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Nissan Visibility Glass, Side/rear Reports

Monday 7th of September 2015 08:11:04 AM

NISSAN ALTIMA 1993 Owner Popped Hood Release Inside to pick up other occupants. rear window shattered w/glass flying inward and toward the front.. *ak
NISSAN QUEST 1993 Consumer Wife Was Driving And the rear window exploded dealer replaced it and the passenger side rear window exploded . tt
NISSAN MAXIMA 1995 Got Into Car Closed Door, back windshield shattered. tt *jb
NISSAN D21 1995 At Approx. 50-55 The manual windows do not operate properly, one will roll up, the other will not. the vehicle has
NISSAN D21 1995 Front Window On Door Will not roll up tight, quarter gap against the top. tt
NISSAN QUEST 1993 Glass In Rear Hatchback Door shattered and fell out. tt
NISSAN ALTIMA 1995 Back Window Collapsed And Shattered. tt
NISSAN QUEST 2000 While Driving 20 Mph rear passenger side window blewout with a loud noise. nissan refused to take responsibility.*ak *slc
NISSAN QUEST 1999 Glass On Passenger's Side of vehicle, right side of windshield and right side door windows, are becoming distorted, and impair
NISSAN QUEST 1993 Rear Window Keeps Exploding In a lot of pieces after starting up vehicle. *ak
NISSAN MAXIMA 1990 Consumer Has Replaced Crank On both rear windows. consumer is now having problems with rolling up driver's and passenger's side door,
NISSAN MAXIMA 1993 Transmission Fails To Shift Into 1st gear. if vehicle at stop light or sign can not be shift into starting off. would be
NISSAN SENTRA 1997 Both Defective Design Of The rear window steel molding flew off the vehicle which may have cause damage to another vehicle or cause a crash.
NISSAN QUEST 1994 While Traveling 55 Mph side window hinge broke off and window fell out. dealer and manufacturer have been contacted. please
NISSAN QUEST 1993 While Driving At 55 Mph the rear window bolts came out of the window. *ak
NISSAN MAXIMA 1994 On All Four (4) Windows, the regulators would break and fall inside of the doors. the locks would not work properly, both
NISSAN MAXIMA 1991 Driving About 40mph When Rear passenger's side window fell out without warning. took to dealer for replacement. problem reappeared again. took it
NISSAN MAXIMA 1992 Within The Last (2) Years, the regulator was replaced in 3 out of 4 windows. while driving the windows fell down without
NISSAN ALTIMA 1993 Vehicle Was Parked And Rear window exploded, replaced rear window three times. *ak
NISSAN 240SX 1989 While Driving The Vehicle About 65 mph, rear window just popped out with no warning, landed on trunk, pulled to side and
NISSAN PATHFINDER 2002 While Driving Rear Window Fell out. dealer has yet to be contacted, please provide further details.*ak
NISSAN MAXIMA 1990 The Window Problem I Have seems to be with a lot of this car model. each time i had a window fixed, it
NISSAN MAXIMA 1994 Three Of Four Original Equipment window regulators have failed in the car. the dealer indicated that it was a known problem with the
NISSAN MAXIMA 1993 Every Window Regulator In My nissan maxima has been replaced once and i have had one fail twice. several of my friends have a
NISSAN PATHFINDER 1997 The Nissan Dealer Creats All kind of tactics to delay to fix all the known problems to nissan pathfinder model. i have enough
NISSAN MAXIMA 1998 Vehicle Glass Has Hazy,milky pattern on exterior of glass causing poor visibility during night driving and during rain.
NISSAN PATHFINDER 1993 Rear Window Shattered In Secured parking lot. manufacturer indicated they had other similar incidents. manufacturer paid for replacement. dealer installed new window
NISSAN MAXIMA 1992 Front And Rear Window Regulators have all broken, as well as passenger's rear.
NISSAN MAXIMA 1992 Window Regulatorsfailed Due To Inadequate design. plastic parts snap under repeated use. one window wasn't rolled down more than 20 times.
NISSAN QUEST 1993 Rear Window Has Blown Out three times.
NISSAN PICKUP 1988 Windows In Door Inoperative, windows will not stay in tracks. *dsh
NISSAN SENTRA 1994 Drivers Side Window Rubber Deformed, causing noise.
NISSAN SENTRA 1994 Windows Won't Roll Up.
NISSAN D21 1991 Driver's Window Rattles And Does not roll up correctly. *skd
NISSAN PATHFINDER 1994 Left Rear Window Misadjusted, causing water to leak into vehicle. *skd
NISSAN SENTRA 1984 Rear Window Shattered. *aw
NISSAN PATHFINDER 2013 Driving The Vehicle Approximately 20 - 25 mph, and heard the rear driver's side window slowly cracking, and then by the time we
NISSAN FRONTIER 2013 My Truck Was Sitting In a parking lot; doors locked. came out of work to find my rear window shattered and blown
NISSAN ROGUE 2013 Appox. 40 Miles A hour, i opened rear driver window or rear passenger window the car started to shake. at
NISSAN PATHFINDER 2012 I Was Traveling On The highway at 65 mph (posted speed limit) at 1150pm with no other vehicles in the near vicinity in front of
NISSAN ROGUE 2008 2008 Nissan Rogue: Back rear window behind the driver's side exploded sending glass all over the car and on the driveway. the
NISSAN PATHFINDER 2005 The Driver's Side Window Becomes loose. i rattles hard when i shut the door. if i roll it down halfway and grab the
NISSAN PATHFINDER 2007 While At A Full Stop at a red light, with no vehicles to my right, the rear right side passenger window in my
NISSAN ALTIMA 2001 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2001 nissan altima. the contact received a nissan recall notice for the side/rear window. she took her
NISSAN ARMADA 2004 2004 Nissan Pathfinder Armada With numerous problems. customer states the vehicle has had some of these problems washer tank/motor/level sensor, electrical worked after
NISSAN ALTIMA 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 nissan altima. while driving 30 mph, the vehicle began making a loud noise and the service engine
NISSAN CREW 2004 In 2003 I Purchase A nissan maxima and the next year i received a recall for the skyview. i was told by nissan headquarters
NISSAN XTERRA 2004 Rear Window Busted Out On it's own. there was no one touching it or anything. my wife was getting out nephew out of
NISSAN 350Z 2005 When Widow Is Rolled Down approximately a couple of inches, it rattles when driving over bumps on roads or any street surface. this
NISSAN SENTRA 2005 Lost Horn For Third Time. a horn is safety equipment. the nissan sentra i own seems to be falling apart at 20,
NISSAN TITAN 2006 After Rolling Down The drivers side window it would only roll up half way, this has happened 3 times since buying my 06
NISSAN XTERRA 2001 I Purchased My 2001 Nissan xterra in may 2004. as i was driving home i noticed how the driver's and passenger's window glass shakes
NISSAN QUEST 2001 2 Complaints - Side Window latches do not stay latched if opened even once. had them replaced, then they were reopened and
NISSAN MAXIMA 2002 There Is An Air Leak in the rear driver side window. i am worried this is going to consistently get worse and have
NISSAN MAXIMA 2001 When Coming Out Of An antique shop while the vehicle was parked the glass on the driver's side exploded and shattered. glass was
NISSAN QUEST 2004 While Driving At 45 Mph skylight window imploded into the vehicle and onto the children sitting in the back seat.*ak
NISSAN MAXIMA 1995 Window Fogs Up Regularly And more intense in the summer. after a complete cleaning job, the windows fog up again.
NISSAN ALTIMA 2004 After Closing The Passenger Door when exiting the vehicle, the rear windshield glass shattered. please provide more information. *jb
NISSAN PATHFINDER 2004 Spontaneous Shattering Of The Rear hatch glass in my 2004 nissan armada. *nm
NISSAN SENTRA 2003 I Purchased My 2003 Nissan sentra gxe on june 10, 2003. since that time, i have 7 work orders on my
NISSAN XTERRA 2001 Three Of The Four Power windows on my 2001 nissan xterra failed. *la
NISSAN SENTRA 2003 I Purchased My Sentra In dec of 2002. one week after i bought it, i had to take it in because it
NISSAN MURANO 2003 The Estimated Gas Mileage Was 20 mpg in the city and 24 mpg on the highway. we are averaging 13 mpg in the
NISSAN MAXIMA 2002 After Buying Car I Noticed an air leak sound coming from the back drivers side window. before i could bring it back to
NISSAN PATHFINDER 2001 The Drivers Side Window Shattered while driving on the freeway. there was no other vehicle in close proximity and it didn't seem that
NISSAN QUEST 2001 Passenger Side Power Window When brought down would come off it's track and stay stuck midway up making it impossible to close window, this

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