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Honda Power Train Automatic Transmission Park/neutral Start Switch Reports

Tuesday 1st of September 2015 09:43:08 PM

HONDA ACCORD 1992 Transmission Shift Cable Broke And causing to engage in park, in between park and reverse, and vehicle will roll forward. *ak
HONDA CIVIC 2000 While Vehicle Was Parked With engine running and emergency brake applied vehicle unexpectedly jumed out of park and went into drive, cause unknown.
HONDA ACCORD 1999 While Parking Gear Inadvertently jump out of drive into neutral and commenced to accelerate and force vehicle to hit a wall and
HONDA PASSPORT 2000 Automatic Gear Shifter Can Be placed into gear while the vehicle is turned off with no key and,without applying brakes. dealer
HONDA ODYSSEY 1999 When Parking Vehicle On Incline/hill or driveway with transmission pawl in park , vehicle will roll backward. *ak
HONDA PASSPORT 1997 Vehicle Rolled While In Park at a service station. dealer/ manufacturer were not notified at this time. *ak
HONDA CIVIC 1998 While In Drive On A slight incline car will roll backwards. same with reverse. dealer says that theres nothing wrong with the
HONDA ACCORD 1999 Vehicle Was Parked When Struck from the rear. it began to roll at 100 yards, and proceeded to crash into a pole
HONDA ACCORD 1998 While Seating In The Vehicle on a flat incline with the ignition off, gear indicator locked in the parked position, the vehicle rolled
HONDA CIVIC 1999 Consumer Called Complaining About Having problems with transmission. also stated that the transmission is fliping and it rolls back when standing at the same
HONDA ACCORD 1999 Consumer States While In Park the vehicle inadvertently jumped into reverse. causing a vehicle collision. manufacturer notified. feel free to provide any
HONDA ACCORD 1998 Consumer Had Put Vehicle in park. took key out and went inside. vehicle rolled down into street. they were able
HONDA ACCORD 1998 When Not Shifting To Park after shutting off engine consumer is able to take key out of ignition, and vehicle will roll.*ak
HONDA CIVIC 2002 The Vehicle Was In Park with the key in the ignition, but rolled forward and hit a fence. consumer states routinely set parking
HONDA CR V 2002 While I Was Shopping, my parked crv popped out of gear, going from park to neutral. it then rolled backwards into
HONDA ACCORD 1998 My Wife Parked The Vehicle in the k-mart parking lot. she took key out of ignition, locked the vehicle and we went
HONDA ACCORD 1998 The Subject Vehicle Was Parked in my driveway, i put the vehicle in park or so i thought and removed the keys from the
HONDA ODYSSEY 2000 The Dealer Replaced A Solenoid the first time. three weeks later the same problems exists and is very unsafe to drive.
HONDA CIVIC 2000 Vehicle Was Driven And Parked on sloped driveway in 1st gear with parking brake engaged fully and engine off. driver walked into house came
HONDA CIVIC 2001 Car Jumps Out Of 2nd gear for no reason at all. i can be just driving along, and all of the sudden
HONDA CR V 1999 The Crv Tends To Pop out of gear--2nd gear and reverse. *ak
HONDA ACCORD 1999 I Pulled My Accord Up to the front door of a subway shop. i set the brake, removed keys and put my cellular
HONDA ACCORD 1998 The Consumer Removed Keys From the ignition while the vehicle was in drive and the vehicle rolled forward and crashed. the interlock system fails
HONDA PASSPORT 1995 The Vehicle Shifts Into Neutral while being driven.
HONDA ACCORD 1987 Key Can Be Removed When transmission is in the drive position, resulting in vehicle rolling. *sd
HONDA ACCORD 1994 Gear Shifter Locks Up In the park position. *sd
HONDA CIVIC 1989 Driver Was Able To Remove key from ignition switch without fully engaging shifter into park gear, causing vehicle to roll back/accident/injuries.
HONDA CR V 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2002 honda cr-v. after parking the vehicle, it was impossible to shift the gear lever out of park.
HONDA ACCORD 1998 Please Be Advised That This has happened on multiple dates ranging from 1999-2012. i thought it was covered through nhtsa campaign id #: 98v018000
HONDA PILOT 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 honda pilot. after shifting the vehicle into neutral gear the contact noticed that he could turn the vehicle off
HONDA ACCORD 2001 I Recently Purchased A 2001 honda accord, auto transmission (vin: [xxx])with 81000 miles on the odometer. noticed that when my wife
HONDA TRX350 2000 Vehicle Starts In Gear With neutral light on causing vehicle to jump/move abruptly forward as engine starts with choke engaged (choke engaged causes higher rpm
HONDA ELEMENT 2004 Could Not Get The Car to go in gear. turned off the car and then restarted it.still could not get the car
HONDA ACCORD 1998 Rec'd Recall 98v018000 For Power train: transmission,automatic: ignition interlock system, after car hit a neighbors house, the vehicle popped out
HONDA ACCORD 1998 Consumer Received Nhtsa Recall 98v018000 concerning transmission failure. took vehicle to gilmand's honda for repairs. dealer told
HONDA CR V 2004 My Car Had Been Parked for several hours at a relatively flat area at the top of a hill. when i got in
HONDA ELEMENT 2003 Able To Remove Ignition Key when transmission in gear.*ak
HONDA ACCORD 1997 I Removed Ignition Key , thinking transmission was in park, and exited from car. the car rolled away. i
HONDA CR V 2002 The Gear Shifter Became Hard to shift at times, the consumer was told to make sure the brake was pressed hard enough when the
HONDA PASSPORT 2002 Transmission Went Dead Without Warning, had bad seal. ph
HONDA ACCORD 1999 Vehicle Drifts Backwards While On incline. ts

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