998 Front Driver's Seat is held down with a plastic seats rocks to the back. also, with sudden acceleration
DODGE DURANGO 1999 Bracket Edge That Holds The center tumble seat to the floor is razor sharp. the seat was in the forward tumble position
DODGE INTREPID 1993 Metalseat Is Tearing Lo0se From the track. (like a sardine can). *ak
DODGE VAN 1997 Driver's Side Seatbelt Does Not retract back into position, and middle row captain seat by the side doors has never worked, totally inoperative.
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 1992 Harness Straps On The integrated child safety seat no longer function. the locking mechanism no longer locks the harness straps in
DODGE CARAVAN 1996 The Two Rear Captain's Chairs are loose as a result of a 35 mph accident which could have injured the occupants. please
DODGE INTREPID 1994 Driver's Side Seat Track Was broken, allowing the seat to move back and forth without application. dealer replaced seat and seat track.
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 1998 Driver's Seat Tracks And Anchors are defective. drove, stopped and rear ended, seat went forward, came back and was broken.
DODGE CARAVAN 1995 The Consumer Has Been Experiencing problems with driver's seat. metal frame in the seat is permanently bent backwards due to the force
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 1996 Consumer Was Rear Ended In which the middle rear seat became detached from the floorboard, resulting in the seat flying into the driver side
DODGE CARAVAN 1995 Due To A Rear End collision the bucket seatbacks collapsed into the reclining position. also, the impact caused the
DODGE COLT 1994 While Driving Bolts That hold driver's seat to vehicle chassis broke. metal has torn away from chassis. dealers noted possible manufacturing defect.
DODGE STRATUS 1995 In A 35 Mph Impact the driver's seat broke off from the seat rail, causing the driver's seat to collapse backwards, causing
DODGE CARAVAN 1993 Vehicle Was Rear Ended And driver's side seat collasped. dealer says seats are made to do that. *ak
DODGE STRATUS 1996 When Driver Entered Vehicle & sat in seat, driver's seat broke from the frame & anchor. will wobble severely to and from.
DODGE NEON 1995 The Vehicle Was Rear Ended and pushed into another car and the front seats collapsed. dealer has not seen. *ak
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 1997 Bucket Seat: Driving Approximately 25mph when a truck ran a light and hit van on the left hand side, vehicle swerved around
DODGE CARAVAN 1993 The Track On The Seat has broken, making it impossible to drive and sit back. dealer has not seen. *ak
DODGE INTREPID 1993 While Driving, The Frame that holds the back of the driver's seat broke on the right side. the seat has not been repaired.
DODGE CARAVAN 1995 Vehicle Was Rearended At 5mph, and the driver's side seat collapsed. chrysler wont fix. *ak
DODGE SHADOW 1992 Ms. Winn Has Been waiting for the manager to call her back about the parts to repair in her vehicle. ms.
DODGE CARAVAN 1993 Consumer Was Involved In A rearend collision, impact 20 to 40 mph, when the driver's and the passenger's side bucket seats broke to
DODGE SHADOW 1992 While Driving Up A Hill, the passenger's side seat bolt broke, causing the seat to fall backwards. *ak
DODGE SHADOW 1993 The Bolt That Holds The driver's seat adjustment mechanism broke in half, causing the seatback to fall backwards. the bolt has not
DODGE CARAVAN 1992 Ea97-005, Safety Belt Anchorage failure. safety belt anchorage releases frequently when belt is in use. vehicle purchased in june of 92.
DODGE CARAVAN 1992 Front Driver's Seat: While Driving down highway front seat collapsed while the seatback was leaning back. cause unknown, have not had repaired.
DODGE CARAVAN 1994 Consumer Was Involved In A 30 mph rear end collision in which the driver's and passenger's shoulder lap belt did not lock up upon impact.
DODGE SPIRIT 1993 The Driver's Side Seat Leans back because the anchor bolt head has pulled through the frame and there are stress fraction cracks within the frame.
DODGE RAMCHARGER 1985 Driver's Seat Tracks Broke. the base of seat caused pressure which appears to be the cause of seat tracks breaking. *ak
DODGE INTREPID 1993 Driver Side Seat, Track and anchors broke , when entering the vehicle, the seat fell back, cause the seat the move,
DODGE NEON 1996 Consumer Was In A Rear end collision and was pushed into another car, seat broke and consumer went backwards, resulting in a
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 1996 Removable Seat Has Sharp Edges, causing injuries when removed due to a design problem, in for repairs, door edge guard around
DODGE CARAVAN 1992 Driver's Seat Anchor And Track broke, causing to seat the fall back when entering into the vehicle. *ak seat frame
DODGE NEON 1995 Vehicle Was At Complete Stop, impact 6:00 position, driver's seat broke and went into reclining position. *ak
DODGE SPIRIT 1991 Hit From The Rear And the driver's seat disconnected from the frame. *ak
DODGE DURANGO 1999 The Oil Pressure Dropped And all the lights on the panel had come on. while driving the vehicle had become sluggish and then
DODGE CARAVAN 1998 Consumer Called Complaining About Having problems with the seat belts on the back. also stated that they are rippen from the fabric and is
DODGE INTREPID 1999 Consumer Was Preparing To Back out of parking lot and driver's seat collapsed backwards. vehicle then hit a bus. vehicle
DODGE CARAVAN 2000 While Driving 25 Mph consumer's vehicle was hit from behind and front seats went in a reclining position ,causing injuries.*ak
DODGE RAM 1999 Restraints In All Four Seating positions are inoperable and will not lock. please provide further information.*ak
DODGE RAM 1996 The Vehicle Was Involved In a collision. the passenger side safety belt had come unbuckled when the collision occurred. *ak
DODGE RAM 3500 1999 While Driving At Any Speed and without warning, applied on brakes and vehicle would pull to the left or right. dealer has been
DODGE DURANGO 1999 While Getting Into The Vehicle seat broke from fom seat track anchor. dealer notified, and made the repairs. feel free to
DODGE STRATUS 1996 In A Front End Collision seat came off the anchor and flew out vehicle with driver inside. vehicle totalled.*ak
DODGE CARAVAN 1997 The Manual Driver Seat Will jump back intermittantly while driving vehicle. nlm
DODGE DAKOTA 1996 While Driving 40 Mph The driver seat back fell back. no injuries. nlm
DODGE SPIRIT 1991 Vehicle Was Impacted At 3:00 position, vehicle was at complete stop, driver side seat broke, and went into reclining position
DODGE DAKOTA 2000 While Consumer Was At A complete stop another vehicle ran into consumer's vehicle head-on, but none of the air bags deployed. contacted dealer
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 1997 While Driving 40 Mph And slowing down, consumer was rearended by another vehicle, causing a chain reaction. hinge on driver seat
DODGE DURANGO 2000 Finger Was Severed while trying to fold seat to move. dealer notified.*ak
DODGE RAM 1999 While Applying Brakes At Any speed and without warning vehicle will pull to left until release of brake pedal. *ak consumer
DODGE DURANGO 2000 Consumer's Finger Was Cut off while trying to lift seat and fold to get to rear seating area. dealer was notified.
DODGE DURANGO 1998 While Pulling Vehicle Out Onto the road front driver's side seat broke. seat itself rocks back and forth. contacted dealer,
DODGE AVENGER 1995 While Driving 45-50 Mph Driver's seat collapsed. dealer and manufacturer were not notified at this time. feel free to provide any
DODGE DURANGO 2000 Consumer States Fender Fell Off drivers side, dealer installed two wheel well fasteners, consumer states that rail dust covers vehicle at rear,
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 1998 Drivers Seat, Top Back moves back while driving. would have to stop to adjust seat constantly. vehicle not taken to a dealership
DODGE RAM 1500 1997 When Driving Driver's Side seat collapsed to reclining position. consumer has contacted dealer; the dealer has replaced seat track
DODGE INTREPID 1996 The Vehicle Was Rear Ended and the front seatbacks broke backwards and the car hit another and neither airbag deployed.*ak
DODGE RAM 1500 1998 The Seat Cables Broke At the crimps at attachment points. manufacturer stated the seat cables broke due to normal wear and tear.
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 1993 Consumer Stated During A Collision, the rear seat broke loose causing the passenger to be thrown forward into the dashboard.*jb
DODGE STRATUS 1997 Back Seat Cover Failed. *slc
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 1998 A 200 Lb 80 Year old man was sitting in the passenger seat of his van. when he and his wife was rear-ended
DODGE INTREPID 1994 The Right And Left Driver's side seat frame broke. *et
DODGE STRATUS 1998 I've Lost A Seat Part to my car and i'm having trouble getting it from anyone. i've contacted dodge customer service, had
DODGE CARAVAN 1999 After My Accident The Back seat had popped off the track and was no longer attached to the car. i was almost stopped
DODGE CARAVAN 1994 While Driving My Caravan The drivers seat back, fell back. i feel this is a safety hazard. the car has not been
DODGE INTREPID 1994 The Metal Support Under The seat cushion of the driver's seat has two extensions that hold a pivot engaging the seat back support.
DODGE DURANGO 1998 The Mechanical Connection Between The front cushion motor and the front of the seat failed, allowing the driver's seat to rock back and forth
DODGE INTREPID 1999 I Was Traveling Home From work at 60 mph, when the back of my seat collapsed and i lost control of the vehicle momentarilly.
DODGE CARAVAN 2000 We Were Recently Rear-ended By another vehicle twice, and both front seats completely broke, and causes serious injuries to rider (tramatic concussion,
DODGE DAKOTA 1997 Speedometor And Cruise Control Quit working replaced speed sensor per dealer and still not working. also seat doesn't lock in upright position on
DODGE DURANGO 1999 Seat Track Has Become Loose - provides rocking chair effect - not a warranty item. upper ball joints were inspected & replaced as
DODGE DODGE 2002 Car & Driver Were Hit from behind while stopped at stop light. drivers seat broke and now rests at 60 degree angle towards
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 1997 This Is The Description To the best of my ability (without pictures) to explain the problem. i am forwarding a copy of the
DODGE DURANGO 1998 The Lumbar Support Lever Was activated by my husband and when activated, it sticks out beyond the driver's seat about 1/2 inch.
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 2001 The Transmission Catastrophically Failed For the second time on an exit ramp. fortunately, my wife was able to maintain control of the
DODGE DODGE TRUCK 1996 Driving Down The Interstate . the back part of the left front seat broke and fell against the back seat. the
DODGE INTREPID 1995 Have Seen Articles In Newspapers regarding seat guide problems, but no technical service bulletins or recalls to date. plastic mounting tabs on
DODGE DURANGO 2000 My 2yr Old Daughter Was seatbelted in middle seat in a car seat. when i had the wreck, the seatbelt that was
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 2001 Front Seats (manual, Not power) are too high and close to dash preventing persons of a height of about 5" 5" from safely applying
DODGE CARAVAN 1995 Driver's Seat Frame Broke In 2 places when i just got in the vehicle. if breakage would have occurred during driving or an
DODGE NEON 1997 Driver Side And Passenger Seats failed to lock in place. they both flop forward - i was rear-ended by a refrigered big-rig and this
DODGE DAKOTA 1997 A Part Inside The Front seat broke easily in rear end crash, front seat was occupied. driver was going 12 mph when hit
DODGE DURANGO 2000 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
DODGE GRAND CARAVAN 2000 My Grand Caravan Was Hit from behind with such force the rear of the van lifted off the ground. at impact my drivers
DODGE INTREPID 1995 The Failure I Have Is covered under a recall for 1993-1994 models, recall #883. dodge stated that my car is not covered,
DODGE NEON 2000 I Believe This Car Is a lemon! i have had it in to the dealership 3 times for the driver seat tracks not functioning
DODGE CARAVAN 1993 The Investigation Is Not Yet completed so i could not answer the total amount of damages. i dare say my vehicle is totalled.
DODGE STRATUS 2001 This Car, Along With other 2001 stratus coupes, has an angle to the driver's seat and the steering wheel that forces one to
DODGE INTREPID 1993 Headlamp Lenses Turned Yellow Are now not able to see clearly at night
DODGE INTREPID 1994 Was Driving Seat Broke ending up in the back seat. *ak
DODGE RAM 1996 The Hinge On The Drivers side seat broke and the drivers seat laid back into the back seat of the extended cab truck
DODGE SHADOW 1991 Daimler-chrysler Has Issued A Recall (#729) on dodge shadows involving the bolt in the driver's seat back. the car was taken on 10/12/00
DODGE DAKOTA 1997 No Summary
DODGE DAKOTA 1997 Recline Seat Latch Does Not positively latch after use. concerned that children in rear seat will be injured in minor rear end collision

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