Mercedes Benz Ml350 Questions

Mercedes Benz Ml350
Fri, 04 Nov 2011

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Hi; Looking for info on replacing rear shocks on my 2006 ...

Hi; Looking for info on replacing rear shocks on my 2006 Ml350,,, pretty tight squeeze inside the rear compartment left right side panels to access the top bolt especially the right side    Peter

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had same on my 2008. Dealer took week and finally traced it back to leaking gasket on hatch gate.
Water got in and passed under spare ( wet but no accumulation) and then entered mid body structure where it sounded like a rolling wave

I bought a 2005 ML350 at MotorStar in Ottawa Ontario two years ago and have experienced the issues reported in review #10295542 and #10297893 a few times already. It appears to me that this web site is just collecting the information and I would l

May 2011 2008 ML-350 Lost rear brake lights, turn signals, and hazards....Need rear systems activator module...
Ref MB Tech Bullitin TB-82-10-623 Exteriors lights failure.....Is there going to be a recall on this problem?

Do you guys have a website where can I bye parts of Mercedes-Benz ML 350 2006 Model Hydraulic pump?

I just spent $5000.00 replacing a sprocket on my m
ML 350 because the check engine light came on and I took it into the repair shop and they diagnosed that as the problem. Well my SUV would traveling down a road and suddenly it will not give ga

My 2008 ML 350 is constantly burning out exterior bulbs. I have went through 12 bulbs in 3 years. I asked the local Mercedes service department and they say that this is common and that it is not a defect or problem. I have never had that on any o

I have the same issue..lets file a class me at 

ever have a problem with water in the body. mine sound like a wave just hit the beach when I slow or stop?

Well My Mercedes  Benz ML350 20004  has no heat i check the fuse and the thermostat and that not the problem any advice.

I own a 2003 Mercedes Benz ML350. Yesterday while my car is park at our local church, a church goer noticed that there is a smoke under the hood on the passenger side. So i went out and check my car, when i came out the fire had already started a