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Mitsubishi Electrical System Wiring Front Underhood Reports

15 Mar

MITSUBISHI VAN 1988 While Parked, Vehicle Caught fire under passenger's seat, caused by faulty fuel injection wiring harness. *ak
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1994 The Wiring Harness By The fan motor caught on fire while driving. please describe. *ak

MITSUBISHI MIRAGE 1990 The Wiring Harness Behind The head light cause a fire. *ak
MITSUBISHI GALANT 2000 While Driving 45-50 Mph Smelled smoke. consumer applied brakes, and they faded. transmission slipped. consumer pulled over,
MITSUBISHI GALANT 2000 While Traveling Approximately 45 To 50 mph smoke started coming from front end of vehicle. upon examination by dealership wiring harness
MITSUBISHI GALANT 2000 Consumer Was Traveling About 45mph on highway and without prior notice smoke was inside of vehicle. he managed to run
MITSUBISHI SPYDER 1998 Vehicle Will Stall And Cut off without prior warning. window locks shut down, and wiring was replaced by dealership.
MITSUBISHI GALANT 2000 Consumer Was Driving Down Road when a fire ignitied in engine. consumer applied brakes , but they were inoperative. had
MITSUBISHI GALANT 2000 While Driving At Approximately. 50 mph driver noticed smoke coming from underneath the hood,.attempted to pull over, but brakes were inoperative.
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1998 Vehicle Had Been Parked 6 hours when fire was noticed coming from under the hood. fire department called & put flames out. indicated
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 While Driving Would Smell Electrical wires burning. was informed no visible brake lights. had vehicle checked. was informed a front body harness
MITSUBISHI MIRAGE 1987 Vehicle Was Parked, Driver started vehicle up and vehicle caught on fire under the hood. *ak
MITSUBISHI MIRAGE 1991 While Driving Vehicle,smelled Of fuel odor, started getting stronger while driving along, pulled over, turned off ignition, checked under hood,
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1996 Lost Power While Driving And caught fire under the hood area. please explain in more detail. *ak
MITSUBISHI GALANT 2000 Consumer Drove Vehicle To work and parked. approximately 1 hour later vehicle caught on fire. fire dept advised
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 2002 At 65mph Vehicle Started to catch on fire under the hood, causing consumer to pull over. dealer notified. *ak
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1995 While Driving Engine Caught On fire. it could have caused an accident, and consumer get hurt. cause unknown. dealer notified.
MITSUBISHI MIRAGE 1995 I Was Driving On The interstate at 70mph when i heard a loud noise under the hood. within seconds the red paint turned
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 2001 This Is A Brand New car with very little mileage- this is the 2nd time i have had the car die on me while i
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1997 Vehicle Was Parked For 2 hrs and caught on fire. only other prob was at time of purchase when it leaked because it was
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1999 Components Replaced As Per Recalls, strong smell of burning plastic after leaving dealer, no visble smoke or fire. returned to dealer,
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1995 Unsure Of What Caused Fire, but no problems with car before fire came suddenly and without warning. *ak
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1990 I Pulled Into Gas Station. smoke was coming out from under hood. small fire around fuel line, ignition wires, coil,
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1999 The Insured Went To Start the vehicle and noticed smoke, there was an electrical fire in the wiring harness area.*jb(claim#42-1246-839)
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1999 While Driving, Smoke Started coming from under the dash, and eventually the vehicle caught on fire, there was one injury.*jb(claim#04-1292-070)
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1999 Consumer Went To Start The vehicle and noticed smoke, there was an electrical fire and damage to the interior of the vehicle, engine
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1995 Wiring Harness Failed.
MITSUBISHI GALANT 2005 My Car Would Not Start at all. after it being towed to a garage, they diagnosed the problem to be the electrical wiring
MITSUBISHI GALANT 2002 Responded To A Vehicle Fire in a 2002 mitsubishi, galant on march 22, 2007. there is no possible cause of this
MITSUBISHI GALANT 2002 Dt*: The Contact Stated The vehicle' s tail light and turn signal stopped operating. these failures were not included in the recall for
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 2001 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse Gt Was running fine for 4 years. on 9/9/06 i got in my car at about 9:00 pm and turned on
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 2000 I Am Now Replacing The second headlamp connection socket on my 2000 mitsubishi eclipse. both have failed by buildup of corrosion of the socket
MITSUBISHI GALANT 2002 Dt: The Contact States There is an nhtsa recall campaign 02v147000 concerning the electrical system. this vehicle has the same problems
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE SPYDER 2001 The Headlight Plug Is Subject to repeated burning or corrosion of the connection. this normally results in a substantial loss of light output.
MITSUBISHI GALANT 2002 The Flashers Of My 2002 mitsubishi galant fail to work. i have changed out the fuse several times only for the flashers to
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 2000 Wiring To Headlights , hot ground wire, the ground wire gets so hot that it melted the plugs that connects the wires to
MITSUBISHI MONTERO SPORT 2000 While Driven At 85 Mph vehicle caught on fire under the hood. prior the incident dealership provide a general tune up.
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 2002 Bulbs In Headlights And/or Bulb holder melt causing wiring to melt and exposed wire causing extreme electrical damage.*ak
MITSUBISHI ENDEAVOR 2004 Consumer Stated While Returning From a short trip smelled smoke, lifted the hood, and saw the harness smothering light crazy.

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