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Mon, 02 May 2011

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Purchased a used 2004 Grand Marquis (75,000 miles) and failure of ...

Purchased a used 2004 Grand Marquis (75,000 miles) and failure of the fuel pump has been a significant problem. Fortunately we got the extended full service warranty. They are putting the third fuel pump in in six months. Oh, also replaced the computer (don't remember the technical name for it).

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My 92 grand marquis panel lights kept becoming dim and now they are completey out does anyone know whats wrong.

do u have an audio system like 2 12s or something bigger?? if u do that might be the problem...... because in the trunk u have a gas pump switch.... that says on and reset?? idk i forgot... but all the rattle in ur trunk makes the switch go of

2003 grand marquis , front brackes are deactivated by ABS for no reason, for a long time. Upon ABS disconection, brackes work good. Any good ideas as to what to do?

Drove 99 GM approx 1/2 hr with cruse at 60 kmh , A/C on in Canada. Turned off going uphill, stalled. Started no pblm, would not keep running - sat for awhile gave gas under the hood, stayed running no more pblms. Thought vapor lock but "not poss

Where can we get a Mercury Marquis Power Control Module for a 1997 model??

This is the probably the toughest question on a mercury marquis 1997  I really need some help on this MY TRUNK WONT OPEN it wont work with the key or key less remote or button in drivers door I even tried to reset the vehicle with  the reset but

1997 grand marquis 4.6 .gas fumes in car checked all fittings from tank to engine . no visible leaks. any ideas

I turned the ac on because it was 85% out. the next morning it was like 35 and now my heat will not turn back on.

My 2008 Mercury Grand LS is showing signs of gasoline in the oil.  Amber light came on at 53000 miles and dealer has has had it now for 2 days and can't find the problem.  Any ideas

put car in park with engine on and goes into reverse by itself on incline

i have the same issue with a 2001, and same results, we have replaced the charcoal canister and still no luck, really need an answer to this question

I went out this morning (my birthday) and turned on the ignition to my 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis. There was an explosion-like sound and then the engine was running very rough - sudden compression loss in one cylinder (closest to passenger seat).

1999 Mercury Gran Marquis  Driver side wiper blade does not maintain contact with the windshield along the full length of the blade.

How do you replace the transmission shift linkage cable on a 1993 Mercury Marquis? Thanks for any help you can offerl

The parkiing lights on my 2006 grand marquis do not turn off when the vehicle is turned off.  I pulled the fuse that control the lights and the lights still stay on.  Any ideas?

Have a 2006 Grand Marquis. Vehicle runs perfect around town at speeds under 70mph. While driving on interstate at 70mph or above the vehicle drifts all over the road. I have to continuously adjust steering to stay centered in lane.

Has anyon

why has my 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis developed a slight lurch when shifting between 50 - 55 mph

My 2000 Grand Marquis shakes really bad while going up a hill. It stops as soon as i accelerate or let off the gas. The transmission is fine so it's not that. Would anyone know why it does this?

replace the coil circuit located at front of engine for about $49. and it will be ok.  Had same
experience on other side of engine.

while driving , at miscellaneous times, every electrical on the car fails; (engine stops,radio dies,lights
go off, etc) push shift lever to neutral and can re start everything immediately.
What do I do to fix it????