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Mercury Fuel System, Other Delivery Fuel Pump Reports

22 Mar

MERCURY COUGAR 2002 Engine Hesitation, Loss Of power, surging and stalling leading to near misses in traffic ,at stop lights & while turning a corner.
MERCURY COUGAR 2000 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2000 mercury cougar. while driving 25 or 65 mph, the vehicle speeds up, slows down, and

MERCURY COUGAR 2001 I Have Experienced Loss Of power as if my car was not getting gas several times in the past 1 1/2 years. dealer
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1999 I Recently Bought A 1999 mercury mystique. at 68,900 miles the fuel pump on the car failed. i was in the process
MERCURY SABLE 1999 My Car Will Only Start sometimes. it does not get fuel to the fuel bar. this has happened several times. it never
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 2002 When Depressing The Accelerator Pedal vehicle hesitated and stalled. took vehicle to dealer, and dealer informed consumer that the problem

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Purchased a used 2004 Grand Marquis (75,000 miles) and failure of the fuel pump has been a significant problem. Fortunately we got the extended full service warranty. They are putting the third fuel pump in in six months. Oh, also replaced the

What Causes a 1998 Mercury Mountaineer to Backfire & Sputter?

Sugar was found in the tank but has been cleared out and I have changed the distributor, spark plugs & wires, and fuel filter. It will crank and run but backfires and sput

I just bought a 1994 Mercury Tracer. When I test drove it, there was very little fuel in the tank. After buying the car, I put almost a full tank of gas in, and the fumes are overpowering! I have some concerns, as I found a receipt for a replac

Drove 99 GM approx 1/2 hr with cruse at 60 kmh , A/C on in Canada. Turned off going uphill, stalled. Started no pblm, would not keep running - sat for awhile gave gas under the hood, stayed running no more pblms. Thought vapor lock but "not poss

I have a 1990 Mercury Topaz and the fuel pump went out and the break line was bad got all that fixed an it still wont start i got the car about 5 months ago and drove it for a couple weeks then the fuel pump went out they have fixed it and it stil

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