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27 Jun

LEXUS RX400H 2007 Vsc System Warning Light Came on. parked the car as it shut off. car won't start. warning light says check hybrid system.
LEXUS RX330 2006 Backing Car Out Of Garage and accelerator automatically increased high speed. i was unable to stop. car hit garage door and damaged the
LEXUS RX400H 2006 Leakage Of Coolant From The radiator discovered and in less than 50 miles an engine warning light lit, indicating failure of the hybrid synergy
LEXUS GS 2006 Please Be Advised I smell a strong fuel odor coming in the car compartment and outside the vehicle went to lexus
LEXUS RX300 2001 When Parking The Vehicle, the vehicle suddenly accelerated while the driver was not pressing the accelerator. despite the driver's efforts to stop
LEXUS IS 250 2007 The Engine Upon Cold Start up makes a rattling noise and is very loud. lexus in september recalled the lexus is 350 for the
LEXUS ES 2013 Ever Since Car Was Purchased @one year ago, there are occasional 1-3 second hesitations upon acceleration. these occur from dead stop or at
LEXUS LS 2009 After An Oil Change, using fully synthetic oil per sterling mccall lexus of houston, the lexus ls460 shows hesitation in acceleration. at
LEXUS ES 2013 Lexus Es350 Stall Or Hesitation problem on 2013 model. my car frequently but intermittently hesitates when accelerating from a stop or rolling stop
LEXUS RX400H 2008 A Moment Of Terror In my lexus 2008 rx400h on may 01 i was driving home from work. on busy route 111
LEXUS ES 1996 I Smelled What I Thought was transmission fluid or anti-freeze. the next day my wife smelled gas and some friends called my cell to
LEXUS IS 250 2006 In Late 2012 Took My wife's is 250 to the lexus dealership due to heavy raw gas smell. the lexus dealer in nj
LEXUS LS460L 2007 After An Oil Change At the dealer, the car is unable to accelerate, sluggish, and the powertrain acts lethargic, particularly when
LEXUS ES300 2002 Several Times When I Accelerate from a stop surges. *tr
LEXUS GX 2012 A Buzzy/ Squeeze Noise Heard when apply brake pedal elec. stability control is hard to use propulsion makes up a large noise
LEXUS IS 2007 I Recieved A Safety Recall notice from lexus for my car. i have made multiple calls to lexus to set up an appointment to
LEXUS RX300 2003 I Called My Local Lexus three times prior to june, 2012 regarding lights suddenly illuminating on the dashboard. i had a recurring issue
LEXUS ES300 2000 Was Driving Vehicle At Approximately 25mph and when i accelerated i felt friction/vibration in the gas pedal and heard a loud grinding noise.
LEXUS HS 250 HYBRID 2010 I Was Parallel Parking The car. i pulled alongside the curb behind a volvo and stopped the car. with the car
LEXUS ES 2007 I Am 100% Sure I experienced sudden acceleration. here are the facts: 1. approximately 4-5 p.m.,
LEXUS ES 2003 1. The vehicle hesitates with initial acceleration (slow or quick acceleration). 2. the automatic transmission

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