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Why my 2008 Nissan maxima flat tire light keep on even we ...

Why my 2008 Nissan maxima flat tire light keep on even we filled air full?

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I have a 05 nissan maxima with 35,000 miles. I'm not having a problem at this time. I would like to know if a transgo Kit for the valvebody will help to prevent future problems with the transmission.

i have a 88 maxima and when i accelerate it laggs what could it be

 My 1989 Nissan's fuel and signal lights fuse keeps blowing (I
have replaced like 15 fuses in 4 mos).  The odd thing is the fuse only
blows when I am turning the steering wheel to make a right hand turn.  If I turn my right signal on as

The best piece of automobile, I've ever seen in my life! This car rocks the table! It is the most proportionate blend of performance, power and style a vehicle freak could ever get. I've been driving this vehicle from past 6 months and I am really

My 2005 Maxima 3.5 for whatever reason, the gauges, A/C, oil, brake light, gas gauge, etc, have stopped working. The car runs fine but the gauges don't work. Any suggestions??


Counter gasoline always refers to it and changed Trenbp filled with Blackjack and without the benefit of

a penny most likeyly droped down in between your navigation screen into a computer box its happened to me a couple times and everyone i know that has the same maxima its a cheap and easy fix after the install your going to need to get your comp

its your valve body they over heat and send mixed signals to the cylinoids coast alot but if you wan get it befor the rest of the trans shits the bed youll save a boat load of money.. upgraded valvebody 600-1400 dep on were and what you get a new

I have a 2004 maxima, and my passenger front window drop doown about 3 inches.  It will only stay up when I lock it from the driver side, and lately that is not working.

i have a 1997 nissan maxima gle that intermittently shuts off while driving .what are some possible causes

drivers seat has reclined all the way back and it will not move forward

Sorry, 2006 nissan altima driver seat has reclined all the way back and it will not move forward

We have a 2006 Nissan Altima and having a steering  problem, steering is difficult been told it needs struts and rack & pinion replaced. The car has 70,000 miles, we thought maybe it was the pump or belt that needed to be replaced.  HELP as

my fule pipe has a hole in it from ruste were can i get one from ?

I have a 1995 Nissan Maxima GLE. The car would jerk at 1-5 second intervals when I'm at a light. I added "Sea Foam" and a filled up my gas tank two weeks ago. The car stopped jerking. Now when I have used up the tank and added only fuel to it, the

I have replaced my 1997 maxima's rear calipers 3 times now due to them locking up. Most recently 2 years ago and I have this humming noise just as the bulletin describes. Going slowly in reverse after just releasing parking brake or when I first g

does anyone know why my 87 nissan sways all over the road from the rear when i hitt a bump it almost feels like my tires are wobbling but when i look out the window they arent please help dont got alot of money this car has been great too me 234,0

my divers side seat won't go up o down in font.. 2001 nissan maxima gle.. how do i fix whateve wrong?

Tilt steering wheel stuck in lowet position, cannot move it Maxima 2009.