Mercedes Benz Vehicle Speed Control Questions

Mercedes Benz Vehicle Speed Control
Fri, 05 Jul 2013

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my 1997 C230 shakes and wants to stall out when accelerating, ...

my 1997 C230 shakes and wants to stall out when accelerating, and if you push it to the floor, it down shifts hard and hardley wont go

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ML500 airconditioning temp suddenly going to heat changing temp control does nothing. Have fitted new controls unit . Could you suggest what might cause this fault

My 1995 Mercedes Benz S500 started running bad and after giving it a tune up it ran smoothly for about 15 to 20 minutes then it began to sputter backfire and shut off. I was told that the engine harness was the problem but after spot checking the

My car bought new in November 2009 and with currently only 6200 miles on it keeps having battery
draining problems. One time I had to call AAA to charge the battery. Are there any known problems related to this?

I am reporting a problem regarding speed control, significant acceleration, and none deployment of airbag of a 2008 Mercedes Benz C-300.
On Feb.28, 2012 at 1:00pm as I was trying to park my car in the garage where I work (I probably had a

al entrar a una rotonda el motor se detiene,al dar contacto reinicia su funcionamiento sin problemas ??

 I have ML 430 recharged a/c twice, it cools for some days and stop cooling again, we told me that it's not leaking, am getting frustrated with this problem I need somebody to help me.

 I have ML 430 recharged the a/c twice, it cools for some days and stop cooling again, the guy that worked on it told me that it's not leaking,now it's blowing hot again, am getting frustrated with this problem I need somebody to help me.

i have a 500 sl 85 merc havent driven in 1 yr just starting driving and its idleing high in park, when car get hot and in park it seems to do this. it also jerks a little when i put in reverse. help!!

Hi; Looking for info on replacing rear shocks on my 2006 Ml350,,, pretty tight squeeze inside the rear compartment left & right side panels to access the top bolt especially the right side    Peter

Had my ML320 in repair shop to have new light fitted, no problems prior to this on collection wouldnt start but lots of lights on dash when ignition switched on, starter wouldnt operate. Disconnected battery for hour & then started until switc

had same on my 2008. Dealer took week and finally traced it back to leaking gasket on hatch gate.
Water got in and passed under spare ( wet but no accumulation) and then entered mid body structure where it sounded like a rolling wave

I have a 2007 c-280 Mercedes that just after fueling up the car I have a strong gas order on the rear left outside of the vehicle.  Pretty strong until the tank falls below 3/4 tank.  No noticeable fuel on car or floor of garage.

I have a 1999 S420 with 126,000.  At first the ABS and ASR lights would come on, I would restart the engine and the lights would go off.  Now they stay on all of time the car is running.  Is this an expensive thing to fix?

I had a 2012 C Class Mercedes which I loved, until the airbags deployed at a speed of 7mph (with a light pole) and my car had to be totaled. I also suffered 2nd degree burns due to the airbag explosion. This is my 6th Mercedes (from the same deale

I have a 2001 S430. A few days ago the tape deck began opening and closing on its own. In 10 years, I have never used the tape deck. CD and radio work fine. I put a cassette tape in the player and it was ejected after a few seconds. In the off pos

Battery dies after a few hours when MB 230E is parked, what causes this problem ?

 Hi , my E 280 year 2008 drive only 13,000 km  .suddenly smoke came out of dash board while turn radio on , and shut down all the computer  display .the car still can run but with weird sound from engine  , why ...? expensive car happen like t

My S430 shifter has gone out.  I initially I had a hard time putting the gear into park.  I would have to cut car off put in nuetral. Then resrt the car then it would go into park.  I then had the shifter replaced and programmed.  Once i g

Only when in reverse and backing up my 1986 300E squeals. What could be the problem?

I ve a C220 mercedes 2004 saloon and the Electric seat has stoped working can any one advise me what this could be ?
And where id the fuse box for this ?
Cheers john.