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Dodge Grand Caravan
Wed, 12 Oct 2011

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I have a 2000 dodge caravan and it has the pull down ...

I have a 2000 dodge caravan and it has the pull down child seats in the middle row does anyone know if those straps on the child seat adjust? and if so how?

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I purchased a new Dodge Grand Caravan from Bankston Dodge of Grand Prairie, Texas in May of 2008. Less than 8 months after that (around 12,000 miles) my front brakes went completely out with no indication whatsoever of any problems (The device tha

Probably not the door seals. You may have to unstop the two drains that can get filled with debris. The two drains are located in the trough under the grill work that is under the wiper blades. You will need to remove the wiper arms, then remove a

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My  2008 Dodge Caravan has started  making louder engine noise between 40 - 60 km/hr. It  decreases at higher speeds.  It is a continous  noise,  similar  to the regular engine noise but louder at those speeds

tired to adjust steering wheel shaft but now it will not stick in slot


I have 2004 Dodge grand caravan, I am having problems with the dash meters not working, something is blowing the fuse that operates all the meters in my dash and even my hazard lights, had to replace it 3 times yesterday withing 10 minutes time. C

I own a 2009 Dodge Caravan Stow n Go. Great vehicle for a family. However, accelerating, braking and driving on uneven terrain makes the doors creak by the pillars. I'm pretty sure its the sliding doors, but could also be the front doors. The deal

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Have 2000 Dodge van and when it rains interior is flooded despite caulking and replacing the rubber seals around the door. Is this inherent in the design > is there any repair kit on the market?

I had this same problem on an 05 caravan. You may think this is crazy but my problem was the little black plasic nub that sticks out from the power door. It seem to help hold the top front part of the door when it it closed. All I did was put som

I've been having a problem with the back up lamp fuse blowing, causing the ABS light to come on, turn signals stop working and front fan quits working. The fuse is under the dash to the left of the steering wheel. The fuse seems to blow about ever

Hi what kind of damage could a 1999 Dodge caravan do to an 96 Saturn 4S with the Saturn stop to make left turn and starts to pull out then Dodge Caravan then hits it

Ac front does not work . rear fans are ok. what possibly may create this. fuses or.....

My 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan  has a random problem with the cruise.  On driving down hill with cruise on  suddenly  the engine is screaming as if it will come out of the van and the RPM is high.  As soon as the cruise is turned off the engine

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98 grand caravan...positive battery cable runs through bottom engine mount...bad mount causes excessive vibration..therefor causing positive cable insulation to be rubbed off and positive cable to short to this case starting fire.....