Nissan Maxima 1997 Questions

Nissan Maxima 1997
Fri, 04 May 2012

Nissan Maxima 1997 Reviewed by Perwez alam on .

i am getting zzon zoon sound from air compressor nissan maxima gxe ...

i am getting zzon zoon sound from air compressor nissan maxima gxe model1997.what i have to do get its serving or replace the air compressor?please reply.

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This might sound crazy but my battery in my 04 maxima was weak and I thought my transmission was gonna fall out.  Get the local auto store check your battery.  I put a new one in and all was fine.  

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help plz

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my divers side seat won't go up o down in font.. 2001 nissan maxima gle.. how do i fix whateve wrong?