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Saturn Air Bags On-off Switch Assembly Reports

16 Mar

SATURN SATURN 9999 On/off Switch Only Available For passenger side, this vehile only has drivers side air bags.
SATURN SATURN 9999 No On Off Switches For air bags developed for the saturn automobile.

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1999 Saturn sl1
my ac is making a noise in the compressor. small squeak on the thing that goes aroud on the out side of compressor. (sorry I don't have a guy to help me forgot what its called) I have cold air still. I was told that my front win

I drive a Saturn ION 2006. I had a tune up approx 3 weeks ago and approx a week ago I noticed that as I accelerate over 20MPH it sounds as though my engine is slightly revving. The faster I accelerate the louder it gets. My daughter says it sounds

My 2006 Saturn Vue no longer has air bag protection on the passenger side seat . I contacted Saturn and gave them the service bulletin from NHTSA Item Number : 10019213.  They were unimpressed. said there is no recall and the repair would cost

i have a 1996 saturn car  automatic transmission. sometimes in the morning when place in reverse it slams in gear.of lately i am noticing it does the same thing in second to third gair what could cause this 

I have a 2007 Saturn Aura XE.  The airbag light is on constantly, the "service airbag" message is on continually and the passenger airbag light indicates "Off" whether of not a passenger is sitting in the seat or not.  OnStar says the problem is

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