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Sat, 17 Dec 2011

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On 16 Dec 2011, a loud noise from the rear of ...

On 16 Dec 2011, a loud noise from the rear of my 2003 S60 T5 was heard as I pulled away from parking. I stopped to check for any issues, but could see nothing and continued.
Several minutes later a second noise was heard, accompanied by rattlling in synch with wheel rotation. I got to my dealership safely, and was told the parking brake had failed, damaging the entire mechanism. With tax I am looking at nearly $2000 to fix this.

My car has only 113,000km,and  has been fully serviced. At 96,000km ( actually 99,000) it received service that should have included a parking brake inspection.I am quite annoyed as I had purchased this vehicle in 2007 with an extended warranty to 84mnths or 160000km, never needed.

Some other factoids:
- the service manager right away suggested it was a parking brake issue
- I never use the parking brake.
- in the past 2 or 3 years there have been 3 or 4 times where I have used the car after a weekend or over night and noticed a 'binding' followed shortly by a 'release'. This may have been some sticking of the parking brake overnight.

-most recently the car was in the dealership for a very small repair, and the parking brake had been engaged. I noticed the following day a slight chafing noise associated with wheel rotation, noticeable at low speed leaving a parking lot, but not otherwise audible.

I would probably like to have the car without any parking brake, but this is likely illegal in Ontario, and could void my insurance. Also would need to be fixed to sell the car.

I intend to make a case for some financial consideration with the dealership, as I and my wife are both long time Volvo owners. Wish me luck!

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To Alexchrnv

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