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22 Mar

HONDA CIVIC 1986 Replaced Alternator Belt. *ak
HONDA ACCORD 1985 While Driving Oil Light Came on due to the engine leaking oil also, dealer replaced seals and belts. *ak

HONDA ACCORD 1997 Road Water Got Into the engine compartment and was picked up by fan belt. consumer contacted the dealer and manufacturer. *ak
HONDA CBR600F4 2002 My Motorcycle Has A Persistent problem with something called the cam chain tensioner which resides in the engine. at a certain miliage such
HONDA ACCORD 1996 While Driving Oil Indicator Light came on -lost all oil in engine. balance shaft seal popped out along with cam shaft seal resulted
HONDA ACCORD 2002 Consumer Was Going Approximately 60mph when battery light flashed on and off. consumer was on a 3-lane interstate in middle lane when vheicle stalled.
HONDA CIVIC 1998 Timing Belt, Drive Shift.
HONDA CIVIC 1998 Engine Fan Belt Failed. yh
HONDA ACCORD 1996 Timing Belt,drive Belts And water pump replaced. yh
HONDA CIVIC 1997 Timing Belt Failed.
HONDA PRELUDE 1989 Drive Belt Squeals. *sd
HONDA ACCORD 2003 2003 Honda Accord. consumer writes in regards to vehicle repairs and seeks reimbursement. *smd the consumer stated within the past year,
HONDA ACCORD 2002 2002 Honda Accord. Consumer writes in regards to airbag and safety campaign *tgw the consumer stated the air bag light illuminated. the
HONDA PILOT 2003 2003 Honda Pilot. Consumer states mechanical problems with the vehicle *tgw the consumer stated the drive light began to flash intermittently from
HONDA ACCORD 2003 2003 Honda Accord. Consumer states problems with the audio unit in the vehicle *tgw the consumer stated the audio unit did not produce
HONDA ACCORD 2009 2009 Honda Accord. Consumer states a problem with the abs and squealing fan belt *tgw the consumer stated he encountered a vehicle attempting
HONDA ODYSSEY 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 honda odyssey. the contact stated that the auto tensioner was faulty on his vehicle. whenever it
HONDA CIVIC 2006 The Mileage At The Time was 26,368. we went on a trip with the car and on the way we noticed it was
HONDA CIVIC 2006 2006 Honda Civic At The time of incident had 36,929 miles on it. vehicle lost all power. dealership found water
HONDA CR V 2002 Air Conditioner Compressor Failure. a safety concern in that this locks up the compressor pulley and possibly the entire engine belt. replaced by
HONDA PRELUDE 1991 Dt*: The Contact Stated while driving 45 mph a loud noise was heard from the rear of the vehicle and the vehicle stalled.
HONDA CIVIC 2004 Timing Belt Failure At 26, 450 miles on engine startup. *nm
HONDA CIVIC 2006 While Driving Engine Serpentine Belt tensioner bolt broke in engine block. tensioner failed and belt came off of pulleys, causing loss of
HONDA ACCORD 1999 The Bolt Holding The Main crank shaft pulley came loose causing all exterior belts to come off as well as the interior timing belt,
HONDA CR V 2003 Dt*: The Contact Stated The vehicle's steering froze up while driving at 30 mph during wet road conditions. the problem usually occurred while
HONDA SILVERWING 1982 I Took My Car To the dealer service shop to get a major service done. the service representative recommends the timing belt changed so
HONDA PRELUDE 1998 Dt: Consumer Was In vehicle with vehicle running. the vehicle shut off with no warning. consumer later found out that the timing
HONDA ACCORD 1999 Dt: Contact States: The Crank pulley separated from the crank. she has a 1999 honda accord. the dealer fixed it, but they
HONDA ACCORD 1999 Dt: The Bolt Backed Out of the pulley in the engine, resulting in ruined pulley/ bent the crank shaft/loss of power
HONDA ACCORD 1999 1999 Honda Accord's Crankshaft Was broken. *mr the lower pulley "in hand" had come off of the end of the
HONDA PRELUDE 1999 The Timing Belt And Tensioner catastrophically failed while i was driving in traffic causing a sudden, dangerous lose of power. this car is
HONDA CBR600F4 2002 The Timing Chain Has Been replaced four times. when the chain breaks the vehicle becomes inoperable. manufacturer will not accept the
HONDA PRELUDE 1999 Repeated (2 Times) Safetly Related engine malfunction causing loss of control and power of the vehicle. on november 4, 2004 owner
HONDA ACCORD 1993 1 I Don't Know Exactly want it is but my timing are always wearing out. so i just want to know want i
HONDA ACCORD 2002 Recall 02v226000 Concerning Timing Belt/water pump. consumer contacted the manufacturer to see if this vehicle would be included in the recall. however,
HONDA CR V 1999 Consumer Took Vehicle To Emissions test station, and was told that his failed the emissions test because it was misfiring. consumer
HONDA ACCORD 1989 (1) Event hybrid design flaw: 1989 honda accord 2.0l fuel injection: manufactured as a hybrid,
HONDA CIVIC 2004 I Recently Bought A 2004 honda civic lx in california. the night i drove home and pulled over, i heard a noise
HONDA ODYSSEY 2002 Consumer States While Driving, sometimes all the indicator dash lights came on. the consumer was told by the mechanic, since
HONDA ACCORD 2000 While Driving Warning Indicators On the dashboard illuminated. vehicle was towed to the dealer, who determined that crank pulley wore out,
HONDA ACCORD 1997 Vehicle Was Taken In For a recall repairs for a balancer shaft oil seal leak. honda refused to pay for the repairs.
HONDA CR V 2002 Air Conditioner Compressor Had Completely failed. a few days after the compressor failed, the serpentine belt snapped. *ak
HONDA ACCORD 1999 After Owning The Vehicle For two days it broke down on the highway. vehicle was taken to the dealer, who replaced the
HONDA ACCORD 1999 Re: 1999 Honda Accord Ex (vin: jhmcg667xxxxxxxxx). opted not to drive on freeway that evening due to rush hour traffic, took back streets
HONDA ACCORD 1999 Driving Down The Road When the crankshaft pully fell out of the bottom of the engine, resulting in power steeering failure and engine
HONDA ACCORD 1999 I Own A 1999 Honda accord with 2.3l engine with 21k miles. the crankshaft pulley came loose and created internal engine damage.
HONDA PILOT 2003 Damage From Defect To Timing belt (worn from protruding bolt) caused engine to stop while driving on highway. engine damaged due to this
HONDA ODYSSEY 2002 While Driving There Was A loud noise coming from underneath the vehicle. it was later determined that the serpentine belt had fallen off.
HONDA ACCORD 1995 Honda Accord 95. transmission problem, cost to fix: $2000. honda car not reliable. had other problems, replacement
HONDA CIVIC 1996 Belts Came Of Pulleys, vehicle lost control resulting in acollision. also, replaced throttle cable/emissions/ignition/cv boots and windshield wipers. *ak
HONDA ACCORD 1999 Re: 1999 Honda Accord Lx (vin: jhmcg665xxc015188) while my wife was driving in a residential area at 25-30 mph (approx), the engine started

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