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Lexus Gs300
Fri, 23 Sep 2011

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93 gs300,  out of the blue,, car died, ...

93 gs300,  out of the blue,, car died, towed home, started ran fine, 5 min. later dies. got to run again, 7 min dies. noticed with key on all the injectors are clicking irratically, then while trouble shooting,, everything, comes to a stop, when the clicking all stops...  would not do anything after that.. so towed to shop.. changed ECM they said it fried. So I got replacement. installed car ran fine, seemed to be okay.. I live 30 miles from shop.. I use..
it barely got home,, almost home started dying,, intermitten, engine lights then in the driveway.. it died. turn off cranks up.. restarts runs a min or two then shuts down again. There is a short or something or something is not working correctly..
thanks Mack

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