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29 Jun

ACURA INTEGRA 1991 The Car Was Off And the automatic seatbelt wrapped around her neck and she could not breathe. tt
ACURA INTEGRA 1990 The Passenger Automated Seat Belt, after positioning itselfacross occupant's chest shoulder, is not tight/but has slack. *ak
ACURA INTEGRA 1991 The Driver And Passenger Side seat belt retractor when open door it lock up. tt
ACURA INTEGRA 1991 Automatic Driver's Side seat belt retractor is not working, it won't retract when starting the car. consumer is not properly restrained
ACURA INTEGRA 1993 The Automatic Shoulder Belts On the driver's side do not work which leaves the driver with no restraint for the upper body. dealer has
ACURA INTEGRA 1992 Driver's And Passenger's Seat Belts will not remain fastened when put in button marked pressed. cause of problem unknown. vehicle has not been
ACURA INTEGRA 1990 Vehicle Skidded On An Ice patch, causing a collision. upon impact, the driver was killed because the automatic seat
ACURA INTEGRA 1999 While Starting Vehicle Passenger and driver automatic seat belts are not functioning correctly. driver side automatic shoulder belt will work when starting
ACURA INTEGRA 2000 Seat Belts Occationally Fail To release from anchor when unbuckling. *ak
ACURA INTEGRA 1990 Automatic Seat Belt Suddenly Releases in multiple situations: upon sudden stops, while driving at verious speeds, going over "small" bumps in road.
ACURA INTEGRA 1993 Rear Seat Belts Are Of the elr type - can not put car seats in back seat. dealer won't fix.
ACURA INTEGRA 1998 Drivers Seat Belt Activates Inappropriately. the belt is too tight and does not relax when attempting to check traffic when merging.
ACURA LEGEND 1986 Seat Belt Failure.
ACURA INTEGRA 1994 Seat Belt Does Not Accomodate large people. the manufacturer does not have extension clips to attach to seat belt to accommodate large people.
ACURA INTEGRA 1993 After Closing Door, Motorized shoulder belts move in track/tighten. lower portion of shoulder belt gets caught in lower reel assembly due
ACURA INTEGRA 1991 Right Front Automatic Seat Belt jammed, pinning passenger in seat. *ak
ACURA INTEGRA 1991 Automatic Seat Belt Jammed, pinning passenger in seat. *ak
ACURA INTEGRA 1992 Automatic Seat Belts Will Not retract correctly, when outside temperature is above eighty to eighty five degrees.
ACURA INTEGRA 1990 Power Seat Belt Motor Failed prior to recall. *sd
ACURA INTEGRA 1990 Drivers Motorbelt Does Not Move on track. *dsh
ACURA INTEGRA 1991 The Electric Seatbelt On The drivers side no longer retracts. its stuck in the downward position. took it to the acura dealership in
ACURA MDX 2003 I Was Driving On The carpool lane of 170n with my two kids (heading to 5n) when there was suddenly a dog,yellow labrador crossing
ACURA MDX 2010 On 2 Different Times My vehicle accelerated on its own resulting in an accident. the first time was on or about may 24,
ACURA TL 2005 Air Bag Dash Warning Light illuminates when front passenger seat occupied. *js
ACURA RDX 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 acura rdx. the contact stated that while exiting the vehicle, the driver's side seat belt failed to
ACURA TL 2012 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2012 acura tl. the contact stated that while driving at various speeds, he heard a rattling sound in
ACURA TSX 2004 I Was Driving At 45mph and hit a pot whole, instantly my drivers side air bags deployed in my seat and side window panel.
ACURA TL 2001 After Seeing My Seat Belt light on for a long time, i discovered that nhtsa campaign number: 01v166002. i called
ACURA TL 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2002 acura tl. the contact stated that while driving 65 mph, the driver crashed into another vehicle.
ACURA MDX 2011 I Was Stopped At A stop light when a pick up truck hit my car from behind. i was wearing my seatbelt and
ACURA RDX 2010 Was Sitting At A Top light and car hit me from behind. my seat belt didn't stop me and hit my head and
ACURA TSX 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 acura tsx. the contact stated that the rear passenger seat belt was extremely difficult to get secured on
ACURA INTEGRA 1991 The Driver's Side Seat Belt retractor failed to operate beginning at 6:30 am tuesday, 3/22/2011, after putting my car key into the ignition
ACURA CL 1999 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1999 acura cl. the contact stated that the vehicle was recently repaired for a seat belt failure. most
ACURA TSX 2004 I Was Involved In A six vehicle accident in which i rear ended another vehicle going at a speed of about 55 mph, i
ACURA TSX 2010 I Bought A 2010 Acura in april of 2010. through out the summer, there would be times when i would enter the
ACURA MDX 2003 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2003 acura mdx, while stopped the contact was rear ended by a vehicle traveling at approximately 50 mph.
ACURA RSX 2002 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2002 acura rsx. while driving at approximately 45 mph, the srs service light illuminated on the instrument panel and
ACURA TSX 2004 At 5:00 Pm, May 2, 2010, while driving at 65 mph on interstate 5 freeway (north bound) in los angles area,
ACURA CL 2001 Tl*the Contact Owns 2001 Acura cl. he stated that two of the front seat belts did not retract and became stuck. the contact
ACURA INTEGRA 2000 The Passenger Side Front Seat belt buckle comes undone on its own. this has occurred with multiple passengers (~5)
ACURA MDX 2010 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2010 acura mdx. the contact stated while sitting at a stop light another vehicle going 65mph crashed into the rear
ACURA TSX 2006 1st Incident: The Front Brakes went out. i had them checked twice before the dealer replaced them. they reported they were low but
ACURA TSX 2004 I Was On A Head on collision in my 2004 acura tsx and the driver side airbag did not go off. i (the driver)
ACURA MDX 2007 We Were On A Road trip driving from baltimore maryland home to easton pa. my six year old son says, mommy i
ACURA INTEGRA 1990 1991 Acura.... ..automatic seatbelt does not work. consumer took vehicle to a mechanic and the employee said
ACURA MDX 2009 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2009 acura mdx. the contact stated that the seat belt that hangs from the ceiling to the middle seat
ACURA INTEGRA 1992 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1992 acura integra. when the contact started the ignition, the seat belt retractor mechanism malfunctioned. the
ACURA MDX 2001 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2001 acura mdx. ever since the vehicle was purchased, there has been an ongoing failure with the seat
ACURA MDX 2001 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2001 acura mdx. while the vehicle was undergoing routine maintenance, the dealer stated that the upper and lower
ACURA RL 1999 Accura Issued A Warranty Extension to correct problem if the srs (supplemental restraint system indicator) light stays on. when car brought in for what
ACURA TL 2002 My Trans. Was Replaced in 2003 because of a shifting problem. my car was still under warranty, however, i was
ACURA TSX 2006 On Approximately 03.01.06 the following problems arose: rattling from the passenger seat, near the armrest cracking/popping/buzzing from the front drivers
ACURA RL 2000 Srs Light Appears In Dash indicating failure of the opds unit (occupant position detection system) this unit is responsible for airbag/seat belt detection and
ACURA CL 2002 2002 Acura Cl 3.2 experiencing problems with automatic transmission, seat belts, timing belt, electrical system, and the engine.***no answer
ACURA TL 2002 Consumer Complained About seat belt problems.*ak
ACURA TL 2003 High Beams Reflect Light To vertical objects at the side of the road, such as trees, structure, etc, causing distracting
ACURA MDX 2003 The Seat Belt Was Mounted in the ceiling of the vehicle, which caused the belt to come across the passenger's neck. *jb

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